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Proving Yet Again She Is 'Grossly Unqualified,' DeVos Admits She Hasn't Bothered to Visit Struggling Schools


The question is why destroy public ed? Is it for the profits? The GOP is nothing but a treasonous , vapid bunch of shills.


Not only is she racist but anti semite and anti anyone who has a “disability”


If that is their aim ( which it is) then they all need to be charged with treason


Maybe the teachers should be armed against HER and her brother Erik


Dumb blond sure applies to this dimwitted prancer. Sorry blonds die your hair red.


I would say she doesn’t give a duck fart about failed educational policies any where in the country. It’s all about corp. profits, but hey, what do I know, I could be wrong.


Where I live we deal with these monsters every day. I said for years, pound for pound, the meanest animal on the planet. They are smart also, sometimes they will wait on their buddies, covering you’re leg for example, then all will sting at the same time. How they defeat floods is amazing, a nest will lock together in a ball and float, with some of the ants on the bottom of the ball sacrificed to save the rest.


Her roots are dark brown- need we say more.


I think is now obvious: an under-educated populace will complacently accept any BS it’s handed. If presented with some authority, it sounds like truth. I believe this is what they’ve been after all along.


Other countries do better than we do educationally because They believe that being educated is a good thing and fully support it financially and otherwise.


Yes, that is correct. We still believe in education here, but people do not want to support teachers and do not want to pay taxes.


People can still have degrees, but no common sense!