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'Provocative Military Ruckus': North Korea Warns US-South Korea War Games Could Derail Trump-Kim Summit


'Provocative Military Ruckus': North Korea Warns US-South Korea War Games Could Derail Trump-Kim Summit

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Pointing to "provocative" military drills the U.S. and South Korean air forces are conducting in the region, North Korea is warning that the war games could jeopardize a highly anticipated summit scheduled to take place in Singapore next month, which is supposed to bring together the North's leader, Kim Jong Un, and U.S. President Donald Trump.


Intimidation is a Mob tactic.

If South Korea was smart, they’ll break ties with Trump.


And break ties with America itself?


America is quickly isolating itself from the world.


George Carlin on the matter:


God I miss him.

George Carlin forever.


It is really sad when North Korea is 100% in the right.
An the United States is 100% in the wrong.

I guess Dubya was right after all:
They DO hate us for our freedoms.
Namely our freedom to use our massive military to intimidate.
And our freedom to fund Israeli snipers to massacre innocent protestors.


I don’t think that the US is actually serious about diplomatically ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons activity! If it were, the last thing it would do at this sensitive juncture, is provoke North Korea with more war games.


Of course this is happening. The U.S. do this, Kim cancels the Summit especially considering the pull out of the Iran Deal, and then Trump can go “I tried being amicable but Kim doesn’t want to talk” and then war with NK is on.


It doesn’t appear that North Korean fat Kim is as dumb as we were told he was. Instead it appears that US blond Trump is actually as dumb and devoid of character as we were told he was.


OMG. Priceless!!!


We shouldn’t believe in fairy tales!!!


North Korea Threatens to end peace talks??? MISSION Accomplished!


Agree. Peace really screws up the “pivot to the east.” Which would be an MIC cash cow.


“[H]ow military exercises could negatively diplomatic progress”? Hello, that’s the whole point! There’s no money in peace. N and S Korea need to realize that them negotiating a peace treaty by themselves is an act of intransigence as far as the US is concerned. If the US wanted peace there it would have happened decades ago. They should expect this kind of provocative behavior from the US. They need to make peace in spite of the US’s actions.


Ah geez, what a surprise. I’ll see your nukes and raise you one of mine for twenty of yours. Kim Jung-un may look like a funny fat kid, but the guy isn’t dumb. We drop one grenade on North Korea and China and Russia are in the game. So much for all that hellfire and damnation. While we are strutting around with all our self-righteous arrogance, alienating all our allies, moving embassies around, Russia and China are solidifying their empires.


That may have already happened in reality. Kim Jun-un has the carp on the line and reeling him in.