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Provoking Risk of 'All-Out War,' US Deploys Supersonic Bomber Over Korean Peninsula


Provoking Risk of 'All-Out War,' US Deploys Supersonic Bomber Over Korean Peninsula

Jake Johnson, staff writer

North Korea called the show of force, part of a joint exercise with South Korea, a manifestation of America's "extremely reckless war hysteria"


The exceptional USA doing what it always does. At least we now have the world’s biggest bully as president of the world’s biggest bully nation. What could ever go wrong now. It’s time for the rest of the world to treat the USA as the Fourth Reich that it is and rally together to stop the madness it causes daily around the world. Life itself now hangs in the balance.


I get the strange feeling that rationality is giving way to destiny - to some sort of inevitability.

And I’m not at all sure it has to do with North Korea - rather things are all mixed up together - two world wars - the “PEACE of Westphalia” (1642) - the colonial expansion followed by the industrial revolution and now the time beyond the Limits to Growth & the Planetary Boundaries… climate change & ocean acidification and the crash of biodiversity - soil only sixty years left - fossil aquifer depletion - non-renewable fertilizer/pesticide dependent agri-business, and on and on to artificial intelligence…

We need something - some way to change - and it appears it is not to be a rational well thought out path - rather it is something else.


I realize the “Make Love Not War” is pretty impossible nowadays. But how about “Make Talk Not War”?


Diplomacy requires tact, intelligence, flexibility, and above all, communication skills.

The “Wild Bunch” in Washington DC, are only capable on one communication skill: Lies.


“Something else” - whatever it is, let us hope at least the innocent non-humans survive. :rainbow:


“Lies” and they even do that pathetically!!!


I think it’s high time the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board move the Doomsday clock forward to one minute before midnight. We were at three minutes to midnight at the beginning of this year. But then they moved it forward 30 seconds after Crumpus took office. We are dangerously close to catastrophe!


Yes the doomsday clock has gone forward rapidly over the last few years. Soon the doomsday vault in Svalbard may have a purpose after all (if anyone can find it that is).


And the very sad part is that they do it and many KNOW they are doing it but let them get AWAY with doing it. Sad commentary on the voting public, eh?


Watching a Hitler documentary last nite on PBS, Trump’s similarity to Hitler was striking. The similarity of their agendas and their supporters reactions even more so.


If this pathological nutter is not somehow reined-in or removed from power, his tenure may be the end of millions in so many ways!

The extreme ignorance, narrow life/political experience, pathological narcissism, inability to tell fact from fiction/fantasy _ to our republic and the world_ that should in any normal rational nation provoke massive denunciation, opposition, and demonstration actions both from the public, media and any educated rational/sane politicians - even R’Cons who are writing their own epitaph via complicity and collusion with out and out evil and stupidity in the extreme, and the complicit Dem elite sellout scum!

WTF people?? To paraphrase private “Gomer Pyle” (Kubrick’s FMJ) We ARE in a world of shite!"


Like I have posted before, it looks to me like we are on the eve of nuclear war. Please someone tell me and show me that I am wrong!


Dr. Lawrence Britt, political scientist, “The 14 Characteristics Of Fascism”



Also, the similarity of the Third Reich to the Fourth Reich is striking. Chomsky said the same thing in so many words!



WW3 featuring an exchange of nukes.

Will it start on the Korean Peninsula or in The MidEast?

Either way, the consequence will be global famine.




North Korea said it would stop its missile program if the U.S stopped the war games. Trump said no.


Investors in the US MIC are anxiously awaiting their return profits…


A miracle? Thanks for the thoughtful, soulful comment.