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Provoking Risk of 'All-Out War,' US Deploys Supersonic Bomber Over Korean Peninsula



Yeah, at least, maybe even 30 seconds before midnight. I haven’t been this paranoid since the early 80’s when Reagan went on a hell bent tear with his rebuke of detente and the star wars shit. Thaat’s the problem with generals and the biggest war machine in history, they also want the biggest war in history. Where’s JFK when we need him? Oh yeah, they killed him.


My headline: The end of the world came sooner than we realized, instead of toxic poisoning, nuclear annihilation beat it to the punch, so to speak.


The UN sent an envoy to NK (Feltman) who is meeting with two high NPK officials just below Kim Jung Un. May cooler heads prevail thus limiting response to KJU giving DJT the middle finger while laughing at his (DJT’s) childish taunts…we are SURE that DJT is a madman as is the entire world.


Seeing American jets fly above another part of the world is so not cool. I’d hate to be a military pawn flying one of those. If they had any sense in them, they’d leave the military.


An exchange of nuclear weapons in the Mid East? An exchange between whom exactly - the US and ? Iran? - nope, no gots. Similarly Israel and ? Once again Iran brings a knife to a gun fight. Pakistan and Israel? Much more likely Pakistan and India, then it is not the ME. If nukes are used in the ME there will be no “exchange.”

I wouldn’t even know how to speculate how Russia would react to a nuclear attack by the US or Israel on one of it’s former or existing client-state allies. Iran has a not unfriendly relationship with Russia, and if I were them I would cultivate that friendship quickly now. And do it openly and pointedly.


Thanks for posting this article. It truly scared me shitless.


A chain of events:

Intifada 4.0…Israel reacts harshly, Trump egging them on.
Hezbollah fires missiles at an unprecedented clip…Israel reacts harshly.
Trump ups the ante, vows to aid Israel, citing Iranian/Syrian support for Hezbollah.
Syria is attacked as part of Israeli over-reach (that alliance with the US gives them confidence).
Russia aids/defends Syria…Israel pokes the bear…the Saudis join in and attack Iran.
The bear hits Israeli and Saudi targets with conventional weapons, killing 1,000…Israel reacts with nukes.

Unlikely? Does Putin seem like someone who would back down? Did he back down in Syria? Does Israel seem likely to back down? Is everyone itching for a Shiite/Sunni confrontation?


Thanks Giovanna! I heard the Ellsberg interview on NPR local today - it was brilliant. The revelation of “DR Strangelove” film as documentary rather than fiction was great! We need such reality today. Daniel said he regretted not coming forward and exposing things earlier, but he did his best at the time. In this time there has not been enough of exposure on the trump regime/R’Con destruction of so much - from soup to nuts - in this dangerous/deadly to the extreme fake presidency!

We desperately ned more Daniel Ellsberg’s in this time of “official” insanity!


Can the Insane fascist fraud get more evil? Check in tomorrow!
On a positive look, the World can see that he is Insane; may every nation rise against him, and against imperialist amerika!


You’re not wrong.


This is a real eye opener. Trump is not the only prez to have put us on the brink of nuclear winter, he just does it out in the open, unlike Ike. I wonder what special secret plans for nuclear annihilation Clinton and Obama had…


Not so fast Fokker.

Mr. Mueller may have something to say about all of their lies. Already, one of the fuckers is going down as a felon for lying to the FBI.

Have faith son. And be prepared to fight for Robert Muellers right to finish his investigation, if the Shitheel-in-Chief attempts to fire him.


Yes Emphyrio, we Are in a world of shit.

But, soon I hope, We the People are going to have our chance to insure that the Criminal Cabal too, is in a World of Shit.


Please Shanti, have a little faith that when the time comes, a Good Guy with a gun, will be there to stop a Bad Guy with a nuclear weapon.


Olhippy, the first of Trump’s Generals is now a felon and will be going to prison for his crimes.

Give Mr. Mueller some time.


Is anyone even concerned about what all of this beating of war drums is doing to the mental and emotional health of ALL Americans? I predict future catastrophic health-care costs for America directly traceable to the stresses created in our population by Donald Short-PeePee’s sabre-rattling. The saying “Trump makes me sick!” is not just a figure of speech. Soon we will will see statistical proof that the guy is an open vat of poison.


Unfortunately Paul Craig Roberts came down with a bad case of leftists for Trump insanity.

Just checked, and yep, he is still at it.

I don’t disagree with everything he says, but here is a perfect example of his continuing admiration of Trump, from a “leftists for Trump” perspective.

John Pilger, same difference. Whooda thunk.

Quote from John Craig Roberts article of 12/05/17

The ruling oligarchy is making an example of Trump in order to ensure that no future presidential candidate makes a direct appeal to the people. When Trump said that he was going to govern in the interest of the people by bringing the offshored jobs home, he attacked the profits of the global corporations, and when he said he was going to normalize relations with Russia, he attacked the power and profit of the military/security complex. He is now paying the price for his rashness.

That Trump, a champion of the little people! Oh, and those global corporations and the MIC just hate him!



Thanks for your reply, but would love to be wrong!


Excellent reply! Thanks.