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Pruitt Admits He Flies First Class to Avoid People Mad At Him for Destroying the Planet


Pruitt Admits He Flies First Class to Avoid People Mad At Him for Destroying the Planet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Under fire for taking expensive first class flights and staying in luxury hotels on the taxpayer's dime, EPA chief Scott Pruitt informed the public of the real reason he stays away from coach: to avoid uncomfortable interactions with people who are mad at him for trying to destroy the planet.


The coward Pruitt can dish it out but he sure can’t take it. Oh, when will this Trumpian nightmare end?


So he flies first class so he isn’t made uncomfortable for what he is doing…he knows what is right and what is wrong then…he chooses to do wrong…the definition of evil in my book.


"Pruitt Admits He Flies First Class to Avoid People Mad At Him for Destroying the Planet"
That’s because too many of the first class passengers are elitist anti democratic people who support corporate governance and the daily mangling of ‘democracy’ and the planet. It’s much more comfortable to fly with fellow fascists. Makes you feel that you’re not the only sociopath around, which can be lonely.


Oh, when will this paid-for american government end?!


Eventually his tainted water will make it To a republican kid,this will backfire on republicans.


blaggard this is no nightmare. This is the United States and Scott Pruitt can do what he does because we the people have allowed him to do it. This is on us…not Trump. Trump isn’t even the problem…he is a puppet of the deep state and does what he is told. When he is used up, they will discard him and replace him with another hand picked shill. No, the rot is systemic and no individual bears the blame. Above all it is the American people who have through their ignorance and apathy allowed the fascists to take over.


I thought you knew the answer to this Fascist Fokker. It will end after we have nothing left for them to steal.


The very moment you think of this in terms of Republican and Democrat, is the very moment you allow them to control you. It is their first step in your social programming. It is the basis of divide and conquer, their ultimate weapon against the masses. It is as it has always been, the rich against everyone else. This is class warfare, and the elites are masters of it and throughout history almost always win.They care about profit, not your kids. As it has always been.


There are still people like us, but it appears we are out moneyed and under powered.


I believe it would frighten you to know just how few we have become.


Yes. The political spectrum isn’t left to right, it’s top to bottom.


I think we should get Pruitt his own plane.

I believe the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC has a restored Japanese Kamikaze plane that seats one.

All we need do is teach Pruitt how to take off.


What I keep wondering… Don’t these elitists realize we all drink the same water, breathe the same air? Are they so greedy and power hungry they don’t think that they’re going to die also, drinking polluted water, eating food covered with pesticides, etc. - the reasons laws to stop this were put in place. And they’re so gleeful when these laws are dismantled…


My question was rhetorical because, like you, Dan, I am awake and can see the endgame planned for the “peons” by the robber barons with FULL co-operation of the Fascist government!


I like your idea, Pony. However, I have a better idea that doesn’t involve wasting a historical plane or the expense of airplane fuel. A rope and a tree limb is it - and I’ll supply the rope.

If we can come up with about 200-300 more donated ropes, I think we can solve a few other problems in Washington at the same time, while teaching an important lesson to the oligarchy about We the People.

“It isn’t wise to leave a dragon out of your calculations, when you live near one.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien


Excellent observation! In my view, when the deep state assassinated JFK in what was a coup by the fascist, deep state in 1963, where they made untold profits from Vietnam and so many other illegal wars like Iraq and Afghanistan since; Trump is the inevitable result. Amerika became a covert, military, totalitarian dictatorship in 1963. Ever since, Presidents have been selected by the deep state have done what they are told. The difference being that JFK, although selected by the deep state, went rogue when he vowed to: " SMASH THE CIA INTO A THOUSAND PIECES".


Clearly, you are the more logical thinker here Dissent.

As nearly 2/3 of the country is at the end of our ropes, I believe that rope would be the most appropriate answer to the “how.”

Since the “why” has not been in doubt for quite some time, all that remains is the “where.”


This is becoming more surreal everyday. The title of articles in Common Dreams and other media outlets could be in the Onion (founded in 1988). In decades past we would have laughed at the absurdity that has now become reality.

In the meantime the dire truths continue to be revealed:


It will end after it collapses. Which is soon I believe as Scott Pruit’s hens come home to roost and we have ecological collapse from idiots such as Pruitt looking the other way. Economics has to change to survive. Air travel is a good portion of greenhouse gas emissions, Make the f**ker use a mass transit bus! That way many folks put far fewer toxins per person in the atmosphere. I say to make it begin at the top so it ‘trickles down’ to the rest of the world.