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Pruitt Gone, But "No Happy Ending" for Planet as Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Takes Over EPA


Pruitt Gone, But "No Happy Ending" for Planet as Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Takes Over EPA

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While the long-overdue departure of ceaselessly corrupt EPA chief Scott Pruitt on Thursday was undoubtedly a small win for the public and the planet, environmentalists were quick to note that "there's no happy ending to this story" as Pruitt is being replaced by former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, who worked for years as an aide to fervent climate-denier Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.).


Lovin’ the new arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic.


To steal Nicole Wallace’s comment. He didn’t leave because of the corruption he left because the orange turd was getting bad press. Nothing has changed and there is nothing to celebrate. One asshole for another makes no difference.


Goebbelssez: Indeed. “If” Wheeler is the same type of sh*theel as Pruitt, he’ll be out, only to be replaced by…(rinse and repeat).
“[T]here’s no happy ending to this story” precisely because that is the way that Don and his wrecking crew designed it. Bannon said publicly in Feb. 2017 that the then-appointees were chosen for their “ability to deconstruct the administrative state.”
Tex Drillerson did a great job at eviscerating the State Dept. (do we have a replacement Secretary of State? Who cares?).


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…


I contend the answer to Climate Change is sociopath gene flipping in water supplies for the places they gather… It won’t harm the people who aren’t sociopaths because their genes are already flipped. Just saying, there is a biological way to fix this. If we don’t our planet and all life on it dies. Or, we can have a revolution. I’m good with revolution. Gene flipping is a lot easier.


May black lung disease pay a friendly visit to Wheeler very soon, and turn him into Wheezer.


Close to Murray Energy, as well –

but just wondering if anyone is going to pursue Pruitt for unethical behavior or theft during his time spent at the EPA – or collusion with large corporations — anything?


Well, that did not take them long.

We have to stop clutching at all these resignations and firings–time for focused, persistent actions are in order, no? We need to make sure that these cretins that are the friction on the way to a better world are stopped. We have the tools, we have the examples–even if they are dead, we certainly have the numbers. What makes this difficult is there is no one unifying Voice of a Martin or Gandhi. This does not mean one is not on the horizon. We begin by beginning.


Out of the frying pan into the fire.


Literally. Here’s what some patriotic Senators from fossil fuel states were doing July 4th:


Is there something in the water in Oklahoma that turns out these guys? Pruitt, Inhofe, I don’t know where Wheeler is from but it sounds like it could be Oklahoma if he was a long-time aide to Inhole.


I yearn for these people to pay for what they’ve done and what they will do.


Is it me or did we just go from out of the frying pan and into the fire?


Ultimately, Pruitt’s exit is probably not good news for the Left. As he was harassed out of office, it is likely that more people will get the bright idea to do more of that harassment, and there will consequences. Although, most of the consequences will probably be indirect, such as in voting. The #WalkAway movement could gain more traction. University funding could take a hit. Student loan funding could be cut. There’s also government funding for climate change that could be reduced.

Bad ideas, bad behavior and corruption in both parties gave us Trump. More of the same will lead to more Trumps for lower level government positions.


This is how rump drains the Washington swamp.
He puts the muck on top of the hill…
What were his supporters thinking he was going to do?


This guy will be worse. All he has to do is keep his head down and not be so fucking stupidly corrupt.


What I want to know is compared to other modern Presidents, how many administration people have either been fired or “resigned”? This ass hole has to hold the record. If incompetence is the gold standard, this administration is Fort Knox.


No surprise here… One crook replaced by another to head the E Pee Yay. Maybe this loser will buy a nice dining room set for his wife with our money like Ben whack job Carson did heading HUD.


Yes… and the shit show continues. Ever wonder how it will all play out… or will we still be here before it all comes crashing down?