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Pruitt Offers 'Incoherent Distortions of Reality' in Defense of Paris Exit


Pruitt Offers 'Incoherent Distortions of Reality' in Defense of Paris Exit

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), tried on Friday to defend President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement by selectively quoting from "the environmental left," which at times criticized the deal for not going far enough.

Mentioning both the Sierra Club and noted former NASA climate scientist James Hansen by name, Pruitt falsely claimed that they opposed the deal "largely because it didn't hold nations like China and India accountable."


Black is white and 2+2=5, otherwise it is Room 101!
I think Orwell has finally caught up with the future.


It kind of like seems that none of these boobs even read the agreement since it was only voluntary. They are just con artists and worse, they are literally 'Know -Nothings' who forswear their oaths and work against representative democracy. They weaken the spirit of America and betray democracy.


I used to work at EPA-San Francisco as a librarian. That was back when Carol Browner was the Administrator, not this shameless, corrupt asshole put in there by Trumpo the Earth Raper and our pathetic Senate who confirmed him. I understand that many people at EPA decided to take early retirement or even resign in protest with Pruitt running things. That means they have far more honor and integrity than Trump and Pruitt put together.
Gawd, I hate the Mango Mussolini. I really do not believe that our republic can survive 4 years of this appalling turd.


I really do not believe that this appalling turd can survive 4 years. He is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole amid growing enmity both at home and abroad.


Talk about a bunch of pig headed imbeciles edging us all to the brink of global disaster, did any of these fools ever take a science class? Anyway, everybody else can start their own actions and to hell with Trump and his minions of morons. I see some states are on board on their own and I hope more follow suit. We need all the good folks of the US to hop on the bandwagon and again, to hell with Trump and his anti-science stance.


What's really depressing is the fools in direct line behind Trump are as bad or worse than Trump. (Pence, Ryan)


Another Jabberwonky


I do hope you are right but I am also concerned that the American people (well, enough of them, anyway) will "normalize" this monster the same way they did with Bush the Idiot. Also, Trumpo will be backed up by an increasingly right-wing media (Sinclair, etc) to spread his filth and a corrupt, broken electoral system next year and probably beyond.
Trumpo is turning out to be the very "disaster" that he accused Clinton of being during those "debates". Bleak times ahead.


Well one has to admit what Screwit Pruitt said, "largely because it didn't hold nations like China and India accountable." was correct since the agreement does not hold anyone accountable. It really doesn't need to, because anyone with the rudimentary beginnings of a thought process is going to do as much as they can to mitigate the danger to come. It is no stretch to see that Pruitt has no clue as to what the agreement entails but then neither has our "socalled" president.


Headline should be Puppet Pruitt Proffers Prolific Piles of Poop. As a human, he "offers" absolutely NOTHING!

And his mention of the Sierra Club surely set the organization and it members (I am one) teeth on edge. He should be sued for trying to bastardize and co-opting Sierra Club's message and purpose. What a caricature of evil incarnate he is.


I love it: "Screwitt Pruitt" I needed the laugh...thanks!


It doesn't matter that he (or any of the other Cabinet stooges) is "incoherent."
Their job, according to Stevie Bannon, is "deconstruction of the administrative state."
Lookin' good so far.


That's an understandable feeling. Yet, intentional schizophrenic that I am, even while I can not escape what the trend-lines tell me, I choose to remain optimistic. My sense of optimism is due to a couple things. First, I'm encouraged by what I perceive among younger people; from Millennials and younger. So many I've met & conversed with have a very different set of values and priorities than did so many of my own ('boomer) generation. True, I and others graduated from hippiedom to public service and have remained true to communitarian, egalitarian, democratic principles; but I also know that very many never really got the fever. The younger ones, however, are becoming leaders in re-localism and development of alternative lifestyles that are more conscious.

The 2nd source of my optimism is Donald Trump...which owes to the crass stupidity of the Democratic establishment perhaps even more than to the latent xenophobia , religious bigotry and childish need for authoritarianism of those who might be considered Trump's actual base. I say that Trump provides a source of optimism, because I observe that unfortunately, it takes major crisis and existential threat to motivate very many people; and Trump is the perfect manifestation of such disaster.
It was clear to me before Nov. 8 that we faced a true no-win situation. If Clinton was elected, then we would have just had more business as usual... including both continued loss of democracy and a steady increase in GHGs and a failure to meet even the 2° C limitation. And so many now marching, demonstrating, and otherwise "resisting" would instead be sitting quietly in their homes, seeing no evil.

The need for a mass movement to force the changes we need was ever apparent...but it would not have had any bit of the counterforce that Trump and his administration, along with the GOP Congress ... and eventually the Supremes will have motivated. I think Trump et al are digging their own graves by intentionally giving the finger to and hurting so very very many people. As we used to say in the day, that's creating some pretty heavy karma.


If, for example, 45 and Mikey and Munster Man can't be tied to Russia, then chances are that our republic will indeed not survive.


The Sierra Club got it right, "Scott Pruitt is a liar"! Damn near everyone in and around this pathological regime is a liar and delusional fool, especially the big kahuna, the malignant super-narcissist liar in chief...................a ship of (state) fools..............


All that Twitler, the R's and the greedy oily-garchs in his cabinet care about is fracking, drilling, mining and stealing (native lands) and privatizing our federal lands.


Remember for the next 1,250 days that leaving the agreement takes three years so the US won't be officially out until one day after the next presidential election. Hopefully, the DNC and the media will remember to include Anthropogenic Climate Disruption as a campaign issue and not ignore it like they did in 2016. Tulsi Gabbard can reenter the agreement during her "Apologies To Europe" tour.


This one is easy to explain. If the previous black resident of the WH did it then El Presidente Naranja Mentiroso and the Reptilians will do everything they can to undo it. It has nothing to do with Chinese hoaxes, jobs, or disputing the science; it is simply an extension of the racist, birther bullshit that got him elected. At the core of everything he does is the fact that he is a racist, bigoted, mysogynistic, narcissistic asshole. Please also remember that 22 Senators, including Bitch McConman, sent a letter to the Tangerine Turd, urging him to exit the agreement. Their complicity in the this fiasco keeps getting overlooked.


No hope for the DNC....Greens or independents.