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Pruitt Promised Congress He'd Tackle CO2—But Now Denies It's Linked to Warming

Pruitt Promised Congress He'd Tackle CO2—But Now Denies It's Linked to Warming

Nika Knight, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt made heads turn on CNBC Thursday morning when he argued against decades of scientific consensus and said that carbon dioxide emissions aren't a primary driver of global warming.

In doing so, Pruitt directly opposed his own statements to the U.S. Senate. (This wouldn't be the first time that Pruitt lied to or misled Congress.)

Scott Pruitt has accused federal agencies of “colluding” with environmental groups to engage in ‘sue-and-settle’ tactics designed to stifle oil and gas exploration in Oklahoma and other states.” A successful legal settlement prior to a full court trial is one of the primary goals of a law suit.

Last year Pruitt was asked to review the constitutionality of the Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office “CLO v Pointe Vista Development” - settlement agreement.

In this case, over $30 million in public funding was dedicated to the Pointe Vista / Lake Texoma Redevelopment in 2007. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin was a primary project sponsor since the Frank Keating administration in the nineties.

  • In 2008, 758 acres of federally protected Lake Texoma State Park were sold to Pointe Vista in exchange for a four star hotel and convention center and new housing. OKC law firm McAfee & Taft wrote the state contracts.

  • In 2014, when Pointe Vista failed to deliver on their contracts, the Commissioners of the Land Office (CLO) sued them. The CLO spent over $250 K on this lawsuit. That is in addition to the unaccounted for $30 million public investment in the project.

  • In 2016, after two years of delays, they reached a settlement. This clear collusion between Pointe Vista and the CLO resulted in the loss of over 700 acres of federally protected Lake Texoma State Park land. Pointe Vista was released from their development obligations, and allowed by the state to keep over 700 acres of the former state park land.

When it comes to protecting large corporate interests from “Sue and Settle” environmental lawsuits, Scott Pruitt is your man. When it comes to investigating Governor Mary Fallin and defending the public interest in federally protected Lake Texoma State Park, he’s nowhere to be seen. Pruitt refused several requests to review the legality of the Pointe Vista Development settlement agreement.

Pruit has now lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings and should be removed from office. One Party Republican Rule will likely defend his Right to Deny Science as long as possible. He’s one of theirs.


Promises, Promises…Pruitt is simply following in the footsteps of his vaunted emperor and the rest of his cabinet secretaries. They make them to mollify the masses and then, when in a position of power to do so, they break them without the blink of an eye and with the blessings of the emperor.

Pruitt’s sordid environmental legacy while in OK preceded him but the GOP Senate rubber- stamped him right on through. He wants the entire US to resemble the pock-marked, polluted, earthquake-ridden state of Oklahoma, which in turn will adversely affect the entire planet. But hey, he’s getting paid handsomely for his work then and now.

The sad thing is that in Oklahoma, most of the citizens would agree with Pruitt. While he sounds like a wacko on national TV denying the critical role of carbon dioxide emissions in global warming, back in his home state he would be in the majority. Of course it is no coincidence that much of the economy in Oklahoma is linked to oil drilling and fracking for natural gas. All the fracking has made Oklahoma the number one earthquake state in the county. Nobody can be blamed for making the Oklahoma City area the number location in the country for tornadoes but these earthquakes are a different matter.


This man as Director of the EPA is stupefying. No good will come from this administration and one of these new private prisons should be reserved for the criminal acts of these men and women, eight to a cell.

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Mother Nature knows who the rat bastards are.

Climate change has created a longer, more devastating tornado season not only in OK but nationwide…so humans must be blamed as the major contributors to climate change.

You mean dungeon, don’t you…a very deep, dark, freezing dungeon without light or plumbing or beds…just a cold, hard floor.

Yes, and they are the same folks who ignorantly and blissfully vote against their own best interests, futures, and those of their children.

Sometimes people who are blissfully ignorant vote against their own interests. This is like saying “We, the People” (however ignorant) asked for the evolution of this corporatist state. We did not. This is part of the problem with stereotyping the residents of an entire state.

Add to that the uncertainty and lack of verifiable elections, and it’s clear that our “democracy” is a convenient illusion for the militarists and war mongers. Lay the blame on those who are taking power and abusing it, not the victims of state power. http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/democracy_in_america_is_a_useful_fiction_20100124


Scott Pruitt doesn’t have to “play” dumb! A snot-nose ignorant punk lawyer by training (surprise, not a scientist) who says he “believes” CO2 is not responsible for climate change/global warming just like trump “believes” obama tapped his phones and all the other garbage he “believes” without a shred of evidence! These bozos are dumber than a bag of rocks! Their beliefs are like Christian nutters believing the Earth is only 6000 years old…but pruitt, trump and the rest of his regime of ignorance and extremism are a hell of a lot more dangerous!


Well done! Thank you.

I suspect that they do not do their homework before casting their votes…they spend more time investigating a potential purchase of a refrigerator, tires, TV, car, or shower head than paying attention to something as important as their future and those of their fellow human beings. Not nice to be judgmental, I know but I have been voting since forever and have done due diligence with every election: local, state, Congressional, and Presidential.and my son is just as judicious about his vote and the future. Gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws that vary among the states coupled with the outdated electoral college serve to corrupt our elections. Elections have become a reality TV show based on identity politics…hey, I know that guy…he’s on TV.

And my comment was not confined to only folks in OK.

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Hey, Jim Infofe, throw your snowball at this boob Pruitt. Oh, that’s right, it melted.

Pruitt and Inhofe have drunk too much fracking fluid. Brainless shmucks.


These guys don’t care if the world economy loses trillions as long as it isn’t their trillions.

Syria. Egypt, the refugee crisis in Europe. Syria had been suffering from a prolonged drought. this is just the beginning.

The clock tics. As of January 2017, the Doomsday Clock is set at two and a half minutes to midnight. This setting is the Clock’s second closest approach to midnight since its introduction.


Agreed. Why our efforts must be bold, not timid. Total, rolling, non cooperation. Support the First Nations in their DC March March 10 and join the April 29 March for the Climate in DC and locally where you live.


He said the EPA will enforce the laws and regulations of congress regarding his authority to regulate CO2 and basically avoided the questions posed to him about what he believed. He is saying nothing different now, just stated his belief this time. People enforce laws they dont believe in all the time since its part of the job.

There are many scientists who believe the extent of mans contribution to Global warming via CO 2 emissions is uncertain. Correlation is not causation. Indeed, its also uncertain that the warming is a bad thing given the fact that we live in an ice age that is presently in a short interglacial warming period. Those holding alarmist views are a decided minority.

Furthermore, given that the US alone can not control global emissions when China is burning coal to produce what we no longer make, the EPA’s role in AGW is relatively minor w/o a global agreement. Making fuel more expensive for Americans wont change much.

That does seem to be the case. We are seeing for more tornadoes during months like February well before the peak tornado season.

China is now doing more than the US in shifting to renewables. Most solar equipment is made in china. They are now in the forefront on climate change and what must be done.
No there are not many scientists who believe that man’s contribution is unknown. Only those paid by the carbon industry argue that point. What is unknown is how fast and just how bad it will get from man’s CO2 driven world. For decades they have been very conservative in their statements, and climate change has gone faster than their predictions.
The only problem the scientists have is in precision of predictions, like how fast before the ice caps melt, how fast the temperature will rise, etc. That is where they have been unsure.
Right now we are at almost 1C degree rise in world temp, how soon will 2 C happen, 15, 20, 25 yrs, that is where the doubt is. The fact that we will hit 2C is not debated, what is debated is whether man will stop a 4C or 6C from happening by decreasing CO2 output. They all agree that not doing anything will mean that we will hit those benchmarks of temp. All but the deniers that is.
The US is suppose to be a leader, are we then to become followers or to keep resisting against common sense? The world will tell us, lead or get out of the way.


The whole Trump gang are simply criminals who know very well what they are doing. Pruitt chooses to deny the causes of climate change so that he and his oil-soaked brethren can gorge on the carcass of the future.