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Pruitt Promised Congress He'd Tackle CO2—But Now Denies It's Linked to Warming

[quote=“Pete22, post:17, topic:39158”]
There are many scientists who believe the extent of mans contribution to Global warming via CO 2 emissions is uncertain. Correlation is not causation. Indeed, its also uncertain that the warming is a bad thing given the fact that we live in an ice age that is presently in a short interglacial warming period. Those holding alarmist views are a decided minority.
[/quote] Is this sarcastic joke? These comments are obviously completely ill-informed and mere propaganda frequently heard on right-wing radio. Here are some links for ya:





The causal mechanism is that C02 particles are one of several kinds of particles in the atmosphere which absorb solar radiation that is being reflected off the Earth’s surface, keeping thermal energy that would otherwise be lost to space. Like the glass in a greenhouse. Hence “greenhouse gas”.

Solar radiation leaving the Sun has a shorter wavelength before it bounces off the Earth’s surface, allowing it to pass through the atmosphere. The radiation reflected off the Earth has a longer wavelength, meaning that it cannot pass through the atmosphere, where it is absorbed by greenhouse gases.

If it weren’t for “greenhouse gases”, the planet would be too cold to support life as we know it. The problem is that greenhouse gases make up a very small percentage of the overall composition of the atmosphere. We have contributed a huge amount of gases like CO2 and methane, throwing that system out of balance.

The mechanism is clearly understood. The cause is understood. We are observing climate change effects consistent with the prediction of climate models based on atmospheric GHG. Those models predict catastrophe. You may not know this, but food comes from plants, and plants are actually very sensitive to things like seasons. Also, most human beings live near the coast. When ice melts, it turns into water. When there’s more water in the ocean, sea levels rise.

And then there’s the acidification of the oceans.

Of course, you’re being entirely disingenuous and everyone can tell. But whatever.


Man, are we ever in a tight spot. Reality is trying to bitch-slap us awake right now, and we have people like this in charge.


I don’t think for a minute that they believe what they say. Most of these guys know as well as anyone the science behind global warming but they choose to prattle to the truly ignorant in support of the oil and gas industry.


Almost everything Pete 22 said is completely wrong. Not sure how you combat such profound ignorance.


Didn’t he read the reports put out by ExxonMobile, Sec of State Rex Tillerson’s former employer which he was CEO of:

In 1966, Esso scientist James Black and the National Academies of Science published a report that the rate of build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main contributor to climate change, in the atmosphere corresponded with the rate of production of carbon dioxide by human consumption of fossil fuels.[5][6] In July 1977, Black, then a senior scientist in Exxon’s Research & Engineering division, warned company executives of the danger of atmospheric carbon dioxide increases from the burning of fossil fuels.[7][8] Black reported that there was general scientific agreement at that time that the burning of fossil fuels was most likely manner in which mankind was influencing global climate change.[9][10]

Exxon launched a research program into climate change and climate modeling, including a $1 million, three-year research project which outfitted their largest supertanker, the Esso Atlantic (fr), with a laboratory and sensors to measure the absorption of carbon dioxide by the oceans.[11][12] In 1981, Exxon shifted its research focus to climate modelling.[13] These climate modelling efforts were part of the broad scientific consensus on climate change.[13] In 1982, Exxon’s environmental affairs office circulated an internal report to Exxon’s management which said that the consequences of climate change could be catastrophic, and that a significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption would be necessary to curtail future climate change. It also said that “there is concern among some scientific groups that once the effects are measurable, they might not be reversible.”[14][15]

In 1989, Exxon’s manager of science and strategy development, made a presentation to the board of directors reiterating the scientific consensus that a buildup of greenhouse gasses would result in significant consequences due to climate change.[16][17]

ExxonMobil climate change controversyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExxonMobil_climate_change_controversy

I don’t think so, that is what I would expect from the people who disgust me. Moving to their level accomplishes nothing but changing the names of the deplorables.

I respectfully suggest catching up with the science, perhaps attending lectures by top climate scientists, as I have, reading books on the subject, and staying away from pseudo-scientific denialist sites. The oil companies have known and still know we’re the primary driver of this, ditto for the U.S. Military, and NASA, top management/actuarial firms, and the top climate scientists.

Those holding alarmist/realistic views are all the aforementioned people, and on top of the rapid global warming and climate disruption we’re causing, we’re poisoning the air, water, and soil, killing off miraculous species that are part of the web of life (which, by the way, is what keeps us alive), and dramatically reducing the ability of humans and other living things to reproduce. The faster we get off fossil fuels, the better. Centuries from now, if we make it, people will look back in astonishment at how incredibly and irresponsibly foolish we were to poison and de-stabilize the planet that keeps us alive.

Finally, when the house is on fire, you grab a hose, even if you can only work on the corner nearest to you. We need a binding international agreement and need to make burning fossil fuels increasingly and prohibitively expensive for everyone.

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Outstanding comment and the “his oil-soaked brethren can gorge on the carcass of the future” is priceless! Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoy reading well-written, informative comments that reflect a deep, genuine concern for our planet. Muchísimas gracias, le aprecio.