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Pruitt’s EPA Abandoning Duty to Protect Kids From Dangerous Pesticides


Pruitt’s EPA Abandoning Duty to Protect Kids From Dangerous Pesticides

Sonya Lunder

These pesticides persist as residues on some of the most popular foods in kids’ diets. Yet both will likely be used on agricultural crops until at least 2022.

The most significant sources of phosmet exposure in children’s diets are peaches, peas, apples, blueberries, milk and contaminated drinking water.


Minor two-leggeds can’t be taxed or manipulated to Trump purposes. Another facet in the glass fragment being cut to hand off as a faux jewel, like pretty much everything else of this transnational corporate lobby occupying the WH.

The Trump representative at COP 23 is yet another clueless clone of the southern strategy of defecation on anything that cannot be extracted from, See the last segment on DN! this morning.

Major impetus to explore, develop and link up the Food Coop movement and local organic foods and alternative practices in diet.


Profit before People.

Someone should hold Pruitt down and tattoo this on his forehead.


M$M message: “Rinse your food to remove pesticides.”

M$M omission: “The pesticides are inside your food.”


Of all the issues (foreign policy, the environment, labor, health care, …), I am the most sad and confused that we aren’t more unified in the US on the side of environmental health. If everyone could visit an alternate reality version of the US where we didn’t have a list of banned chemicals, we had a list of approved chemicals and chemicals are guilty until proven innocent, where we had an effective carbon tax, where the government used stimulus money to do free house/apartment inspections and recommendations of energy efficiency improvements, where there are incentives to get farmers to grow many different kinds of food and rotate them around and learn what can be grown where for good pest resistance, where all food grown in the US is organic and tasty, where the air even in cities is as clean as the cleanest part of the country is now, where all the water tastes great, and then when the visit is over, maybe we’d have a vast pro-environment voting block that won’t put up with the types of decisions that have gotten us here (which are amped up quite a bit under Trump, but also happen when Democrats are in control).

I just checked the Justice Democrats platform, and though they have an entry on Renewable Energy, they don’t have one on the environment overall. Energy production is a huge piece of the problem, but not all of it.


So just to be clear: the GOP is so incredibly greedy that they literally don’t care that their quest for profits will damage their OWN children/grandchildren. They KNOW that their children/grandchildren will most likely be eating these pesticides and they will most likely harm them - but fuck it, gotta make that $$. Or are they so rich and connected, they have some secret connections where all of the food they buy is guaranteed to contain only organic sources, with none of these chemicals on them?


I ask again: How is this not a crime against humanity? How can our elected officials be so utterly complicit to the crime?

As dara wrote: " the gold-standard must be banned until proven safe", not marketed until proven deadly!

When the Piper must be paid, there will be a very heavy price to pay - our food supply poisoned, our soils, air, and water especially poisoned, by all those who put profits before people, by our children/future generations suffering disease and the mal-effects of chemical poisoning and compromised/destroyed immune systems, our one and only Mother Earth and a sustainable future.

How is this not a crime and how can people of such ignorance, contempt for others, and complicity with evil/greed be allowed to affect all life on Earth?




Why not be honest? Change the name of the Environmental Protection Agency to “Baby Killers, Inc.”