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Pruitt Squirming Away From The Weight of Climate Evidence

Pruitt Squirming Away From The Weight of Climate Evidence

Rachel Licker

Since taking office, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has shifted how he talks about climate change. You may have heard that he recently suggested that global warming might actually be a good thing. If the consequences of global warming weren’t so serious for Americans, his determination to take down one of the most studied scientific topics of our time would be silly in a Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner kind of way.

We have seen these type of shifting arguments trying to refute the science of climate change for decades now. In fact a whole industry has grown up around it complete with conferences in which phony data are reported and reports containing such phony data. Perhaps the most success this movement to hide the truth has had was climategate when even usually reliable journalists got it wrong and started placing blame on climate scientists. While climate denial is not the only obstacle that we are facing trying to limit global warming it is big one and now an especially big one with a climate denier occupying the White House.

‘Administrator Pruitt shifted toward questioning the harm that climate change will cause: “It is not a question about whether the climate is warming. It is not a question about whether human activity contributes to it. It is a question about how much we contribute to it?..”’

You may know the tune:
Jeebus loves me this I know,
For the climate changes so.

“Each time he questions the scientific consensus that climate is changing and humans are the primary cause, he contributes to confusion that helps stall significant action on climate change”

What is the writer complaining about, that’s his job. Just ask the oil and gas industry.

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True, but that doesn’t mean that supposedly intelligent people buy it. The problem is that most are not intelligent or knowledgable at all.

I agree on both points.
I was being a smarta$$ in my above post, something I have to work on.

One would think the research and affirmation of human caused climate change by Exxon and other big oil firms way back in the '70s would be the “canary in the coal mine” for Pruitt’s false, illogical thinking-
This was not mentioned in the article…

Oh I got the sarcasm.

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There’s nothing to squirm away from in the first place. It’s been warmer during the current interglacial, changes are consistent with the null hypothesis (natural) anyway, and the sole unique feature of AGW is…model claims.