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Pruitt Threatens to 'Purge' Scientists Who Refuse to Be Fossil Fuel Puppets


Pruitt Threatens to 'Purge' Scientists Who Refuse to Be Fossil Fuel Puppets

Jake Johnson, staff writer

EPA chief, warn critics, wants to remove members of advisory council "who tell us the facts about threats to our environment and health"


I might take this opportunity to extend an invite to rep. smith & pruitt that the next time they get ill with a disease that they visit a witch-doctor instead of a scientist since they hate science, refuse to learn the basic’s of science or seek advise from someone who understands science, seems to me that these people like living under rocks inside caves in the dark like mushrooms, there is a feedlot down the way, shall I buy them some lunch? yum yum smack smack


Another prime candidate for expulsion from office yet the Senate under the tyranny of McTurtleneck remains mute, paralyzed, and complicit in the destruction of our environment.


get Pruitt out of there before we all die from environmental poisoning, if not the bomb from NK first.


Scotty’s just doing his job, which is more than can be said for Congress, which continues to ignore the megaton sociopath in the Oval Office.


PURGE PRUITT! Please, please, please. Pxxxk Pruitt is the demonic ghost of Anne Gorsuch in reverse drag.


Pot Screwitt, another swamp dwelling deplorable heard from.


Screwitt isn’t doing his job at all. He is tasked with defending the environment not pander to the oil interests.


It’s the other way around.


Purge Pruitt the Puppet!


He is screwing the environment to pander to the oil interests or the oil interests are paying Pruitt to screw the environment.


Does he also not believe in using antiseptics for surgery?

I thought moving back to a red state without rec&MMJ was going back to the dark ages. Holy Shit Batman–what next? All women of child bearing age not making over $127,000 to become handmaidens?


Why did you have to ruin your post by including the NK reference?? Just shows how brainwashed you are,.


Right. He/they win, either way.


Madre Tierra cries out for help and compassion! Evil lackeys like suet, oh, pruit, are the scum of the planet!


As conservatives keep telling me, elections have consequences. Those who declare there is no difference to the two parties should look at how anti-science, anti-government people have been put into power. Because elections do have consequences and the republicans are showing what they can really do when they have all the power.
Environment, screw the environment, poisons are not really poison, those scientists lie to you. You can eat and drink all the PCBs you want and nothing will happen. And acid rain is good for cleaning your car.
Climate change, a hoax, besides heating up the earth is good for us, the added CO2 will help plants despite the fact that drought will kill them. And storms are good for us, they clean out those poor people so the rich can move in. And sea level rising means more shoreline to sell.
Tax cuts are good, shows the difference between slave and master.
Those are just 3 things that republicans want to do to us and the democrats fight against.


How polite you are with ‘your’ opinion. /s…If you’re throwing out what you think are facts you might want to back it with some kind of reference…


Well obviously she believes the BS being spouted about NK.
Al the Excited States of Paranoia has to do to solve the Korean problem is formally end the war they started. Can’t do that as then you won’t have the hammer anymore. Sad.