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Pruitt's Coal Mine Speech Heralds Resurrection of "Dirty Polluting Past"


Pruitt's Coal Mine Speech Heralds Resurrection of "Dirty Polluting Past"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt on Thursday hailed a new era of environmental deregulation in a speech that took place in a coal mine recently fined for polluting local waterways.


What about ll the hard working Americans trying to establish green technology? Don't they deserve support as well? They actually constitute many many more than those still digging underground or punching holes in the earth to extract compressed rotted vegetation to burn.


Charlie Rose had a guest on his show who said that alternative energy jobs were doubled the jobs of the fossil fuel trio. Now what counts as a job for either can be debated.
My research says that there are about 2 million jobs with fossil fuels from making the equipment to gas stations. It also showed that about 2.2 million worked in every aspect of alternative energy. In addition, fossil fuels are showing a slump in employment, while alternative energy employment is booming. Wind employment was up 32% and solar was a 25% gain last year.
Which means if one is planning for a large employment gain which would also boost the economy, one would go with the rising employment field, not one that is barely making headway. If solar and wind were supported like the fossil fuels are, there would be even greater gains.
Plus the cost of electricity generated by any of the green techs is dropping. Right now solar is on ave, a bit cheaper than coal and getting closer to the cheapest, natural gas. But while fossil fuels prices rise or fall due to the supply, there is only falling prices with alternative sources. Technology is making the solar panels and the wind turbines cheaper every year while the only thing that technology does for the fossil fuels is to make the supplies that are hard to reach, a bit easier.
We should emulate the chinese who are subsidizing solar to make the technology cheaper and more accessible to people. The panels are decreasing in size and cost, while becoming more efficient.


Oh, we are moving beyond these cavemen and their filthy dreams of yesteryear. And sheesh, if Kansas and Kentuck and all the other moronic states want this in their backyard who am I to deny them? Try it, I dare you, try to do this on the west coast and see what transpires. CA,already showing negative power bills due to the massive upswing of solar.


Making America Great Again--
just don't drink the water or breathe the air


Well, because CO2 does not stay in your backyard...

Your west coast snobbish condescending chauvinism is not welcome.