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Pruning-Hooks Made Out of Swords: The Case for a US Department of Peace


Pruning-Hooks Made Out of Swords: The Case for a US Department of Peace

peace american flag
Benjamin Dangl

A look back to the history and political vision of the demand for such a department offers methods for transforming our militaristic culture, and provides a political toolbox for peace rather than perpetual war


A dream difficult to realize, but well worth pursuing.

Congress would be a better place were Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney still there!


“War will disappear from the Earth, when women decide the time has come.”

For some time, I have have thought the same thing, and, that what is the most important thing for the survival of the human race: MOMS.

We must demand a: Moratorium

This country has so many more urgent needs than more Bombs and Bullets.

Call or write your Congress people or Senators and demand a Department of Peace, and ask them to support a Moratorium on Military Spending (MOMS)

The $700 Billion this administration in planning to give the Military could provide jobs in Infrastructure Renewal, Renewable Energy construction and maintenance, Mass transit systems, etc.

The practical possibilities for the best use of that money are endless.


Have an international agency capture the warmonger head of whatever as he starts a war, bring him to trial, and eventually hang him -
Number of people killed: 1

Let the war proceed as the warmonger proposes -
Number of people killed: 1,743,560 (Viet Nam)
445,132 (Iraq)
53,949 (Afghanistan)

Which is the most sensible alternative?


Decent plan, but that is much more difficult than it sounds. We already have an international court for crimes of war in the Hague in the Netherlands. Pulling someone out of a country they want to stay in is very difficult, and you also have to consider what happens after they have been removed. How many leaders have been removed from the middle east? How many leaders have been removed from Africa? How many leaders have been removed from southeast asia? Yet there is still war and violence as there has been for over 1000 years.

There is a common historical problem discusses: What if WW1 and WW2 had never happened? Would 100 million soldiers be dead today? Would genocide have never occurred? Each proposition in what could have been seems to have the same have the same result in that we cannot change the past and even as we try to reduce violence it most certainly seems that millions will still die.

In my opinion the greatest way to achieve peace is through trade, as that forces two countries that are different to engage in agreement and the ideas of both countries to flow into one another. Starting violence in another country will inevitably still create violence in that area.


Good idea, but we can’t even call the “War Dept.” what it is anymore. Dept. of Defense, what BS.


From my perspective, America will never have a true department of peace to replace our department of endless wars until we somehow find a way to make peace profits as profitable as war profits.


Consider please:
The US needs substitutes for all the war products that it now produces to fuel its economy.

If all US enterprises now producing war products were converted to produce useful civilian goods - prefab houses, stoves, refrigerators etc - and these goods were distributed free of charge to people in poor countries, the effect on the US economy would be the same as it is now.

In both cases, that which is produced would not be used by the US civilian population. The US military would disappear for lack of toys to play with. The entire world would have a very high opinion of the USA.


Nice common dream! Thanks for your reply, too bad it makes too much sense!


reconfire, you have precisely identified the problem.