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Public Cost of Fukushima Cleanup Tops $628B and is Expected to Climb


Public Cost of Fukushima Cleanup Tops $628B and is Expected to Climb

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The public cost of cleaning up the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster topped ¥4.2 trillion (roughly $628 billion) as of March, and is expected to keep climbing, the Japan Times reported on Sunday.


Doesn’t Hillary, like Obama, support nuclear power?
Hasn’t she said on many occasions that “we need a variety of sources to supply our energy needs?”
We know that she supports the burning of fossil fuels because she is a cheerleader for fracking.
Hillary has also taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry.
Call it “pay-for-play” or influence peddling, but large corporations don’t donate vast sums of money to politicians without expecting some “quid pro quo” in the end.


As if they know how to clean up that mess, that on going disaster that is destroying our ocean but do go to Tokyo for the Olympics. "Cause in 4 years, they’ll have figured it all out and It’s going to be great, right?


With each new month we get additional confirmation that nuclear power is the most expensive method of boiling water that mankind has devised, yet the nuclear power advocates continue to peddle their same worn out promotions touting “carbon free power” LOL…

None of the $628 billion cleanup cost has been spent on fossil fuels, right ? LOL again.


“they don’t seem to know what they can do—other than to construct more tanks”

Boy if that doesn’t say it all, about the entire industry…sorry Yunzer…

In the early years, science like this was out of desperation from a conquering Germany.

If you look at the initiation of this science everyone was running on the edges, and too many died, and will die, as a result of the poison fruits of this path. It was more a science that was slammed into us rather than a science that was chosen.

While it has its advocates, the politicians were in a damned if you do or damned if you don’t position…still are to a certain degree.

Now after so many years of data points on the map, we must disassemble this monster.

TEPCO needs to go into receivership, with assets being used to cover the debt caused by their negligent incompetence.

Truthfully, if the taxpayer is going to pay the bill, then TEPCO should be nationalized.
Provide energy to the Citizens at cost…non-profit.

Honestly, certain things in life should not be the subject of Profit.
Things like Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy, Clean Housing, Full Education, Minimum Wage…etc…
are all basic elements of Being Alive and should not be withheld to extort profit.

I believe a truly functioning government should provide these in a non-profit mode to its citizens.

For some reason, the government still feels it is okay to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars blowing things up…WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS…, but recognizes no responsibilities towards PROVIDING BASIC LIFE SUPPORT to its Citizens.

Rather than hiding all the facts from those who will ultimately pay the price with their lives.
This industry needs to be shut down. And NOW.
Fukushima isn’t the only death hole, it’s just the most recent.


How can a price be put on something that can not be proven to work? Three globs of corium–a new world’s record!


There are no words to describe the evil that the world of nuclear weapons and power represents. The ongoing Fukushima nightmare, which the sleeping world largely thinks is “fixed” by now, is impossible to comprehend. Nuclear accidents have a beginning but NO END! And they are all 100% manmade, regardless of the spin about natural disasters which always gets pulled out regarding Fukushima. If you play with fire, you eventually will get burned. If certain utterly insane people had not seen fit to create these monsters, there would be no opportunity for such catastrophes. And anyway, with Fukushima, it was not the tsunami that caused this particular disaster, per se. It was that the back up power generators were knowingly placed in a vulnerable location, plus the fact that the design of the reactors had a flaw that had been documented and purposely ignored during the design phase–thus, the reactor explosions. In the U.S. there are a couple dozen such flawed reactors IN USE every day.

Great education on all of this can be obtained via www.fairewinds.org; ieer.org; nirs.org; beyondnuclear.org; cleanenergy.org

And YES, many politicians, including Clinton and Trump, support the furtherance of nuclear power, and YES there are more of these planet-destroying monsters being built in the U.S. and around the world RIGHT NOW. It is ALL about the money, with politicians and policy makers being completely corrupted by industry money. And since these radiation-spewing monsters are such cash cows for the industry once they are built, barring Fukushima-Chernobyl-type disasters (the cost of which the industry is neatly, legally protected from in the U.S. anyway) that leaves them with gobs of money to fuel the propaganda machine that keeps far too many among the general public believing that nuclear is a “clean” source of power. In light of one accident like Fukushima, and there have been more, believing such a thing requires an astonishing level of ignorance–or greed.

And, of course, there is that pesky radioactive garbage, which is the REAL “product” of nuclear reactors, and although not one teaspoon of it has ever been effectively dealt with since it began to be produced roughly 60 years ago, the ongoing plan in operation is to KEEP MAKING MORE! And, the talk about “recycling” is a myth, since reprocessing spent fuel produces additional radioactive garbage, in liquid form. Check out the Fukushima site to see how difficult it is to store LIQUID radioactive waste for any length of time. Those tanks, no matter how strong, will leak in no time flat up against the 240,000 years that plutonium must be isolated before it loses its deadly punch. Reprocessing also presents an unthinkable proliferation risk.

The entire scene is unbridled madness.


Any that continue to suggest that Nuclear Power a clean source of energy and an alternative to Fossil fuels are clueless. 628 billion in costs shoveled on to the taxpayers and rising shows that the Nuclear Industry can only exist if the costs externalized.

This IS a massive shift of wealth to the Investor class. The Shareholders profit and the taxpayers foot the bill.

Nuclear power , while claimed by Scientists of an example of homo-sapiens ingenuity and intelligence is , paradoxically , a demonstration of stupidity. IT rather strange how the “smartest of men” can be so stupid is it not?


Pacific Blue-fin Tuna caught off the coast of California have all tested positive for radioactive-cesium, (Natural News.com).


planetearth wrote (to MarkJNovitsky):

‘Pacific Blue-fin Tuna caught off the coast of California have all tested positive for radioactive-cesium, (Natural News.com).’

That’s not surprising since all fish contain cesium-137. And that was true long before the Fukushima disaster.


Maybe they build up the Military and threaten China because they see the need for more lebensraum , given their own is shrinking.


Conservatives take note, this is what happens when an industry’s regulations are removed or allowed to be short-cut. Prevention is always cheaper than paying for the consequences.


Who else thinks there is a lot cheaper, safer way to heat water for electricity other then Nuclear power? And we wouldn’t be destroying the earth like we are now.


The following ‘consequence scenario’ is of my choosing. It is only one of (albeit extreme) many possible outcomes, predictions, if you will. I do feel that there is a chance that we can still escape the dozens of Fukushima-Daiichis from occurring that reasonable people will be responsible for allowing to happen. Even those responsible for championing nuclear powerplants, the check-earning nuke industry workers and family members, who were/are out of the loop of knowing the falseness of the corporate lies of so-called safety measures. The information wasteland of mass media entertainment, that still gives tacit approval of this hideous fraud, I do hold accountable.

I’ll say it again. What could possibly be worse than 1,000 years of climate chaos caused by the banksters and their carbon “carpet-bombing” of Mother Earth? Answer: 1000 times longer than that - of monstrous genetic disruptions (cancers and auto-immune diseases in humans). Price tag for decommissioning 450 reactors at 100+ sites = 100 X 1-trillion per site, minimum. Doing the math, that’s at least $100,000,000,000,000 US! 100 trillion!!! When the world’s annual GDP is around 30 trillion per year. Of course, we (rather, the future generations of the cancer besieged inheritors) will have 1,000,000 years to pay for it? From their hospice beds? Wake-up wall street!


The difference between the cleanup and decommissioning costs of a Japanese company like TEPCO and our EDF is that their company pays until it goes broke, and in ours We the People foot the bill for cleanup. Ours is not even required to carry insurance.


I hardly know where to begin to expose the imnnumeracy of the writer and the scientific illiteracy of the some of readers/commenters.

I am sure all involved mean well - but ask yourselves - are you really serving the common good by getting basic information wrong?

  1. 4.2 Trillion YEN is a little UNDER 41 billion USD - but hey who cares about fact checking or an error of magnitude 15x right?
  2. Despite the hoopla literally no one has died from the Fukushima nuclear disaster (unless you count the 1800 or so who have committed suicide because they are needlessly blocked from the exclusion zone

Those of you here who are so ready to repeat the anti-nuclear meme’s you have heard - ask yourself honestly - what is it you REALLY know about nuclear power and how do you think you know it?


I can not give a person who joined only 2 hours ago to comment on one and only one topic any credibility. These types tend to be bought and paid for voices sent over by the Nuclear industry to sell their message.

Added to that this crap that “no one has died” is exactly that. This like claiming jumping off a 80 story building has not killed anybody. It dishonest to the extreme as scientists acknowledge the rates of cancers WILL go up as one exposed to more radiation. That it kills you several years later does not mean “no one dies from it”.

Coming here with that as part of your message speaks directly to your purpose here and that like Ianetta and his "eating a banana " comments.


[quote=“SuspiraDeProfundis, post:23, topic:28381”]
I can not give a person who joined only 2 hours ago to comment on one and only one topic any credibilty.[/quote]

It is very easy to check the currency exchange rates for yourself. Whoever did the conversion to $628 billion most likely did not know the difference between the Japanese Yen and the Chinese Yuan.

Added to that this crap that “no one has died” is exactly that.

I’m going to freely concede that it is possible some people may eventually die of cancer which was caused by radioisotopes released from Fukushima. But the same holds true for toxins released from other parts of the energy sector, many of which are much more deadly than nuclear power, and the scientific expectation at this time is that if Fukushima does cause cancers, it will be at a rate so low that it will be lost in the statistical noise of other, larger, cancer risk factors. But we should know more as the ongoing thyroid screening project continues to track and compare rates from nearby and distant prefectures.


Excellent post!


I just viewed the material and it’s so important, well-presented, and while I had read–in Public Citizen more than a decade ago–that attempts WERE in progress to “recycle” low grade radiation into everyday metal objects and appliances, I’d hoped that was not true. But it is.

Thank you for posting this. Many should view it!