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Public Ed Advocates Wary of Democratic Establishment—And Here's Why



Clinton's goal of course, is to serve her corporate constituency.

Regarding public education, her goal is of course to further co-opt, corrupt, the leaders of the two largest teachers' unions. The teachers in those unions ultimately are faced with the challenge of organizing against that union leadership.


"I've never let my schooling get in the way of my education."
--(Attributed to Mark Twain)


“Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.”
― G.K. Chesterton

As for public education, if a person sends his or her children to elite private schools, that person should be prohibited from having a say in the education of others.


I feel like it's worth repeating here: Why would anyone believe any progressive promise from the Bait and Switch Party? (I mean the Democrats, if you are new here.)

From Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's platform:

•Guarantee tuition-free, world-class public education from pre-school through university.
•Abolish student debt to free a generation of Americans from debt servitude.
•Protect our public school systems from privatization.
•Use restorative justice to address conflicts before they occur, and involve students in the process.
•Evaluate teacher performance through assessment by fellow professionals. Do not rely on high stakes tests that reflect economic status of the community, and punish teachers working in low income communities of color.
•Replace Common Core with curriculum developed by educators, not corporations, with input from parents and communities.
•Stop denying students diplomas based on high stakes tests.
•Stop using merit pay to punish teachers who work with the most challenging student populations.
•Restore arts, music and recreation to school curriculums.
•Ensure racially inclusive, sensitive and relevant curriculums.
•Use Department of Education powers to offer grants and funding to encourage metropolitan desegregation plans based on socioeconomically balanced schools.
•Recognize poverty as the key obstacle to learning. Ensure that kids come to school ready to learn: healthy, nourished, secure and free from violence.
•Increase federal funding of public schools to equalize public school funding.


Thanks to Deirdre and CD for putting this (and so much else) before the community and public - if only the corrupted media/press would do half as good a job of informing our people - the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Profits, being the end-all and be-all of corporate America, works endlessly to corrupt our supposedly representative government Of, By and FOR the People, to the 1% and interests of the ultra wealthy and powerful.

Politicians, government and its mechanisms, and presidents, have been turned to gifting big-money (trickle-down), and that obscenely accumulated wealth has bought even more politicians, candidates, elections, representation, legislation and "trade" deals to pollute government as they have our Mother Earth.

An educated population, like the press, is essential to an electorate that is informed and can think and process info critically to make decisions based on fact, not jingoism, pablum celebrity rubbish, reality TV, misinformation, lies and propaganda.
Without independent education free of financial usury, and a free independent media/press - the Fourth estate - we become incapable of voting our true interests, we become pawns and serfs to a financial, political, military fraud and criminal con of vast proportions.......


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The reality is that much (most?) of the country is, at best, "wary" of the Clinton wing, which now own and control the Dem Party. The years of this administration were a confirmation that Democrats maintain their war on a significant portion of the Dem voting base (the poor, and those who get why it matters) while pursuing an agenda that increasingly meets the definition of "fascist."

Democrats already lost 2016, and there are so many unknowns about our hard right wing today that we have no way of anticipating where the country will be a decade from now.


We drifted toward implementing this sort of education by the early 1960s. The zeal for memorizing lists of data was replaced with a focus on analyzing available information, understanding the differences between fact and opinion, etc. By the 1970s, Americans were railing against this. It seems that when people sought information from a broad range of sources, analyzed and discussed this information, they were less inclined to conform to our rather rigid social expectations/requirements.


THE REASON for an "educated" public is to keep the republic. Ignorant people are easier to control because they do not have the knowledge & critical thinking skills to resist demagogues. (See research that Faux News consumers are "dumber" than people who watch no cable new at all.) We do have evidence of the cost of quality education - check out the per-student per-term coat of the most prestigious private schools. That should be the benchmark for funding public schools, not the starvation budget that is found in most states.

The fact that the DNC is mute on the subject IMHO is yet another indication that for-profit corporatatons are more important to the CorporaDems running the DNC than the other 90% of the population.


The nomination/election process is controlled from the start by the corporate controlled MSM. Thus we're left with the absurd options of Frump and Billary. There's really no point in voting.


Excellent post and right on with your "Ignorant people are easier to control..." As a retired school administrator having worked in several international schools, I find the Finnish schools to be some of the best, since they place little emphasis on standardized tests, treat teachers the same as engineers, doctors, and other professionals, and have strict academic admission standards for schools of education in their universities. The Korean model, which Obama references often, has students perform well in mathematics, but emphasis in many other disciplines is on rote memory rather than critical thinking.
Teachers and post office employees are those that are regularly bashed in the media (corporate America) because they are members of two of the largest unions that remain in this nation. The teachers' union has a large divide between the union leadership and the rank and file, as evidenced by their endorsement of Clinton before the primaries even began.


Public schools should be equally funded, so rich kids have no such advantage. I'm not in favor of the taking over of public education by for profit charter schools. Just one more notch, in the move toward complete Corporate Governance of every damn aspect of our lives.


The US educational establishment is no longer about learning. They are now about profit and business opportunities.


Charter Schools are private schools. For the well-established private schools that even middle class families can't afford, vouchers do little to make tuition affordable. Vouchers for private schools are paid for with everyone's tax dollars but only help the urban underprivileged students, where private schools are more numerous and within commuting distance. These vouchers help some based on geography, but rural students are completely left behind, while their parents are taxed at the same rate as their urban counterparts. Further vouchers for private schools aren't means tested; the rich get them too, so these vouchers are really a subsidy for the rich in disguise.


I imagine all progressive advocates and activists are extremely wary of the right wing Democratic Party establishment. It is a very long list of the reasons why they should be. Their attempting to nominate Clinton, who is to the right of Dick Cheney, is a pretty big tell on where they stand.


Indeed! And why should the tax payers fund for profit charter schools where the towns only get partial reimbursement not the whole as in public? Also sending kids to other out of town schools contributes to the break up of communities not keeping them together. We HAVE good public schools . Also, if a community is hurting if there are no jobs and plenty of homelessness- why should schools get blamed. This is a SOCIETAL problem not a problem with teachers and unions. Frankly, I am ashamed that the teachers union is supporting HRC not Bernie.


Charter schools should not even exist. They are there to pay teachers even lower wages, and to dismantle unions even furthur. We HAVE good public schools, If people are disatisfied with where they are living , they should move not have the tax payers pay for their kids to go to private schools. That will NOT fix the community. Plus , sending the kids elsewhere only contributes to breaking up of communities not adding to them-something the elites have wanted all along. It is psychosis hidden under "good intentions." Then again, the tax payers subsidized the "rescue" of the criminal banks that brought the global economy down recovery only seen by the rich.


I know charter schools first started in the early nineties ( or late eighties). I am thinking that the first Bush was in office. They are businesses which pay their teachers very little with no unions.


And people are letting that happen. We should be ashamed of ourselves!