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Public Education at Stake With Mass. Voters to Decide on Pro-Charter School Measure


Public Education at Stake With Mass. Voters to Decide on Pro-Charter School Measure

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has weighed in on the most expensive statewide ballot measure voters will face November 8—Massachusetts' Question 2, which would lift the existing cap and allow for as many as 12 new charter schools per year.

Referring to the financial industry's backing of Question 2, the former presidential candidate said in a statement Tuesday, "Wall Street must not be allowed to hijack public education in Massachusetts."


Welcome back Bernie.


If charter schools are so bad, why are so many people lining up to get their kids in them?


They are "supposed" to be better, like private schools to some people, but they get more money, entice parents and of course reduce the resources of public schools for the rest. If you care only for the few, you lose a vital public asset-schools for all being of good quality. The only happens if people want it and support it.


Why do you assume this? corruption is more likely in for-profit systems, and taxes for schools are surely vital-better than using them for prisons and police violence.


(I hate the phrase 'of course'.)
My understanding is that charter schools get no more money than public schools do, often a bit less, and that they generally produce better results. That last explains why parents love them, even though less money is spent on their kids.
-- And since the state and local school district spend less money /student on charter students, that leaves more money for public school students. That sounds good. :slight_smile:

Because there is a pile of evidence of how corrupt and mismanaged big inner city schools are.
As a matter of philosophy, between private for-profit concerns funded by the customer vs. public funded by taxation, you are more likely to find corruption in the public system. Should corruption be found in a private for-profit system the customers will walk away.
-- And better results from private schooling means less cost for prisons and police.