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Public Education Job Losses in April Are Already Greater Than in All of the Great Recession

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/public-education-job-losses-april-are-already-greater-all-great-recession

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what the graph of educational administrative salaries looks like?

Here is the Fifth Dimension with answer:


Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP demonstrate their understanding that public education is a major impediment to the expansion of dictatorship and must be eliminated at all costs.

We committed a great many education sectors in the General Agreement on Trade in Services, so their ultimate goal is likely to outsource jobs to firms, staffing firms, across borders - similar to healthcare and IT. The quotas we now use are being challenged in Geneva, in dispute 503, and if we lose that decision will be binding on the whole world, so we can expect drastic changes for the middle class in a great many committed sectors. We could lose a significant percentage of our jobs. Maybe half or more. Of course they will blame it on coronavirus but its actually been planned since the fall of 1986. (the Punta Del Este Declaration) The jobs give us leverage over foreign countries in a number of areas so its easier to offshore still more jobs and extend patents and other IP rights, with less risk. Profit is king, there are no huge profits in public education for oligarchs. Foreign countries make compelling arguments (to Washington) that its smarter to outsource jobs to foreign body shop firms than invest in public education and exit trade in services agreements, so our our own young people can still do them. And once it begins it ratchets in. Agreements like the GATS changed everything, putting services and pretty much the entire economy under the control of the WTO in key areas. This acts like a hidden veto on all progressive policy. This is why it was so important for a real progressive (more so than Bernie Sanders today) to win. I hate to say it but we’ve been conned.

Well those patronage jobs are very useful to foreign dictators to give their supporters children, is that what you mean? I have read quite a bit to that effect, especially involving the “authoritarian bargain” countries where non-government jobs are very scarce and there are a lot of very affluent people who still are not well connected enough to get their children jobs at home.

Once they graduate from college with an MS there is a clock ticking and they really do have to find employment within a short period or they will forget what they learned and it wont be anywhere near as easy to hit the ground running, so they come to the US prepared to work practically for free for several years after college, they figure that into the cost. Also it seems bribery is common simply to get placed in jobs here. How can our young people compete with free labor, burdened as they are with student loans, etc? How do they get out of the hole they are in financially without a job, burdened with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Its a very ugly situation, that will get a lot worse before it ever gets better, if it ever does. People have no idea. We may be witnessing the demise of the global middle class we grew up with, and devolving into an M economy with most people at the edges of the demographic curve. Americans- skilled professionals first, then the others working downward, will become part of the migrating, rootless global precariat.

You can read about these rapidly expanding “Movement of Natural Persons” provisions and how profitable this shift is purported to become in the scholarly press. But not a peep in the mainstream press, especially not here in the US. We - who are supposed to be the biggest losers of services liberalization, are of course the last to know.