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Public Health Experts Call on US to Brace for More Coronavirus Cases Amid Warnings That 40-70% of Planet Could Be Affected

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/25/public-health-experts-call-us-brace-more-coronavirus-cases-amid-warnings-40-70

Rob Wallace’s run-down on this yesterday was quite thorough:

These unknowns—the exact source, infectivity, penetrance, and possible treatments—together explain why epidemiologists and public health officials are worried about 2019-nCoV. Unlike the seasonal influenzas cited by pandemic skeptics, the uncertainty rattles practitioners.


The pandemic grabs hold of the steering wheel, and our GPS has crapped out. Welcome to terra incognita – sorry about the meager lighting and grainy resolution. The pandemic won’t pay much attention to how we spin it. It spins us. This coincides with a house-of-cards, tower-of-toothpicks global financial system with so many complex instruments washing back and forth to smooth out little difficulties… it’s worn down to a rickety sloop by now, folks. Held together with scotch tape and staples.


I wrote this future Global warming headline about a year ago:MILLIONS SICK AND DYING WORLDWIDE FROM CLIMATE CHANGE. I wonder if global warming has anything to do with the Coronavirus? It may not but we have to know if it did…we would never be told the truth!


Well, thank god we have a really good, well-functioning healthcare system that gives poor people access to the care they need if they get sick. Cause not having that would make a bad situation worse, right? Like the environmental crisis, if we go into stuff like this with little changes, whatever other societies with equitable and efficient healthcare systems are struggling with, it will be much worse here. People will get sick, they will not have access to preventative care that could maybe catch it a bit earlier, and we will not deal with cases in a logical way as single payer systems will, we will simply overwhelm emergency rooms and people will die alone with little help or empathy. And, because of the insane way we fund our healthcare system, the costs of this will be passed on to those that pay into insurance pools that are managed by private insurance companies. It’s really nothing short of collective stupidity. Same goes for the climate crisis. Societies that are logically moving away from capitalism bit by bit (by expanding the scope of economic planning, relying less on markets that are missing relevant information) and societies that have experience working cooperatively to solve collective action problems, they will deal with global warming and the environmental crisis than we will. All of the people on the stage tonight, outside of Bernie, simply have no answers to any of this. They’re frauds and are leading us over the cliff. And they have the nerve to argue that their non-solutions are pragmatic. It’s like seeing an asteroid coming for us that will wipe out the planet, and maybe having the means to shoot it down, but arguing not to because doing so may cause a spike in inflation.


Given the lack of readily available and affordable health care in the US, it seems very likely to me that underreporting is rampant and will continue to hamper getting a clear picture of who and where the outbreaks are occurring. That doesn’t bode well for getting a grip on this virus in the USA. I hope for the best for all of us, everywhere.


What a perfect excuse for Trump to postpone the election indefinitely.

And the DNC would go along as it is the only way they have of stopping Bernie.


These viruses spread from animals to humans. They come from the warm butcher shops in china where live animals are sold and butchered. Blood is everywhere. This one came from a bat, snake or a Pangolin. Pangolins are the most illegally trafficked animal in the entire world. Chinese love eating them, creating various medicines from them, etc… Bad place to be an anteater. Not a good idea to eat things from these markets. Viruses are inherently dangerous. Past pandemics as in 1918-9 killed about 675,000 people in the USA. If memory serves me will about the same as the civil war. 50 million throughout the world were killed, 26 million less than Hitler killed. The Black Plague killed about 25 million over many years. It was a bacteria though. Maybe even one third of Europe died from this. The point is this is unknown but not without history. Now with antibiotics all those who get pneumonia from bacteria due to weakness will not die.


So many ways this could go, from a dud that fades away, to authoritarian crackdown, collapsed economy, people unable to pay mortgages becoming homeless, civil anarchy, food systems breaking down, or maybe everyone will come together to work through it in love and harmony. Hang on.


It’s always something. Also, the 2020 Olympics are probably off. Wall Street keeps tanking big today. One more thousand-point dive-day like this, and the inter-instrumental adhesive starts to pull apart with defaults, bankruptsies, etc. – That is: The bottom falls out (possibly tomorrow), imho.


Yes. I pray it will be so. That mortgage holders will be merciful to borrowers and forgive some mortgage payments rather than confiscate property while the borrower is sick.That would be the Christian thing to do.

Here’s the alternative dirt as I know it:

We’re seeing a lot of symptom-free corona virus transmitters.

Most hand sanitizers use ethyl alcohol as a sterilizing agent. If there’s a run on hand sanitizers at the drug store, try your local liquor store and grab a recipe to make your own hand goop.

Large enough doses of Vitamin C will interfere with any virus currently known to mankind. An interfered with virus is a virus that can’t replicate (and destroy cells). Eventually a white blood cell will gobble up the virus. One school of thought is that 20,000 mg of Vitamin C given intravenously will do wonders against an entrenched corona virus. Alternatively, popping normal 500 mg Vitamin C pills might knock out the first virus so you don’t get sick in the first place.

Downtown London was a free market of wooden structures all crowded on top of each other, and as a result the great fire of London burned much of it down. A marketplace economy pushes buildings close together and it also pushes people too close together. It’s a morbid mistake to have large schools, large hospitals, large nursing homes, large jails and large sporting events when a bad virus appears. We’re stuck with more deaths for the time being, especially with our hospitals and nursing homes. For schools, go with distance learning and for jobs go with telecommuting. Hire somebody to be the office’s germ guru.


Unfortunately, because of a half-century of neoliberal free-market privatization of everything and precarification of US workers - where many cannot even afford COVID-19 test even if they were available (the shocking news is that they are not available in your local hospital right now). It is looking very bad. Many millions including many of us in this forum, will die before this plague passes or a vaccine finally becomes available 2 years from now.

And we are not talking about collapse as the profit-driven system and widespread hardship from that yet.


Time to get the gin out i think.


At least it’s put and end to this:



Thank you for your reply and excellent Corona virus information.

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The planet is healing itself, physically and spiritually. Nature changes civilizations in an instant.


Croatia, Italy, Tenerife:


Or flee to Canada. Canada will fare somewhat better with their healthcare system. I like beer myself.


I’m not going to worry about this.
Trump says everything is under control and the stock market is doing great.


believe every word, Rudy. trump never lies.

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