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Public Health Experts Denounce New CDC Document Pushing School Reopenings as 'Politically Driven' and 'Irresponsible'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/public-health-experts-denounce-new-cdc-document-pushing-school-reopenings

Now let’s start out with the terribly imperfect, yet easy to grasp metaphor: if Typhoid Mary Trump hadn’t birthed Donald, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now, which is Donald pushing more typhus so he can have his binky for four more years.

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“There is almost no epidemiology in this,” tweeted Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “There are only two paragraphs on the science, and one of those is mostly devoted to flu.”

How does SARS2 not at all resemble influenza? Let me count the ways:

  1. Airborne aerosol transmission, mainly inside, with hours of exposure, appears to be the principle means of contagion – not coughs and sneezes, like the flu.
  2. Flu vaccines are commonplace. Coronavirus vaccines are apparently impossible.
  3. COVID-19 invades multiple organ systems, and can leave survivors with permanent complications, such as introduced asthma.
  4. SARS2, unlike the flu, patiently builds up a head of steam with asymptomatic carriers to begin with, biding its time before really biting with fatalities. Four-week time segments seem appropriate to the deliberate pace of COVID-19 (Spring, Summer, or Fall).

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/06/2020          11          11
>   8.  03/05/2020         153         164
>  12.  04/02/2020     239,115     239,279
>  16.  04/30/2020     823,167   1,062,446
>  20.  05/28/2020     657,381   1,719,827
>  24.  06/25/2020     695,043   2,414,870
>  28.  07/23/2020   1,609,622   4,024,492
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trump’s vile poison is now staining the pages of science. Let’s hope the authors of this document don’t have children.

They’re certainly acting like they don’t.

The trump regime has packed every agency whether administrative or “regulatory” - EPA, NOAA, all the cabinet agencies and CDC, with sycophants or nutters in their own right (DeVoid for example), and made them into a likeness of his vile and loathsome self or enable the corrupt. .
Its probably very hard to bear by people who have been in the agencies for their careers or at least a long time and are now forced to toe the trump line of pathological lies and delusional fantasy, overt madness, arrogance, gross stupidity, dementia, and malignant incompetence. To survive this, especially with a republiCon party at least as mad and extremist, not giving a shite about ordinary people or the SARS CoV-2 pandemic, and a DP so craven, timid, complicit and lacking any real integrity or fighting spirit.


Students shoud remain 6 feet apart? Obviously Renfield has never seen a school before. What’s with this six-foot nonsense, anyway? Do they think everyone has an invisible bubble around them and the virus can’t go more than six feet?

Sounds more like somebody got a phone call reminding him what happens when Joseph Stalin is disappointed.

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And now this:

Barron Trump’s not returning to school anytime soon…


Funny how republican lives are important enough not to risk a brief convention, but other peoples’ kids can be sent to schools.

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