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Public Health Experts Fear Trump FDA's Remdesivir Approval 'Without Evidence' of Widespread Benefits Signal Likely Premature Vaccine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/29/public-health-experts-fear-trump-fdas-remdesivir-approval-without-evidence


I sure the hell won’t be taking anything approved by the FDA without rigorous scientific testing which is an oxymoron when it come to the FDA these days. And that goes back to the days before Trump. The FDA has been stacked with industry insiders for a few years now who care more about their corporate friends profits instead of the citizens safety and health. I will continue to stay away from people as much as possible and wear my mask and use hand sanitizer every time I leave a business and enter my car and then wash my hands when I get home. I now only shop once a week at most and wish I did not have to even do that. The one thing I refuse to give up is going to my local cat sanctuary once a week to hang out and socialize with the cats. I have found them on average to be far more intelligent and loving than many people living in the USA. They soothe my soul in these insane times. Meow.


Public health officials should fear anything that Trump, Inc. does regarding SARS-COV-2. That team has done more to confuse the public, thereby comprising public health, than one could have imagined. There are two months in which the media should not repeat anything that this administration recommends on the virus. That would be my public health recommendation.


By mid October Trump will announce a miracle vaccine has been created. But of course won’t be available until after November 3rd.


A desperate lunatic grasping at anything and everything that he thinks will save his fat lying ass from going to prison. Enough shame cannot be cast upon all those enabling this psychopath’s charade! People will be harmed.


And the sheeple will vote.

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“Animals are better than humans.” - Animal Planet.
I have 7 “bin” cats waiting on my terrace every morning for their breakfast. (Managed to get 3 females spayed with financing from local refuge.)
Many years ago i listened to a radio programme in the UK which said Europe was the “ginuea pig” for testing of drugs, vaccines etc out of the USA.


If you haven’t, read the original response of the fda for aspartame approval. Turns out
Some rats dird, then came back to life … it was still approved, though. Thanks rumny

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Surprise, surprise, Trump holds stock in companies who make the drugs he promotes as treatments or cures. Some will defend him by saying it’s “a small amount”, and with Hydroxychloroquine that may be true, but he holds approx.$350,000 - $750,000 of stock in Gilead Sciences, the pharma company that produces Remdesivir, not pocket change in my book. And Trump has a lifetime history of gobbling up any amount of money coming his way or not, large or small.




Unfortunately the same suckers that believed Mexico would pay for the wall will believe in a miracle vaccine, too. He plays his 41% voters for fools over, and over, and over.


They are happy to support him just to be contrary toward the left.
I’m sure each one has cause whether real or imagined.


That’s the thing about fools.


Let us step back, take a breath and notice that this drug is effective for patient on oxygen who has corona19.

Six months of deaths which could have been about 30,000 if it were not for numbskull Trump disrupting progress. HE is responsible for nearly 160,000 deaths from corona19. Hard to understand how he has 31% hard core support and 10% more from independents.

We have history:for medicines and vaccines. (plural)
SARS1, H1N1 killed an estimated 12,000 but there was no test available
and others.

We may end up spending 15 trillion dollars within one year because 10 trillions went to large and medium size businesses. Airlines like a lot more free gravy.

Suggest we applaud the hard working people in the labs trying to understand this particular virus, its mutations. The vaccine is needed because we do not know how badly this virus will leave permanent damages inside arteries and blood vessels, kidneys, liver, brain and uterus.

We do not know if there will be severe and chronic come backs later in life as there is in polio.

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Lots of potentially bad side effects to remdesivir, taking it will probably cause more harm than good. This pandemic hasn’t even really hit the USA yet, in a couple of months a lot of this political pandering will be moot as we confront a health disaster never before seen in this country.

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Can’t help but think about our cat, sleeping between our heads, sneezing into my face; right around day 16 of our “mild” symptoms. Not kidding, for once! I’m pretty sure it was solely due to our neglecting to dust under the bed or vacuum by week two (it’s a TINY old apartment, with steam heat). But, we’d switched to pine based litter, by then? I’d anosmia, she the cough & both anoxia; but no sneezing?

I’m guessing, they’ll leverage mandatory “standard of care” for snake-oil treatments, ensuring their little taste of YOOJ profits. Force “essentials” incarcerated, military, teachers, transit, police and first responders into helping to mutate scary new strains, with crappy, half-assed vaccines (with us all paying top dollar for releases to go back to SCARY 1099 gigs, school or travel. Just as folks realize it’s just another Big Lie and wave THREE exposes unforseen vulnerability?





Don’t be a Guinea Pig. Let them experiment on the Military.

Trump does not have to play them, they are already some of the most politically stupid and ignorant people that I have seen in my lifetime! Close to what the Nazi Party was in Germany.

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I’d thought he’d only gotten ~27% (since only 58% bothered to play along?) ~https://michaelmoore.com/trumpwillwin/

*roughly, the percent who’ll end up PhARMA guniea pigs for chronic, long-term complications & organ damage scams. Opioids are, after all, the RELIGION of our proletariat?

Or hapless prisoners or the black male population of:


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Yes, at 1000 deaths or so a day now we are on schedule to hit 200,000 deaths from the virus before the end of summer, In addition a lot of the survivors of the over six million cases we’ve had by now will never be the same with all kinds of devastating permanent effects. Like you I put the responsibility for most if not all of this on trump. He has done nothing but to make this situation worse from the very beginning. And his followers aren’t helping matters either with their insistence on going about life like nothing is wrong and that we don’t need to take precautions.

It’s amazing, but at the same time angering, to think that trump has increased the national debt almost 7 trillion dollars since taking office, and he’s pushing for another one of his signature tax cuts. It’s really plain to see with the way he has run this country why he bankrupted so many of his businesses.