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Public Health Experts Raise Alarm as Trump White House Embraces 'Fringe' Declaration Pushing Herd Immunity

1 - admit the young can and do get COVID
- while not noticing the long COVID effects, still not fully known and won’t be for a long time
2 - reduce Social Security and Medicaid payouts by:
a - making sure the young get it with a lower kill rate (still killed, though)
b - make sure they spread it to the “old” with a higher kill rate
3 - no doubt approved by some economic council or whatever, not to mention Wall Street
4 - tout Sweden’s “great” result, shown as not great and going worse, but hey, their dead are not complaining and the same for our dead (no cell phones allowed in coffins)
Ain’t wee great!?
The only thing missing is Dr. Strangelove, waiting just outside the toilet.

Oh, one more thing, can anyone say “Lysenkoism?” As in Trofim Denisovich Lysenko.
Link here, but look him up: ~~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trofim_Lysenko
His “science” killed millions by starvation while his political support turned the secret police on scientists who opposed him resulting in thousands in state prisons and many being executed.

The rhyming of history.

One of the early effects of COVID-19 is thinking that you’re healthier than you really are. Dexamethasone also has this effect.

OK, I get your talking points. I just have not heard a real confirmation that he actually had the virus. I have a suspicion that it has been kabuki theatre with all of the WH incidences.

“No one is arguing for” a Wu Han style lockdown…

Even though that approach worked? I’ll tell you right now, that STOPPING the virus really does rely on some wrinkle of that approach. Any other approach leaves holes big enough to drive through, and enables the endless recycling of the virus through the population. Kudos to the Chinese, for realizing that basic fact, and taking measures fast enough.

And, for my own part, to END this whole thing (and yep, it would only take two weeks to do it, assuming a TIGHT system), I wouldn’t say I “want” to have to spend two weeks inside, but yes I would do it; being the Service Brat I am, I do know how to follow SANE and LEGAL orders…

And if it would involve ENDING this thing, I’d be EAGER to do it.

I’ve now spent 7 months staying inside most of the time, so another two weeks is not a problem for me.

What about the many people who don’t have enough groceries stored to last that long, though?

What about the people delivering food to grocery stores?

What about doctors and other medical personnel?

What about other “essential personnel”?