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Public Health Experts Sound Alarm Over FDA Willingness to Roll Out Covid-19 Vaccine Before Finishing Phase 3 Trials

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/public-health-experts-sound-alarm-over-fda-willingness-roll-out-covid-19-vaccine

So much for it being a consumer protection arm of government.
This sounds more like an elimination program for certain adults.


I’ll just say two words: precautionary principle.

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Looking more and more like a “vaccine” rollout will be the October Surprise. Add this to the equation:


They need to make us pay to “go back about our lives?” To beat the other serfs dying to get to the bottom. Verification to log on to some terrifying 1099 app gig, to take BS instant tests for school, travel, get chronic complications or organ damage diagnosed? Both sides are already using “Luddite anti-vax” labling for medical professionals, QA folks and whistleblowers, to gaslight guinea pig essential workers? Wonder what we’ll mutate this into, to line massa’s pockets?





If you can’t get rid of Social Security quickly, there are always other ways to get the costs down.

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Trump is probably pushing it through. No doubt, he is getting a cut of the action. All I can see is let the Trump supporters try it first and work out the kinks in it.

people better start to understand that the political parties work for the benefit of the corporations and all policy is regulated for their use–that our agencies are willing to kowtow to the needs of the corporations tells us all we need to know about the political parties that control the agenda

“Must focus on speed, and saving lives!”

So tweets The Donald, but one wonders…

Russia did that, with questionable reference to the latter phrase, and I haven’t heard anything about their “trials” for weeks now… One Wonders what part of their project crashed and burned in the meantime, and just how long it’s gonna take them to get back to RT about that…

Besides, what happened to that laudible “Gotta Save Lives” “focus” back in February, when he told Bob Woodward, that he lied to us in order to keep a good face, while that lie EXACERBATED all of the Life Losing since then, now to the order of hedging on 200,000 dead, almost solely due to the Orange Diatribe’s LIES.

This is just another Trump Lie… that he never lies…

BTW, don’t forget your flu shots. You DON’T want to be catching Covid-19 AND the flu all at once… and the flu shot at least HAS HAD all of its health trials…

The person who is supposed to have our backs has become THE propagandizer du joure… He spouts lies and misinformation out of every pore – as he hisself likes to say about females “bleeding from every pore.”

It’s happened: America is turning into a Special Order by Vladimir Putin: a paper eagle, whose bite means nothing at all for “freedom,” or for better lives, but instead stands for Corporate Abuse in all ways.