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Public Health Experts Watch 'In Horror' as FDA Approves Narrowly Tested Covid-19 Treatment Amid Pressure From Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/public-health-experts-watch-horror-fda-approves-narrowly-tested-covid-19-treatment

Trump claimed the use of convalescent plasma has been “proven to reduce mortality by 35%,” a claim which shocked scientists and doctors familiar with the studies.

Proven by whom? Oh, I forgot this is the same “stable genius” that told us Lysol was an answer! Trump, the insane, thinks he knows more than the scientists. I would rather die from Covid-19 than take this plasma!


"President Killmore Than W" Strikes Again.


Just to note, convalescent plasma has been around a longtime:


It may show promise, in the right conditions.

Unfortunately, magic pills and snake oil promoters have a long history too. Treatment by presidential press release certainly fits in the latter category, particularly with this president.


And I am watching in horror as Capitalism rears its ugly head again and again. This pandemic has long ceased to be about people, their suffering, and in many cases, untimely demise. This pandemic is about money, power, and control. And if you’re poor, you’ll die first…


The bottom line here is that drumpf is willing to sacrifice people’s lives so that he doesn’t end up in prison where he belongs. On a daily basis he demonstrates that he’s a psychopath.

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As I have mentioned on CD several times since April…there will be free vaccines for all in October that will be proven phony on November 4.

Lysol can be an answer. Just feed enough Lysol to Trump and our prayers are answered./s
Otherwise Donnie George Custer Trump is telling us it eezee peezee to just ride hard in to the Little Big Horn and we’ll be just fine. By George!
So, if we had a commercial advertiser selling products that kill people or keep people with serious conditions from getting serious treatment, we would certainly (I hope) stop them and put them in prison for medical fraud and/or malpractice. I think.
This should be the same, at least. Actually, because he is president and so much more influential across the nation, it should be even more important and more urgent to arrest and convict and imprison him. But no one will “bell the cat.”

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Should all of the “cures” Trumpelthinskin promotes be immediately tried on him, with cameras from all of the major networks watching?

Bioport. Must read article: “A Killer Enterprise: How One of Big Pharma’s Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the Covid-19 Cure Market”

We’re facing the same with the vaccine:


Lying Scum Republicans! Run, it’s a Pandemic.