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Public Health Officials Urge Caution as 14 States Report Surge in Covid-19 Infections After Reopening

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/public-health-officials-urge-caution-14-states-report-surge-covid-19-infections


Maybe god has a plan to start taking out all the white racists and fascists after all.

I’ve been covering exactly this same issue, the statistical responses of individual states to covid-19, since March 22. My daily updates are at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

Over the past week the national trend has been moving from negative to just a tiny bit above neutral today. 30 states broke even or better today, and just today some of the wilder breakouts became reduced. The Northeast is seriously drying out. The entire Deep South is heading further into the tank this week, with no exceptions this week except for Kentucky, a border state with a Democratic governor, and Virginia, same. I see no chance that Florida can pull off a Republican convention in two months. No, Florida, no big business for you for an extremely long time.

Today the Dow Jones average crashed 6.90% or 1861 points in one day, because the herd all suddenly realized that the covid-19 pandemic has been getting worse. They should have been reading my page for the last week.

If they’re going to mention #1 Arizona crashing then they should mention next door #4 Utah crashing in the same sentence. Utah now has to decide whether they want the Mormon faith to look well-managed or whether they want to toe the “open for business” official Republican line. They can’t have both, not this week they can’t.

California has been creeping upward all of May. Texas just had an acceleration last night.


“People have to go and work for a LIVING” ?

Doesn’t the South Carolina Governor mean work for a dying ?


My local paper reported that the spike in Oregon was likely due to increased testing. If that’s accurate, then this piece is highly misleading. It shouldn’t be that hard to consult a statistician to distinguish whether increases or decreases are statistically significant.

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Basically, anything to keep from extending Unemployment benefits to us serfs.


It appears rhat we are heading for a preventable catastrophe, especially in "red " states.


I see that AZ was up to 20% positives on testing. Damn.

And your state officials are under-reporting C19 deaths by filing them under pneumonia.
Oddly enough, there’s been a huge spike in deaths from pneumonia.

Well, hell, you’re dead either way.
The company I contract with is in Scottsdale. Guess I won’t be flying in for a visit any time soon.


My first thought was, this guy’s statement sounds exactly like a military command or a prison warden’s bark. Gen. Lee Nutz of The Old Confederacy, has spoken.
From one of the big debtor states, no less.
" To the breach, to the breach, once more into the breach ". For god, home and country, no doubt.
They won’t be happy until: " you’re gonna’ get us all killed " rings throughout the land.

OMG, thats like Trump’s comment a few weeks ago how he didnt want to test because it would make the numbers look worse.


Just stay safe yourself, assume that everybody else is infected and act accordingly, you dont have to do this forever, just until there is a cure or vaccine.

I’d be happy to tell you something I think would help and why in private messaging and give you the info to I used to base my theory on. Its sound logic.

Do you know anything aboout chemistry? Its a stilbene that has been shown to act as a modulator of cytokines and also as a viral replication inhibitor. It also acts against the spike protein, and seems to be useful against coagulopathies as well as sepsis, acute lung injury, ARDS and neuroinvasion by other neuroinvasive viruses which shows it able to suppress viral infection of the brain in a real life brain infection scenario (in piglets) by pseudorabies virus. Coronaviruses act similarly, and an be lethal because they invade the respiratory center in the brain and can stop breathing. Anyway, I think a cure may exist but its free, and unpatentable.

Polygonum cuspidatum (japanese knotweed) is an invasive plant that grows all around the world. Its particularly common in the Pacific Northwest, have you heard of it? Its roots contain a large number of chemicals, basically several of them are of interest, ultimately the most important one is also the best known one. A traditional chinese medicine caled HuZhang is made from its roots. In just a few months its become one of the most used plants for treating Covid-19 in China. This makes sense because the stilbenes have broad anticoronacidal activity. I think the chance is very high that this one stilbene, the best known of them is active against COVID-19. It would be surprising at this point if it was not. It is known to be active against the two closest SARS-causing CoVs, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Do you understand what I am telling you?


Well, the process is slow, but, it tends to reduce the number Republican supporters.

Can the Orange Pustule please just get the virus for Pete’s sake? C’mon, instant karma, step it up!


You’re saying you think there is a cure for Covid-19, but no one is testing it or doing clinical trials on it because there is no profit to be made from its use. I suspect that this is true, because it appears the same thing is true concerning cancer, too, which large amounts of carrot juice (also free and unpatentable) can sometimes eliminate. And I’m sure it’s also true for many other diseases. The profit motive is standing in the way of good health and progress…again.

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Seeing the same thing in Vermont. Many, many people acting like this is all over. Not a good situation at all. They just can’t seem to comprehend the reality.

Vermont Department of Health head is making the same idiotic claim. Well it certainly can’t be workers working side by side without face coverings that is spreading the virus. Such a claim might upset the Governors campaign contributors.

It’s a stilbenoid polyphenol

Me and most of mine, excepting our son in retail ( he interacts minimally with customers luckily) are thankfully lucky enough to work from home at least through the fall and winter. Son is taking extraordinary care both at work and coming home.
We get groceries online we pick up and everything else ordered online… Dr appts on video have been surprisingly complete to my surprise.
I know, many in cities and also with economic difficulties cannot do this.
But I hope they have careful and less exposed friends to help. My dear friend is chronically ill, doesn’t leave her home and lives in Lebanon, PA a small city about an hour away. She has no family so we and another friend who is pretty much alone and working from home take turns heading out there with groceries (and company) et al each week…
We all have to do any little thing we are able to I think…

Maybe this is a terrible thing to say but…
I hope the Mango Manbaby holds a HUGE no mask crowded in like cattle rally in red states twice a day from now until November thus hopefully culling the cult.
We have got to rid ourselves of these dangerously and willfully ignorant, racist brutes if we are to ever progress.
I just hope everyone guards against being the collateral damage that might ensue by coming into contact with a cult member…

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Looks like TRUMP is the epicenter, the one spreading the diseases of COVID-19, hate and indifference to others.

14 States Report Surge in Covid-19

CNN is reporting 19 states this morning. Wanta bet it’s 24 states by Sunday?