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Public Health Officials Urge Caution as 14 States Report Surge in Covid-19 Infections After Reopening

From my reading
What you say definitely has merit

In its natural form (much weaker and several different substances are involved, several stilbenes and also emodin which is mildly toxic to the liver but which also may have complex activity against this virus, it may be a protease inhibitor for COVID-19) are being used in China, as of quite recently, according to an expert panel they had on CGTN on March 26.

The panel of COVID-19 pathologies that R appears - in a large body of research that pre-existed COVID-19 to address when other etiologies are involved is remarkable, in particular the problems caused by sepsis, (and many of them do apply to COVID-19’s cytokine storm) Cytokine storm for example can be caused by LPS priming, LPS is bacterial endotoxin, which we know as sepsis/septic shock, LPS is one of a number of things that cause ALI, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.

My knowledge of many of the finer points of cytokine storm is quite rudmentary (I AM NOT A DOCTOR, keep that in mind and this is all totally hypothetical, and should not be treated as anything more than a medical hypothesis) but as far as I can tell, R is known to safely modulate a very great many of the cytokines and chemokines that together add up to the huge medical problems caused by COVID-19, THAT profile seems actually quite remarkable. (Its an almost perfect match to the problems COVID-19 causes)

It could perhaps be able to prevent the later problems when given early in the disease process… I think it should be tried, ASAP in vitro (in the test tube) . We know from its use in China that its highly likely to be safe+beneficial.

(What is needed to find out its in vitro inhibition of COVID-19 is for something to be done much like a science fair project done a few years ago by a 16 year old girl in Little Rock, Arkansas, for which she won a national prize, at least before the lockdown, she was/is a freshman -probably soon sophomore- at UC Berkeley.)

For ARDS (which along with damage to the respiratory center in the brain stem, - which R also might block if its present in sufficient amounts- we do know it gets into the brain because of the reseearch done on PRV in piglets (nasal instillation) - ARDS is probably one of the top problems caused by it) the RESV needs to be processed into another form such as a nanoencapsulation or PERHAPS taken buccally in a very time released way to get up to high levels quickly. (a lozenge would likely work) Another alternative is taking it for several days. the nanoencapsulation seems pretty easy to do and then its very useful as it can be just ingested. So this is really a very practical approach that could be used all around the world without much fuss or technical know how. perhaps even for pre-exposure prophylaxis in medical workers. (PrEP)

R also can be used with beta-glucan as an aerosol. Its already sold as a nasal spray in Italy for sinusitis and its shown some promise for use against the common cold (mostly rhinovirus but some coronaviruses - but it was tested against rhinovirus I think- A nasal spray might be useful in preventing infection as a prophylactic for medical workers.

So why arent they investigating it?

There should be an effort made to give people better math litteracy, even (especially) later in life, its currently a dangerous situation the serious innumeracy most Americans display.

Notice they never mention the other alternative. People wouldn’t have to go work if there was a UBI to get them through this. But that option is off the table while trillions are funneled to the market and corps.

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The end result could be less votes for trump in November. And then there is the evolutionary result of ignorant people falling off of the chain.

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Agree Wholeheartedly … as long as we don’t get caught in the net as well. As I posted earlier - me and mine are staying put for the most part. And feel extraordinarily lucky we can do so. My hope, and that’s all it is of course, is that some useful antivirals might come into use sooner than later …I have three bench biologists from Merck in my neighborhood here in suburban PA. They all have laughed at the thought we will have a functional vaccine in less than 5-8 years. One is worried they will foist a purely symbolic And virtually useless vaccine onto the market to shut us all up… Great… just great…

That can’t unfairly compete with banks, because of treaties that prevent the government from going into the same business as any business, even if their products are crap and unaffordable to all, then they must be limited in time and scope and not priced in any way that distorts trade, in other words thet cannot crowd out banks or loan sharks, The official term is something like “not more burdensome than necessary to ensure the quality of the product”

If would be different if money was free and had been since before January 1, 1995. (or possibly Feb 26, 1998)

Then we could continue offering free money as long as no banks opened and started selling it. The same with health insurance. If healthcare had been free before 1995/1998, we could continue it as long as we did not change anything and did not make any commitments on it (nothing like the ones we made in 1998)

Does that make sense to people? If you look at my web site, policyspace dot xyz under the keywords subsidies and financial services and government authority exclusion (keywords are on the left scroll down) and similar maybe you’'ll find the golden explanation that makes it make sense to you.

In short, money is the root of all evil in these areas. Once something is sold it cant be given away by a Member government unless they go through a procedure to get out of the arrangement.

No doubt that’s why hospitalizations and deaths are increasing, too; an increase in testing.

Yes, math litteracy–leaving random numbers all over the ground instead of putting them in the trash where your medical advice belongs.

Well i’m not making any claims to efficacy, but there is research showing resveratrol being promising against the coronavirus that causes MERS (~https://abstracts.societyforscience.org/Home/PrintPdf/11601), so i’d think some research should be underway on whether it could prove beneficial against SARS2. But pharma wants patentable drugs, not public domain drugs, and i find no report (on a simple web search) of any such research underway. Have not looked into the other treatments zed is pushing.

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I’m not a doctor so I dont have any medical advice, sorry, I am juat guessing from a large number of facts which you are welcome to find yourself on PubMed - which is all peer reviewed science, that I knew previously to COVID (like RESV is incredibly useful in sepsis and also clears the airway and also is neuroprotective, in my case it eliminated severe back pain that I had had for years. Its also markedly good for my eyes, I have a common eye disease. It turns out to actually repair both nerves and cartilage, its also being investigated for use on long space journies to strengthen bones which weaken because of mechanical unloading in microgravity.) It has very broad antiviral activity. It also may be useful against ARDS which is a very severe life threatening condition caused by the failure of the pulmonaty epithelium between the vascular susyem and the air sacs in the lungs, RESV seems to protect the barrier between the outside air and the circulation under conditions that would otherwise cause the loss of integrity and fluid invasion of the lungs - pneumonia. I dont know why it does this, it just does. Resveratrol also prevents pulmonary fibrosis, acute lung injury, a condition similar to ARDS, also it prevents the sudden coagulopathy caused by the sudden increase of chemicals released by dying other cells, which often occurs in crush injuries and can be life threatening, there is a pretty good chance it seems tome that this kind of problem in crush injuries (caused by dying cells releasing chemicalsthat cause other cells to die) that may be the esame thing that is happening in COVID-19. Also the blood suddenly starts to coagulate, one minute a patient can be normal, the next they are coding because their blood is suddenly filling with microcolots. Resveratrol MAY be able to prevent that IF it can be modified to stay in the system longer would be good because it vanishes - its metabolized rapidly, so the thing to do is create a nanoencapsulation.Using a slowly dissolving biocompatible plastic, a solvent and temperature change. This is actually very easy. then it can be consumed orally and it may be a real life saver in ARDS.

Coincidentally or not Chinese doctors seem to now be using the roots of the plant- its made from (Polygonum cuspidatum or “Japanese knotweed” “the scourge of british gardeners”) extensively against it.

and I’m sure it’s good for toe jam, too.

“I’m not a doctor so I dont have any medical advice,”
and yet here you are, giving medical advice.

No sorry, its not.

How do you know? Have there been peer-reviewed studies done on it?

I think a careful reading of MS. Zhang’s paper seems to tell me she used some other nonlethal coronavirus, I mean think about it, MERS kills a third of those it infects. Its doubtful that a 16 year old girl in Arkansas could have gotten permission to do such an experiment, even in vitro.

However, a year later a research team did the exact same experiment with real MERS and indeed it was found to work exactly as she predicted it would but the numbers are different.

No I wasnt.

I posit that my pointing this out is not an act of creative genius so much as an act of DESPERATION because other people whose jobs it is to point it out have FAILED TO, for some inexplicable reason that likely has something to do with some disease caused by money and greed

A two-fer. Medical advice AND conspiracy theories. Great.

  1. Its not a theory, its fact, and easy to prove.
  2. it is a theory but likely to be true, and easy to verify as likely true so why not do the experiemet now its been 5 1/2 months AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE DIED WHILE IVE BEEN BEGGING PEOPLE TO DO THIS ONE STUPID EXPERIMENT.

Thanks, i didn’t really look at it just grabbed the link, i had seen the other research on my previous search and was just too hasty this time.

No, its okay, I think she should get to finish her research I hope she is.