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Public-Private Partnerships Have No Place in Canada’s Post-COVID Just Recovery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/14/public-private-partnerships-have-no-place-canadas-post-covid-just-recovery

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This just another way of sending dollars to the 1 percent. PP partnerships also result in those Private companies bypassing labor unions under the guise of cutting costs. They will even resort to labor from third world Countries in the construction claiming they can not find enough local sources when in fact what they can not find is local sources willing to work for the wages offered .

Complete Public ownership of such projects is a win win in this regard as not only does that infrastructure get built, but more of the money stays in the local community in the way of wages when compared to a partnership where much of that money funneled out in the way of profits when those same wages slashed.

The ultimate goal of private firms is always to maximize profits. They are not there to provide a Public service. Under such a scenario the level of that public service will always be sacrificed so as to generate those profits. Things like user fees and the like which are added later in ever increasing steps are also ways by which money drawn out of a community and shifted to the Corporation in the way of profits.

A simple example of this was a local bridge built here as a PP partnership. The Corporation levied a toll so as to generate profits. Every person crossing that bridge paid that toll. There little in the way of local employment generated by that bridge by the Corporation so all of those monies paid for that toll went out of the Community to the shareholders on wall street.

Free trade deals were another way by which Corporations could ensure these types of monies always came their way. Under those agreements many partnerships are forced by the language of the treaty.


Jason Kenney is on a rampage here in Alberta SP - privatizing - undermining health.

These bozos need to go . NDP for me I think, I am liberal, not neo-liberal.

In fact, there is no difference between neo-liberal and neo-conservative.

Notley did a good job - then that same bunch that voted Trump - that type exists right here, in Alberta and in every province in Canada.

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The discovery of Oil in Alberta was a curse IMO. Alberta used to be far more progressive before that oil found.

It my opinion that the “character” of the typical citizen in Alberta changed due to its Oil wealth in that this started to draw the same type of person from other parts of the Country and worldwide. A lot of those hard core “free market” types in Alberta had their origins elsewhere , migrating to Alberta because of that Oil wealth and then buying into that meme that it was their support of “Free market” principles that made Alberta wealthy.

The reality is it was the Oil that made them wealthy.

They are now cannibalizing the province in order to keep the pumps going.

The problem I had with Notely was she did not go left enough. She still premised the Alberta economy on that Oil wealth and keeping big oil happy. Her hands were tied in many ways simply because of how invested in big oil prior Governments to her own the Province of Alberta was.


Is the general sense of the Canadian public that politicians who call for pubic-private partnerships or neoliberal tools of the corporate plutocracy?

Interesting. Here is the US, is seems more common for politicians that call for any form of pubic governance to be labels as socialists, where the definition of socialist, in the US common usage dicationary, may as well be: Socialist - the embodiment of all that is evil.

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There a much longer tradition of Government owned utilities and enterprises here in Canada. Even in Alberta they USED to have Alberta Government telephones and Alberta power which were once Government owned utilities before they were privatized. Airlines were once Government owned as was the Oil Company Petro Canada.

Canada also jumped on the privatization bandwagon and a lot of these were sold off by various Governments. Unions are still much stronger in Canada then in the USA and a lot of union membership are Public employees. As such Canadians tend to view the role of Government much differently then do people down in the USA. The “lets drown it in a bathtub” never really caught on and being a “Socialist” does not have the same connotations as south of the border.

There still a group of voters that see “Privatization” and a diminishing role for Government as a good thing and indeed many of our Governments would LIKE to go that way but we still have parties on the left that help to keep this in check. This does not mean things are great. The Liberals and Conservatives both tend to favor smaller roles for Governments but things like this COVID crisis has even the Conservative party of Canada understanding Government still needs to play a role in peoples lives.

As such the public in general does not IMO favor these Public/Private partnerships.