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Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic


Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic

Adam Johnson

For over a year, outlets from FAIR (8/24/16) to TruthDig (1/7/17) to The Nation (8/7/17) to The Intercept (


Yeah, comments to WABE, please. Nothing “McCarthyite” about one story on one local station. Let’s just analyze the stories as they come and keep our tar brushes fine tuned.


Adam Johnson does a wonderful job here with a masterful combination of biting sarcasm and impeccable logic! This business of using Russia to suppress dissenting points of view is shameful as well as being potentially dangerous to a free expression of ideas. Some of us well
remember the chilling effects of the Russia obsession in the 1950’s, which resulted in the mind-numbing conformity and paranoia of the Eisenhower decade.

If anyone is trying to sow discord and create chaos in our society, I would have to point to the obscenely wealthy ultra-right wing oligarchs: the Kochs, Mercers, and others of their ilk, as well as the Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer types who they lavishly support.

Also, it seems that, possibly as key to their survival, Public Broadcasting is steadily being co-opted by those entities within Government and without, who are pushing aggressive Foreign and Military Policy abroad, as well as “Free-Market” policies and Privatization of Public Resources and Services at home. I fear this encroaching Groupthink and Conformity much
more than Russia.


NPR and its affiliates are mainstream media and are just as scared of their sponsors as any corporate outlet. Timid, skittish and in love with the stock market - the worst failings of liberalism. Paint them “chicken.”


With fascists, nothing seems to ever change! The John Birch Society accused MLK of the same chaos by being a clandestine member of the communist party.


If there is one thing worse than a fascist it is a liberal fascist. The liberal fascists and conservative ones are joining hands in their campaign to start wars. I wonder when Maddow and friends will start calling the Russian people rats and vermin.
I often listen to Loud and Clear on Sputnik. It is probably the most “progressive” program on the internet. It is hosted by the longtime anti-war activist Brian Becker and the courageous CIA whistle blower John Kiriakou. Mr. Kiriakou exposed the Bush/Cheney torture program and for doing so he had to go to jail for twenty three months. I imagine the MSNBC, NPR crowd would be fine with that now.
Did I mention that there is one thing worse than a bigot it is a…



And the DNC is now suing the Rethugs and Russia over losing the 2016 U.S. presidential (s)election. Are we done laughing (or puking) yet?


I can’t remember who said it, but back when George Wallace was going strong as a white supremacist (before a bullet humbled him a bit and he saw light) a major Black activist (maybe Malcom X) said that he respected Wallace more than all the bleeding heart “liberals” because at least he knew where he stood so he could negotiate with him.


And the FBI accused MLK of the same, as well as the Black Panthers, and the entire civil rights movement–they were all dirty commies. The more things change the more they stay the same.


I was listening to NPR this morning and the propaganda they were spewing about Syria was so bad I had to turn it off and enjoy my coffee in silence. NPR selling out bothers me more then the rest because they still pretend they have the moral high ground despite abandoning it to the corporations years ago.


The DNC is also suing WikiLeaks.

What’s surprising is that that didn’t add Jill Stein, the Green Party, and progressive critics of Hillary Clinton to their list.

While Republicans have moved from leaning right to supporting the narcissism / fascistic Trump, the right wing Democrats are moving further to the right and targeting progressives as the ‘Enemy’.


Exactly. NPR & MSNBC make fascism & war palatable for liberals. That was the worst part of the Obama years…watching all my liberal friends drink this Kool-Aid, realizing that almost nobody in USA can think for themselves. We’re doomed, we’re all doomed.


Also the great dramatic baritone Paul Robeson.


The Koch brothers’ father was a founding (or is it early) member of the John Birch Society. The Koch’s have been playing the generation-long game of corporate ownership of media ever since. That plan has expanded and accelerated hugely in the last few years with social media and media ownerships.
NPR, PBS and related groups or groups feeding the “public” media are essentially being bought and controlled by corporations, the Koch’s and the “colleagues in league” including ALEC. I don’t bother to contribute because for so many years now it has been obvious that “public” media is bought media. They’ve even multiplied their news staffs and don’t say where all that extra money is coming from with reduced federal money, but it seems to me the Kochs and their ilk are behind it.
The market programs, for example, are nearly as right wing as Fox (Fuxx maybe?).
In this case you could turn the smear around as, "Reporter Johnny Kauffman at WABE, a MSM “public” station, funded in large part by corporations, especially the Koch brothers and only token funded by donations from the peasants who are led to believe they are vital to the existence of ‘public’ radio … " That should be dis-credit enough for anyone.


I wasn’t aware of that --thank you.


Rather different than MLK, economagic - Robeson was a leftist - I believe a member of the Communist Party - who openly sympathized w/left wing causes and Russia - as should have been his right. Instead, he was persecuted for his political views.


NPR became MSM (MainStream Media) in the early 90s through the successful efforts of Lynne Cheney and Jesse Helms to defund CPB. Their sponsors, most of them large corporations, get mention at the beginning and end of the program instead of ten-second spots in the middle.

And that particular bit of crap came not from NPR headquarters but from the Atlanta affiliate. Let’s not forget that Atlanta is still the Deep South (as is Jesse Helms’s North Carolina). For all the progress made since 1965 by white people in not treating black people as lesser apes, we still have along way to go, and overall the South still has farther to go than the North.


Oh yes, quite so. Robeson actually WAS a Commie, so in a way a poor example of a person being falsely accused of being one! But of course Changa and Puryear are leftists, as is anyone who openly tells the truth about oppression by the ruling class that absolutely does not exist in “classless” USian society, as were MLK, the Panthers, the civil rights movement as a whole, and many other individuals and organizations. There is an excellent piece by Chris Hedges right here on CD from yesterday on the left and its strategy errors, primarily turning to violence when we’re always outmanned and outgunned.


Nice reply…thanks.


Maybe that would have made it too obvious that this lawsuit isn’t about Russia but about daring to deny Hillary the presidency.