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Public Rebuke of Ilhan Omar for Substantive Critique of Israeli Policy a 'Disgrace,' Say Progressives

Public Rebuke of Ilhan Omar for Substantive Critique of Israeli Policy a 'Disgrace,' Say Progressives

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

House Democrats will publicly rebuke one of their own on Wednesday for talking about the influence of a powerful D.C. lobbying group.


Once again $ is free $peech, how loud does your wallet speak?


The real issue are about national sovereignty and freedom of speech. Unfortunately the loyalty of a large percentage of our legislators is not to the american people and country but to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel and to paid lobbyists for vested interests. We, the people, come last on their list and they expect us to turn over our voice to them. Barbara Lee’s slogan is “Barbara Lee Speaks for Me.” Well - in many cases she does - but the other congresspeople don’t.


Not as loud as Sheldon Adelson’s, or Robert Mercer’s, or Michael Bloomberg’s, or the Kochroaches, or…

Thanks a lot, SCOTUS. You’ve ushered in the age of one dollar=one vote, with entirely predictable results. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with hatred of Jews per se—though those who benefit will doubtless try to muddy the waters—and everything to do with love of democracy unchained.


I find the hue and cry against Ilhan Omar from the right astonishing when our president’s racist positions go by with no more than a tisk and little more that we shouldn’t do/say that from corporate media. Honestly, if we don’t have better understanding with each other in short order how are we to make the real and necessary efforts and sacrifices to effectively address The looming disaster of Climate Change? All this petty bickering will be meaningless noise in the not so very distant future.


If anyone has them handy, could you share the D.C. phone numbers for representatives (202) area code if I recall.
I think a lot of us are going to want to have this close by.

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Yes Mr. Scahill not unfortunately unsurprising, from the elite and corrupt fake opposition.


Higgins sez:
“Omar’s comments have been directed primarily at the power of AIPAC and subverting the longstanding conventional wisdom in Washington that it’s career suicide to cross the lobbying group.”

Oops. And, right on cue, here come her Democratic™ colleagues to shore up that ‘conventional wisdom’.


Israel is anti-free speech in America. You can boycott another state or country - just not Israel. Notable how MSM ignores this outrageous development. Standard line by Zionists is why are you so interested in Israel - I am not - I am interested in the obvious interference with fundamental rights in my country by Israel. .

The Guardian called the yellow jackets use of the descriptor “investment banker” for Macron… an anti-Semitic trope. Macron was an investment banker! Zionists don’t like truth.

What the Zionists movement has lent itself to is cover for the most wealthy and extreme forces - international banker - are code words according to them for racism. So to call out the rich who finance wars is anti-Semitic? They lend cover (false cries of anti-Semitism) to the worst elements within our society? The rank and file is as dumb as a rank and file GOP. If you dislike the GOP you hate all Americans?

The most common usage of “anti-Semite” is by Zionists who don’t like people with substantive arguments they cannot refute. So they scream racists…
Should have read the fables, Aesops’.

And a study of history shows us Zionists have worked in many countries to make it uncomfortable for Jews to remain, so they would move to Israel. Talking about these facts is also apparently anti-Semitic.


Omar, AOC, and other progressives represent a threat to the widespread corruption of mainstream dems. Pelosi will continue to throw her and others under the bus until she herself is voted out.


What AIPAC seems to forget, is something quite important. Evangelical Christians are so convinced that Jesus will return to Israel to start the whole Rapture thing. If Jews don’t convert to Christianity, they will be bulldozed into a big ditch, and burned, along with everyone else who fails to convert. This includes Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and Jains, as well as any other sect that doesn’t toe the conversion line. That’s the only reason that Evangelicals are so deeply in love with the idea of Israel. They only want to make straight the way of the (perceived) Lord. All efforts toward peace and justice for anyone in the Mideast are dependent on conversion of the outliers.


Why is it that no criticism of Israel is allowed? The truth is that AIPAC and Israel own Congress and control the MSM. Israel is not Judaism, Zionism is not Judaism. Killing unarmed women and children is not Judaism, Orthodox rabbis urging Israelis to kill Palestinians is not Judaism. Taking Palestinian land is not Judaism. and on and on and on. Members of Congress are complicit in their support of Israeli atrocities: all they care about is the money they get in exchange for their unquestioning support.


The terms “Semite” and “anti-Semitic” needs serious review and updating. Does the term “Semite” refer to a people or a race of people, or a family of peoples with common cultural elements, or to a family of languages (which in some circles included both Jews and Arabs, among others)? It seems almost everyone construes the term “anti-Semitic” to imply hatred of Jews.

In current political discourse, however, it appears to refer exclusively to opposition Zionism as practiced by the state of Israel under the rule of the Likkud Party, et al. Thanks to Rep. Omar for exposing how conflating opposition to Zionism with anti-Semitism (understood as “hatred of Jews”) is a species of egregious dishonesty, which,serves well as a cover for the murderous hypocrisy particularly of those U.S. politicians who claim to have a problem with infanticide, but have little to say about, and render much support for, the infanticide practiced by the IDF against Palestinian infants and children.


Reason #3,423 that I’m not a Democrat. Gutless, useless, corporate, warmongering – hell no.

If Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, AO-C, and Jayapal jumped ship to form a liberal party that vowed to strictly vote on the basis of principles and policy instead of cowardice and compromise for the sake of corporate interests, I’d be down.

On the bright side, I’m glad this bullshit conflation of criticism of Zionist apartheid with ant-semitism is out in the open.

I vote.
And I won’t be silenced when Israeli extremists practice violence and oppression in plain sight.


The Evangelicals that believe in the Rapture don’t realize they have a major problem: even if Jesus returned I would submit Israel would be the last place he would return to because Jesus would know they would try to crucify him again! And Jesus would be safe in other countries…because the Evangelical Christians would probably not recognize him.

I think it is more accurate to say the deep state and Israel are one. Neo-con -ism is Israel. Israel’s economy is propped up by large military contracts. Israel has danced with devil and the worst elements have merged. The worst of the CIA operates out of Israel because it is beyond congressional oversight.

The US let Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty pass because elements within want war - want to steal resources - and they sent the rounded up Mossad agents home on 911.

On Israeli TV - the Mossad agents - said they were in NY to document the event. Guess they got advance notice. 911 is a joint CIA/Mossad operation.

New definitions of what is anti-Semitism are very informative.

International banker or investment banker are code words for the anti-Semite. Its no secret that a disproportionate percent of the banking class are Jewish - but that is of no interest - what is of interest is bankers involve themselves in financing wars , stealing 13 trillion in the USA alone (too big to fail). Bankers are a largely malevolent force. They love globalism as is reduces the value of labor and it increase profit for the uber rich. To be anti globalism is be anti-Semitic?

To discuss the owners of press - many are openly Zionist - it is a important fact in assessing media - media is not neutral - and if Israel is a victim and Palestine is an aggressor - then to call the ownership as having a blatant agenda (NY Times, WP, CNN (ITV) , ) is only calling a fact as a fact. To speak truth - you got it is anti-Semitism. Endless stories about the rise of anti-Semitism by publications with Zionist owners - and where anti-Semitism is simply disagreeing? To disagree with a Zionist means I hate all Jews?

As for the historical encouragement of anti-Semitism by Zionists in Iraq, Iran, Germany etc is also a historical fact. Netanyahu recently called out Poland for its anti-Semitism in WW2. The prime minister of Poland demanded an apology - and Netanyahu said he meant “some Poles”. Why should Poland discuss its sins but its anti-Semitic to discuss the harm done to Jews by Zionists? To have a fair and even conversation is anti-Semitic.?

To this day Jews who do not agree - Chomsky, Finklestein, etc (Me) are called - self loathing , your not really a jew… etc…

Zionism is a racist ideology that calls anyone who disagrees a racist. Anti-Semitism is its lifeblood, without it it’s raison d’etre is gone. All those anti-Semitic acts in the USA that were discovered to be done by the son of a US rabbi - and they fled to Israel, and gheez - almost no coverage in Zionist owned US media. Truth is anti-Semitic? In my town an act of anti-Semitism was someone putting post it notes with swastikas on apartment doors! Think about that one- an anti-Semitic act that gets press but one that is easily cleaned up with little or no effort by the “victims”.

The rise in ant-Semitism we read about is because the bar has been lowered, say I don’t like Israel on a blog - a Zionist on a comment section trots out the standard talking points - is responded to by others who point out some facts - and voila - anti-Semitism. Its anti-Semitic to not buy an Israeli talking point or product.

So “our only friend in the ME”… how many enemies did we have before we had a friend?
The only democracy … look at our singular voice MSM…

Neither our friend or a democracy.

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Need to take a principled stand here and be clear on what anti-semitism is and is not. Criticism of N-yahoo, the current Israeli government, and the lobbyists in this country who prop them up is NOT anti-semitism.

We got your back, Rep. Omar.


Anti-globalism is anti-Semitism. To be against forces that seek to devalue labour and make the rich richer is to be a hater.

Macron is pure scum… if I don’t like his profession I am a racist?

Finklestein predicts if this virulent ideology is not confronted, then jews will be taking a hit for the worst elements in society.

We need a class war - currently its the 1% against the rest of us. Working class Zionists better figure out the oligarchs are using them as human shields. Oh the irony.

Try and start a class war against the oligarchs and watch the press react, the press who have been willing soldiers in the class war against the working class on behalf of their paymasters. They will utter something stupid like - you shouldn’t start a class war - all the while discussing the benefits of free trade.


How anyone finds Ms. Omar’s disgust with the Zionists lack of respect for Palestinian lives, is in itself disgusting and hypocritical.