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Public Records Sought Over Federal Surveillance of Climate Protesters


Public Records Sought Over Federal Surveillance of Climate Protesters

Center for Biological Diversity

WASHINGTON - The Center for Biological Diversity today filed nine Freedom of Information Act requests seeking the release of public records relating to surveillance of peaceful protests of federal fossil fuel auctions. Records obtained by the Intercept in July revealed that federal and local police agents went undercover at a May 20 public protest of a Bureau of Land Management fossil fuel auction in Lakewood, Colo.



I was surprised to discover my own name as a surveiled person in the "Cointelpro" days of the Vietnam War. It's really Deeply disturbing that those of us who have opinions differing from both government agency and corporate 'persons' about the best use of our national natural resources should be spied upon. I wonder if the government is also using undercover agents to see what the corporations that want to enrich themselves via resource extraction are doing in private.
There's been plenty of evidence of collusion between Federal agency employees and fossil fuel industries on several levels... from the "revolving door" of people who work both sides of these interactions to outright bribery of Fed oversight officers. I hope that these requests for "public records" are forthcoming as soon as possible... and indicate what other agencies of various jurisdictions might be involved, as well. I also hope that, as much as possible, the resources in question can remain in the ground... and that our nation's goals regarding renewable and "carbon-neutral" energy developments are ramped up... in the interests of staving off the global warming that's already under way. ^..^