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Public School Activists Stage Massive Nationwide Rally Demanding Government Leaders Prioritize Education


Public School Activists Stage Massive Nationwide Rally Demanding Government Leaders Prioritize Education

Jeff Bryant

In an election year calling attention to multiple policy priorities, parents, educators, community organizers, and progressive activists are increasingly frustrated that education seems to be a priority that is nowhere near the top, at least in the minds of current government leaders.


It's the curriculum stupid.
If we teach crap then the end result is crappy students who can't think critically.
Testing to find out how much crap a student has already absorbed is an exercise in futility.


Federal funding and regulations are designed to make sure that US students are UNABLE to think critically when they graduate.


How about the educators decide the curriculum instead of the (brain-dead lawmakers, who created the No Child Left Behind Act, and Every Student Succeeds Act).


Most of those in the education profession are even less capable then legislators are when it comes to choosing the books students should be given to learn from.
What's needed is a neutral third party with no ax to grind.


My post above, lawmaker's acts No Child Left Behind, etc. was very damaging to America's public schools. The textbooks America public schools receive are a result of the textbook publishers utilization of Texas's textbook clout, Texas is the biggest buyers of public school textbooks at about 48 million per year. Also, Texas's s 15 member school board is infested with a majority of right wing Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians, and they write the textbooks, so you can see what is going into the textbooks. End result, it is not the educators who are the problem, but the textbook publishers, and brain dead lawmakers, as I said before. Take Texas out of the equation, also your right a neutral non religious third party.


I don't really even know where to begin. I place a priority on education first, public health second, and security on down the line somewhere. With the first two taken care of, security isn't so important. I'm shocked that politicians would say that supporting education is "politically too difficult". How is ensuring the education of the nation's children too difficult? They place a low emphasis on education which leads to a drop of quality teachers, inadequate supplies, and ultimately children receiving poorer educations. Uneducated people or people with poor educations tend to have lower incomes throughout their lives. So, please explain to me why sabotaging children's education is "politically too difficult"? As I see it, the well-being of society hinges on it. Education is a worthy investment to make and people figured that out a long time ago which led to the development of public education in the first place. Before public education, there was only private education for those who could afford it and that was not bringing society out of the Dark Ages. Let's not forget!


Teachers could resist if they chose to, but they don't care enough to do anything.
Teachers could refuse to teach from the books that they are told to use. Instead they go along to get along.
Do you see where we're going here?
Teachers are on the front lines and therefore the fault dear planetearth lies with the teachers.


Most teachers are decent and make better choices of books than "any third party who doesn't have an axe to grind" would do. Good teachers are passionate about their work, their kids, their subject matter. To suggest their books be chosen by some 3rd party is astonishing to me. Do you want an accountant choosing your history book?


I find the continued derogation of teachers to be saddening and incomprehensible as they are depicted here as spineless go-alongs. Really?! I can only assume that you are different, stalwart, buck your boss with impunity, and form the front line defense in your own work against crappy orders and for what you deem important although your boss doesn't.


Once upon a time your comment would have been called a cop-out. I'll call it a justification.
If our kids are unable to think critically, and they can't, then something has gone badly wrong in our schools.
You've heard the old saying that "the victor writes history."
How much anti-history or loser history is being discussed in our schools?
Why isn't Algebra being taught as a language and a math?
Why does the economics being taught favor the Capitalist economic model over some other economic model, say Socialism?
Why does nobody understand how our governmental process actually works? And not just how it's suppose to work in theory.
Somebody in our schools isn't doing their job properly, nice, passionate people that they may be.