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Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota


Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota

Winona LaDuke, Ann Wright

So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. Instead, they’re having you blockade unarmed people who are trying to hold a prayer vigil, chasing them with armored vehicles and ATVs, raiding their tipis and sweat lodges at gunpoint, and shooting them (and their horses) with pepper spray, concussion grenades, tasers, and rubber bullets.


THANK YOU Winona, Ann and Zoltan!


A very good question in general. Will the military turn against it's own people to protect the interests of corporations? Apparently they will in some circumstances as we've seen in North Dakota. Yes, I know they are National Guard but they are wrong to be there and for doing what they have done. So are the police. So are the troops that are sent all over the world, not to protect our country, but to protect the interests of the Oligarchy.
These Water Protectors are our heroes, they fight for all of us and for the earth.
It is a dark and frightful time.


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An excellent article. I hope it spreads beyond the choir. Thank you.


Kent State in 1970, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in 2011...is there any question who police and military work for. The 99% are the taxpayers who pay for these operations that protect the 1% by oppressing the 99%...perverse indeed !


Don't hold your breath for our government to halt these assaults against our constitutional rights. The PTB need this fracked oil in order to drive down the price of oil. By driving down the price of oil they hope to destroy the economies of Russia, and other oil producing nations.Our Empire doesn't want to lose it's power.


Why is that that armed white militia members, from out of state and uninvited, are acquitted in Oregon, but invited, unarmed Native people are being criminalized and assaulted in North Dakota?


Yes! This is everyone's battle, it is huge! It the People standing together in solidaridad for Justice and for our Scared Earth Mother! Viva La Revolucion! Never give in, Never surrender!


All righteous action counts, and with every action the Movement gains strength!


I find it interesting how the agencies theoretically designed and the staff sworn to protect Americans and the constitution always line up on the side of corporate interests. It is almost like they were hired to harass those who are trying to do the job the law and military are supposed to be doing.


An excellent point concisely delivered. Thank you.


What ???


It seems there are no more public servants in the US anymore, They all serve the corporations and that is fascism.


I have been seeing this quote a lot lately:
We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln
It seems apropos to current events.


Here is the crux of the issue regarding why the companies, Energy
Transfer Partners and Enbridge, are fighting to the death for this f*ing
Dakota Access Pipeline that is not even necessary anymore. The companies
received their contracts to build the pipeline when oil prices were
high. Now that prices are low, oil production has greatly declined. We
have more than enough oil stored to meet our needs. Why risk polluting a
fresh water source? Why hire contract military operations to fight
the water savers? Because if the pipeline is not built, the companies
can't collect their money. Unions are fighting the water savers too for
jobs building something unnecessary that will do major damage to the environment, disrupt the community, and risk our precious fresh water sources? Money, that's what.

The contract contains a fulfillment deadline that is nearing. Oil companies
will do whatever it takes to get their their payoff, even if the
pipeline is not needed and has high risks to the environment. The will
of the people who live on they land destroy do not matter to oil and gas
companies. The government subsidizes oil companies with our tax money.
This is an outrage!

Incentive programs for corporations has to be realigned to reward what is best for the earth and life on it.


The UN has addressed this concern and has also warned the people violating the rights of those peaceful demonstrators and Indigenous peoples defending their waters and property from being violated and there will be reparations and trials after the fact that will bring justice from a whole different direction other than government.Anyone being complicit or stating they were ordered to do something wrong such as obeying orders can be held responsible as well as the person or group/corporation who ordered the disobeying of the laws concerning a persons rights to worship and practice of religion and against unlawful imprisonment at any time and of any form used to combat peaceful demonstrations.In that light the whole matter of security becomes a whole different issue that will judge many of the security and National Guardsmen as guilty of abuses beyond what the law calls for or dictates.I would wake up and end the bullying of the demonstrators and honor the Constitution as it is truly the only document that will protect them in the end analysis.


This is the way it has been all of my life. I'm sure if you consider it, you might agree the same is true for you. All of our lives we have lived under the rule of oligarchy. If you perceive a change in recent history, could it be that the citizenry is more active? Perhaps third party news sources are reporting on what has traditionally been hidden?

Naturally with a more civic-minded citizenry the oppressors will tighten their grip. But from where do the oppressors derive their power? Is the power of the people not supreme?

Even if there is much to fear, I contend these are not frightening times, but exciting times. The forces of mankind appear ageless when a single chapter can last a lifetime. Good and Evil have battled long before my beginning and the certainty of a tomorrow is not, nor has it ever been there, but I will carry that torch in anticipation of a new day. What else can a mortal being do? cower in fear? submit?

A blind girl exists in a void. she is told "Standing tall you risk decapitation, alternatively you can remain on you knees". Absent of certainty she decides not to take the risk. Time passes, her neck tires, her knees bleed, her back aches, she exists in agony. Realizing there is no certainty she will not be decapitated while on her knees she stands up.


Because right-wing militias are dangerous and the perfect catalyst for all sorts of plausible excuses. I think they would call them Assets. There is a long list of reactionary entities that have been given the pass, even trained by our CIA, just so they can exist as some sort of "player" in a future political drama... I would guess...(:scream:). Of course if either of us was really all that curious we could do some research and form an educated opinion of our own. (not disagreeing with you, Just realized we have both been spoon-feed the same line, and I bet (as of now) neither of us can identify the exact legal strategy employed by these machine-guns with legs)


Then I suppose this could indeed be a rare instance after-all. FYI: Ideas are Bulletproof. Welcome to the 21st century