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Public Support for Impeachment Surges Ahead of 'March for Truth'


Public Support for Impeachment Surges Ahead of 'March for Truth'

Jake Johnson

Just days before anti-Trump marches are set to take place in over 100 cities across the United States, the results of a new poll published on Wednesday suggest that a growing number of Americans want Congress to impeach the president, whose young administration is beset with scandals implicating not merely Trump himself, but members of his family and cabinet as well.


Thank you Jake for not telling us as so many others have done at how impeachment will not happen for one reason (Repubs) or another. Maybe other naysaying progressive pundits have lost faith in the power of the people but the people apparently disagree. The movement to impeach is growing and progressive pundits might do well to remember that their base...is the one advocating impeachment.


From my perspective, I see this impeachment as a farce; a red herring; a dog and pony show distraction to entertain the sophomoric, masses. Because Trump is not the disease, but only a symptom of America's war disease.

Sure Trump may be culpable of " high crimes and unfit to serve" but how about a court martial for the US military war mongers; war profiteers; and war criminals that seem to have no accountability for their heinous and egregious crimes. They spend trillions of our tax dollars and are given carte blanche funds, which because of a corrupt Congress, the average American has absolutely no control over!


Trump impeachment is real unlikely.

There's no serious evidence of Russian meddling or hacking. And claims of Russian ties to campaign Trump are next to laughable.

Now, in the future, some massive corruption evidence could come out, but we've not seen anything like that yet.


Aim to impeach Trump and his whole team starting with the VP and on. As long as the aim is to clean house, drain the swamp, etc... why think small?


The reasons to impeach Trump do seem to be piling up but he still has a lot of strong support and many Republicans are afraid that impeachment of Trump would cost them their own jobs. A large segment of the population thinks the press has simply created all these reasons for impeachment. They see Trump as the victim of a liberal press that only puts out fake news. It may be largely this conspiracy theory involving the press that allows Trump to do almost anything. I think Trump himself rebels against all so-called "serious people" and is set on doing the exact opposite of what the serious people recommend. If given a chance it is increasingly clear that his policies will lead to domestic and international disasters. But because of white supremacy in the US and the spread of conspiracy theories Trump remains politically viable.


Exactly right. Who the hell wants Mike Pence to be president! And, after Pence, it's Paul Ryan. From top to bottom it's cruel, greedy, heartless ignoramuses. And then, at the bottom, we have the democrats. We may be well on the way to being a failed state, driven by politically oriented media, hapless greedy media, and politicians who have so far managed to convince many of us that we really do not matter much (along with a host of other ills, the list is actually quite long).


"Collusion with the Russian government"? Come on, Common Dreams, don't tell me you're drinking the Russiagate Kool-aid too.


With some of the requests for information being outright declined and the general tone of what Comey has to say, I would be willing to bet there is a good deal of Russian connection that should be revealed here shortly.


There is probably some corruption in regards to Trump's Russia connections, but this doesn't mean there was "collusion" to hack the election. There's no evidence that Russia meddled in the election at all, and much of this Russiagate hysteria seems to be little more than rehashed Cold War McCarthyism.


"Men in dark suits" rule the US - Putin on Deep State


Cory Booker has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in donations from Jared Kushner. He even attended his wedding. Look elsewhere for someone who will actually hold the Trump crime family accountable.

See this Young Turks video.


I beg to differ. Here's a good place to start in assessing your claim: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_interference_in_the_2016_United_States_elections


From the article, citing campaign organizers:

"... groups throughout the country are launching marches on Saturday that will "call for a fair and impartial investigation [into Trump's ties to Russia], for the pursuit of truth, and for the restoration of faith in our electoral system and the Office of the Presidency.""

Anyone (yes there are many who still do) who has harbored any shreds of faith in the US electoral system and the Office of the Presidency, has been harboring delusions. The corruption is more than hip-deep, and has been running strong for decades. Trump is a terrible person and a terrible president, but his impeachment -- without much more comprehensive, revolutionary, transformation of the utterly corrupt system -- will only "restore" a different team of corrupt and terrible persons to power.

Yes, destroy Trump for what he is and what he does, and he certainly does plenty that is worthy as "high crimes and misdemeanors" under the Constitution, to merit impeachment.

But harbor no illusions about such a process itself "restoring" anything resembling democracy in the USA. It can only be a launching pad to much deeper changes that are absolutely required not only for a functioning democracy, but for a functioning ecology, and for a functioning human civilization.

Primarily, the looting class must be entirely dismantled, not just restrained. We cannot have our political economy distorted by rampant egos who know no shame, and whose ideology knows no limits. And the economy must be reconfigured to work in harmony with the ecology, without preference for profiteers.

To hell with Trump, but the rot is far more extensive than his team.


Ahh Yes it's all a farce.

"Mentally challenged people Only" need apply

It's all quite foolish, if you put your blinders on you'll see nothing here, nothing here.

At what point do you quit the apology for Trump?

Some here are quite predictably boring.

I'm with Roger Waters on this War Machine.
And the Pigs are Flying.

We Don't Need No Trump or anyone like his ilk.

Indict them, Find them Guilty, Send them to Prison ASAP


Can you give some examples other than "I don't like him or his politics!", "He's an egotist!" , "He's stupid and mean!"
Seriously, list some actual crimes.


Not that will satisfy your feigned interest, i assume, but sure.

Start with bombing Syria. No declaration of war, no UN authorization, pure and simple war crime.

This is an example of the far deeper corruption i'm referencing. Every president since 1980 has committed war crimes (you can make a case against Carter as well). It's not even discussed.


As compliancecamp said, there is no evidence that Russia meddled in the election at all.
If preferring one candidate of another in a foreign election is a crime, holey moley!

Saint Obama, the Nobel Peace prize winner, not only "preferred" candidates in various foreign elections, he considered it his right to instigate regime change in other countries by force of arms!

Look, I get it. You hate Trump. Fair enough, you don't have to make stuff up to justify that.


Saying it's so, doesn't make it so. Anyone who has their eyes open knows that something is up with the Russians and their efforts to meddle in our election.

"See no evil" is a logical fallacy and dangerous guidance. You should try addressing the facts, rather than proclaiming that they don't exist. What exactly are you in a position to refute?


Try starting with Divestment of Business Interests.
You remember that nasty little “Emoluments Clause.”

Of Course those nasty TAX RETURNS might show the Russia cash
flow his son so resoundingly brags about.

Or Just forget about Manafort no sense adding facts to the discussion.

Of course its quite alright to fire Comey except not when he is investigating you.

Why the man needs to be indicted simply for Sessions alone.
Adding a Redneck of his esteem to one's cabinet puts all those civil rights gains to shame. Did someone say voter fraud and suppression.

But I can see how some people still want more data, and of course we all know the world is really flat and the moon landing was a fraud.