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Public Support for Recreational Pot Legalization Hits Record High


Public Support for Recreational Pot Legalization Hits Record High

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Public support for the legalization of recreational marijuana in the U.S. is at a historic high—so to speak—of 60 percent, according to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday.


Toke'm if you got'em.
The War on Drugs will end one way or another.
Either the federal government will surrender on its own or the public will vote the war out of existence.


Finally some welcome news.

What are you waiting for Barry? Legalize it and claim your legacy. Think about enjoying those Hawaiian beaches the way you used to.


Hey voters, Iam in legal recreational marijuana Washington State, and life became waay better after the legalization of marijuana. Even if you do not smoke, or eat the edible marijuana, life for you also will be waay better as well. LEGALIZE IT!


The Federal government is incapable of leading or even understanding what the American people want. We must lead.


Seeing how much tax money early adopters Colorado and Washington have raked in directly from pot sales and indirectly from pot tourism has created a lot more believers in the other 48 states.


Unfortunate that the PTB in Michigan kept a recreational initiative off of the November ballot. If memory serves me correctly, Michigan approved medical cannabis with a larger Yes vote than any other state so far; on the order of about 65% +/-. Hopefully Michiganders can vote on it in 2018.


The federal government will not surrender on its own as long as there the pharmaceutical and liquor industries are doling out the $$$$. The recent report claiming that marijuana is dangerous and has no medical value, despite LOTS of evidence to the contrary on both questions, is ample evidence of collusion.


Big tobacco is against it too. HRC is no friend to legalization, she represents her buddies in these industries fighting it.


We in Colorado have surely not regretted legalizing. Traffic fatalities are down, fewer school kids smoking it, money saved by police and courts, not to mention the taxes collected that are helping the state and the schools. A portion of the taxes goes directly to the schools and it was built into the original amendment. Other states should look at the way the amendment was worded. Very professional and knowledgeable and part of the reason it passed.
Tax money to the schools and treating it like alcohol were defining parts of it.
It was very well done.


Being clear, marijuana advocates, me included, want to be able to grow marijuana at ones residence without any government taxation, regulations, etc. People can make wine freely at their place of residence, so shall people be able to grow marijuana freely at ones residence, backyard and all. After all, marijuana is a plant grown out of the ground mostly, with many therapeutic benefits. Lets take our country back! GO GREEN IN 2016!


This Country is just going to pot!
And I'm all in!!!!


A lot of narcs will be having withdrawal symptoms. And the prom kings and queens that populate local TV stations everywhere and perpetuate the illusion of clean wholesome living will have to find something other to talk about (edit alt: find another subject to stigmatize the prolls) than "and the suspects were also charged with possession of marijuana."

"On Wall Street today armaments stocks tumbled, but munchies and beer interests led a comeback rally." To sleep, perhaps to dream...

Seriously though, many of us just want the common-sense right to grow our own for our own consumption. Do that and many won't feel so hard-pressed by the lack of a realistic COLA increase to SS. Fear of the SS breaking down our doors is the only thing stopping most of us right now. The tax collector needn't worry; a large percentage of the population has a black thumb, and just to be able to legally buy what they already do illegally, will fill tax coffers.

Geriatrics for Ganja!


"Among other arguments for changing federal law is that the marijuana business currently lacks access to banking facilities. Most banks, fearful of FDIC sanctions, won't work with the $6.7 billion marijuana industry, leaving 70% of cannabis companies without bank accounts. That means billions of dollars are sitting around in cash, encouraging tax evasion and inviting theft, to which an estimated 10% of profits are lost. But that problem too could be remedied soon. On June 16, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to prevent the Treasury Department from punishing banks that open accounts for state-legal marijuana businesses."

Why did they do this? Stay vigilant. The last thing needed is GMO marijuana.



If oxycotin and booze are legal so should all drugs be legal. I'll be applying for medical pot in Vermont.


Doesn't matter if 60% want it. Wouldn't matter if 90% wanted it.

It's a NO GO with Hillary Clinton. She is owned by the corporations, and BIG PHARMA, ALCOHOL, and PRIVATE PRISONS don't want legalization.

If she does anything at all with marijuana, I expect it would be to start raiding dispensaries and to crack down on legal states like Colorado.

And now that so many states have Medical Marijuana Registration Programs, she has a nice list of all the pot-smoking subversives who have a stash.

I expect POLICE RAIDS under our new queen.


Well, it's legal here in Oregon and the only impact is A MASSIVE INFLUX OF CALIFORNIANS!

If only we had known this would happen before we legalized it.


Didn't Oregon once have road signs that stated welcome to Oregon but make your stay as short as possible-(or something to that effect)


The federal government never "leads" anything. They do what they are told by their corporate masters.


And you have an organization of over 100,000 law professionals on your side, fighting to end prohibition, prison terms, breaking up families, racist drug war.

Support leap, and the end of prohibition to ALL currently prohibited, illicit drugs. They help us pass Amend. #64 in Colorado. Brave people, to come out and point out the utter failure of the Drug War.