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Public Workers’ Trump Card

Public Workers’ Trump Card

Robert Reich

Air traffic controllers hold the trump card (pardon the expression) in upcoming negotiations between Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over border security.

That’s because the president and the Republicans know that another shutdown would likely cause a repeat of what happened last Friday, when so many of the nation’s air traffic controllers called in sick that America’s air traffic came to a near standstill. Hours later, Trump agreed to reopen the government without funding for his wall.

Trump’s base doesn’t fly nearly as much as more rational people, who truly hold more political power than the former. When the sycophantic class conveys this to Trump, he will understand Thoreau’s concept of Civil Disobedience. Oh, I just pulling your leg, Dimwit Donny figures out nothing. Damn the truth, amygdala full speed ahead!

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Strikes don’t always work, but boycotts can.