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Publish, Punish, and Pardon


Publish, Punish, and Pardon

Pratap Chatterjee

In less than seven weeks,PresidentBarack Obama will hand over the government to Donald Trump, including access to the White House, Air Force One, and Camp David. Trump will also, of course, inherit the infamous nuclear codes, as well as the latest in warfare technology, including the Central Intelligence Agency’s fleet of killer drones, the National Security Agency’s vast surveillance and data collection apparatus, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s enormous system of undercover informants.


Thank you for this brilliant and accurate essay and vision of where we stand and why!

“Obama’s failure to rein in George Bush’s national security policies hands Donald Trump a fully loaded weapon,” Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, observed recently. “The president’s failure to understand that these powers could not be entrusted in the hands of any president, not even his, have now put us in a position where they are in the hands of Donald Trump.”

"Obama has pardoned fewer people than any president since James Garfield, fatally shot in 1881 after less than three months in office” -
"Will Obama act on any of these nine recommendations? Or will he simply hand over the vast, increasingly secretive national security state that he helped build to a man whom he once declared to be “unfit” - it seems highly unlikely that Obama will act on many critical issues he ignored for 8 years, undo his complicity to the security state, protect our threatened Mother Earth and Her creatures, much less pardon patriots who put it all on the line.................

8 years of progressive hope (or delusion) down the drain - such is the "legacy" of the progressive fraud, Barack Obama..................


If anyone thinks Obama will do the honorable things he should before leaving you are sadly mistaken. He built on Bush's horrific actions and added some more. He could stop the pipeline in N.Dakota too but he won't. Having the Corp of Engineers proclaim it paused was a low life cowardly thing to do. He knows it won't stop it and he doesn't care. He is an elitist like all the other neoliberals in Washington, he just talks a good line.


I have a bi-racial family, I'm not a racist. You are mistaken about Obama, no one held a gun to his head to do the horrific things he's done. He is a Neoliberal like all the rest and has said "in Reagan's time he would be considered a moderate Republican". The drones increased by thousands, the wars did too. Quit making excuses cause he's black, it's racist.
He has done just what he wanted to do believe me and he has hurt more than helped the black communities. His legacy is one of war and militarizing the police so they can beat on the blacks that protest the systemic racism that Obama has ignored. He's been a betrayal to all the things he said to get elected.


I have a bunch of liberal friends who are all pushing this Soviet-style 'thank you Obama' for being such a peachy pres all over social media. When I see that, I want them to be strapped into a chair like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange & forced to read this article and the others like that have been circulating the last month. What a bunch of brainwashed zombies the liberals have become...


Nine things that Mr Hopey-Changey could do?

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho all the way to the bank.


Wont happen because Obama wants for his family and himself to keep breathing.


Oh please, no one is saying drones are worse than bombs, both are unacceptable. I don't need an excuse to dislike Obama and what he has done in the last 8 years. Maybe if you are really from Canada you only hear good stuff about him but I watched him put his cabinet together and knew then he had lied and was just as corporate and right leaning as the rest in Congress that think world domination is ok.like the Neocon/Neoliberals we have running all over Washington.
You come off like the typical troll. Please don't comment on my posts in the future.


I've been married to a black man for 25 years, my kids are all bi-racial. You make no sense at all. Quit commenting on my posts or I will report you for harassment.


Obama's legacy? How bout 10 to 20 in Supermax!


> Too late to escape from the truth now and saying you're against both bombing and drones just doesn't do it. Smart racists don't use the drone excuse to hate Obama. Are you a dumb racist or do you have another reason for using the drone issue? Convince me!

Yet again Don makes a baseless accusation of racism against a community member.



Yet again Don makes a baseless accusation of racism against a community member.


Yet again Don makes a baseless accusation of racism against a community member.