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Puerto Rican Day Parade Calls Attention to Plight of Hurricane Victims and Demands End to Deadly Austerity

Puerto Rican Day Parade Calls Attention to Plight of Hurricane Victims and Demands End to Deadly Austerity

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hundreds of thousands gathered and marched in the streets of New York City on Sunday for the 61st annual Puerto Rican Day Parade, an event that took on even greater significance in the aftermath of last year's unprecedented hurricane season that left much of Puerto Rico utterly devastated.

"We're here to call an end to policies of austerity that are literally killing people."
—Natasha Lycia Bannan, LatinoJustice PRLDEF

Puerto Rico, American citizens without rights.

Why the Government Won’t Let Puerto Rico Become a State

The Puerto Ricans are the first Americans to be severely affected by Trump’s incompetence as president. The situation would have been challenging for any president but Trump was ill-equipped to respond. It is likely many more Americans will be impacted as Trump stays in office, occupying an important job with seemingly no interest in learning on the job but getting his highs from his cult-like following that in enamored with is nastiness, particularly toward non-whites. He has botched foreign policy to extent the that US may not recover from decades. He appears to have no concerns about rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that threaten human societies everywhere. His corrupt practices have been transferred from real estate development to the Oval Office. Electing an ignorant racist as president of the US has consequences.

PR is part of the domestic population as the people are American citizens.


It’s all part of the legacy of a Russian Tool.

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Puerto Rico is about to become what Cuba would have been had the Bay of Pigs invasion succeeded. A decadent playground for capitalist scum, filled with casinos, spas and bordellos, and a pliant population of indentured servants attending to every whim of feudal lords and their sycophantic friends.
Puerto Ricans, unless you do something very radical, very soon, this is your future


Austerity is an interesting spin on a Catholic country that believes a pope in Rome speaks to a sky deity who tells them that NOT having children is selfish. This same pope says that having children creates magical energy that sustains those children.

Austerity? More like superstitions catching up with people.

Austerity is also a strange term for a massive storm that stripped the entire island of vegetation. Do they think there won’t be more and worse storms caused by climate change just because they pray to the pope and have a parade?

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All will be revealed by Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

You come off as an arrogant jerk frankly. If a natural disaster comes to your neck of the woods I’ll have compassion for everyone except you.

Of that total, 28 million are child refugees who fled conflict, states the UNICEF report, “Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children.” An additional 20 million are child migrants who left their homes in search of better lives. The report defines a child as any person below the age of 18.Sep 8, 2016

The decision to have children should be based on the ability to care for them. Under natural conditions it would be a choice.