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Puerto Ricans Demonstrate How to Oust a Corrupt Leader

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/puerto-ricans-demonstrate-how-oust-corrupt-leader

It worked in Puerto Rico because the people were one. In the U.S. proper, political and social differences are so great that anti-Trumpers taking to the streets will provoke a response by Trump supporters that will lead to massive bloodshed. This proposal is positively crazy.

Good for them! I, unfortunately, am concerned more about the horrid rise of the Intel Apparatus, even much worse than Eisenhower and Truman warned about. This is scarier than concerns for the Presidency because, as Intel knows all too well, Presidents come and go, and Intel positions are for a lifetime. This has actually caused undermining of our Constitutional Republic, because Intel just waits out someone whose policies they don’t like (or like JFK, kills them). Kind of like our vicious, counterproductive political duopoly, doesn’t seem to progress … We deserve much better in both regards. I highlight these concerns, because we should indeed all be protesting - yesterday - for review, reform, and valid, reliable, and verifiable oversight of the INTEL APPARATUS - even sunsetting certain agencies if deemed necessary.

Just as concerning, or more so, is the knowledge that many believe it is actually the CIA and military controlling the Country …

" ‘… I think presidents who’ve come into office since Kennedy all have had this in mind. There’s only so far they can go pushing against the CIA and the military and challenging their policies before their own life is in danger…’ Their policies? We, the People, have the Constitution and law on our side…"

Protest with me in Miami, or wherever you are, before it is too late. Send your protest pics and I will post. See my concerns for the Medical-Military Industrial - “a lot of killers” (Trump to O’Reilly, see video at ourconstitution.info, Links page). We do have a lot of killers, in and out of hospitals. See my Outreach, Comments for concerns for high-level biologic use to kill Americans, on our soil, and the retaliatory Murder of Joan M, on my Home page. Demand that the CIA is OUT of our schools! It is Our Republic, Of, By, and For The People … as long as we can keep it.

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I to would love to see what David Talbot is talking about happen, but here’s the catch, to get any credible info. out of the CIA, a major raid on Langley is the only way. I’m talking the majority of the justice department prosecutors, backed up with 3-4 battalions of Army or Marine Infantry units, raiding unannounced and at night, opening the safes in every office. Any thing less, the agency will burn or shred all the info. they have, as soon as they believe the government is serious. This has been needed for a long time.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

So when are all of you in the Democratic Party and Nancy Pelosi going to get a spine and stand up to Trump?

Yes! This means you, you prissy little do-gooders! When are you going to get big, and mean and nasty, and start threatening life and limb of these Republicans who have proven every day they are the haters of the human race and start telling them to go suck your dicks!

Have you not learned by now, three years later that you can only fight fire with fire because if you do not do it now, it will always be too late and you will be burned alive, and you have lost the war for all the rest of us.

How many times does one have to learn that making nice, nice is a losing strategy? You are done! In these last three years, you have lost the war too many times for me. Your soft-spokeness is not outspokenness.

Your good intentions mean nothing to people with little to no ethics and they are out of their minds. When will you acknowledge that, instead you waste time ruminating. Your duty to humanity is to take action for the good of the people of this country……and for the survival of the world.

You take action for all peoples, citizens or not, you cry havoc until you have saved everyone being abused or inhumanly being treated in this country. I have seen more action against cruelty at the local animal shelters than cries for justice at Amerika’s greatest new concentration camps. WTF?

Today’s action is to take Nancy Pelosi and her unwillingness to do what is right and stick her where the sun does not shine.

You will never be remember for anything else but being cowards and that it was all of you who have lost America and the American Dream to the born again and bred again, in your face Amerikan fascists. Go “f’ yourselves!

As of now, the streets belong to us. Getting out in the streets for one evening singing with candles means nothing to these rotten useless, scum sucking thugs. People of conviction take to the streets and they stay in the streets until justice is done. That is how they do it in other countries. You make me ashamed to be a Democrat.

I know …real Democrats don’t have to read. They already know everything and that is where I live.

I agree. And what has had to scare the hell out of the presidents is no one has ever been held accountable for the murders except CIA patsy’s and if the CIA is forced to assassinate another American like JFK, MLK, or RFK they will do it again.

In Wisconsin the right thing to do from a lefty point of view, was to recall gov. Walker. So we did. The effort failed, but how would we have felt if we didn’t do the right thing?
The dems need to do their constitutional duty and impeach this crook.
We can blame everyone else though if trump is re-elected.

I would like to know how much money Nancy Pelosi receives from corporate America. Also, we will need. to see what comes from her face to face meeting with AOC.

Lets hope they also know how to replace him with an honest candidate that represents the people!

First this indeed good news. The people of Puerto Rico have demonstrated what can be done when they motivated under a common cause.

That said. I note a double standard in the reporting on this as contrasted to what occured with Julian Assange leking all of that stuff off the DNC servers that revealed the double dealing and corrupt nature of the Democratic party and Ms Clinton.

So why disdain in the media for Julian Assange and Wikileaks yet not the same for the person who leaked THIS information?

The Public has the right to know the TRUTH in all cases and the support for the truth should not change when it a diffrent Political party involved.

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Far too many revolutions unfortunately stumble at that part. It is easy for a dictator to take control in the power vacuum. Hearts out to the Puerto Rican people. Maybe one day the U.S. will find the courage to do the same.

Agree. It takes great courage to do what they are doing. Yep, the U.S. is part of the problem and has been for a long time.

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Well said, SuspiraDeProfundis.

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