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Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

Jeff Bryant

The warnings came right after the storm: Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico would be used as an opportunity to transfer management of the island’s schools to private operators of charter schools, and introduce voucher programs that would redirect public education funds to private schools.

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We obviously see the profit motive in the privatization of schools. Beyond that is the goal of further ossifying the class structure by sabotaging education and all but burning the ladders of upward mobility. It is sinister to the core. As a second generation public educator I am beyond outraged.


Textbook Disaster Capitalism


Not sure where they got their info on New Orleans schools test scores, but every one I’ve seen is a model for not privatizing schools. Very low scores.
Then again maybe that’s the point of privatization, besides all of the money.

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The biggest threat to those in power is an educated, critically-thinking citizenry. Thus the defunding of public schools, and the push for a test-score-based curriculum in a for-profit education model, while eliminating the liberal arts and critical-thinking skills.

Profit combined with dumbing down the citizenry - double score!



Public tears


Betsy DeVos’s plan for US Educational system.

Though “owned” by the citizenry, I had always analogized certain governmental entities such as public utilities, waste-removal departments, schools, criminal justice facilities, etc. as “worker-owned.” Even bridges, highways and other types of infrastructure seemed to be inherently “public.”

It was the common-person’s bastion against the inherent greed and built-in inertia of capitalism. It was a way in which unions could thrive, as well as counter-balance and trend-set certain procedures and practices of the private sector. It was a way for the citizenry to have a different type of indirect voice in promoting socio-economic progress.

Then, there came the onslaught of privatization; it is effectively substantially diminishing an already relatively powerless voice of the common folk. They even demonized the public-school system; actually, they intentionally broke it and subsequently conveniently provided “solutions, “i.e., vouchers and charter schools. They are going to do the same to Social Security Administration, the Postal Service (IUSPS) and other (quasi) governmental services.

That said, I do think that something ought to be done to drastically strengthen the laws and enforcement thereof related to financial services industry, outlawing tax-havens, identifying and prosecuting especially institutional money-laundering activities. Also, laws should be passed to reign in the obscene income which top corporate executives shamelessly receive; after all, the excess should go to better things such as more equitable employee compensation, stockholder dividends, corporate retained earnings or investments in innovative projects.

Most importantly, there should be a gradual reversal of the effects of the various privatization initiatives which have been implemented over the past two decades, at least.

For all practical purposes of the power and hegemony of the global ruling class, the common folks are but “fish-in-a-fish-bowl.” They have just about as much chance at overcoming the trials and tribulations of what they perceive to be as oppression, cannon fodder and inequality as a contained fish has to be ultimately “liberated” into a conducive open body of water.

There is ever so much built-in inertia in the geo-economic-social environment which is truly in control of the power-elite. Alas, the utter futility of it all is that “fish” are effectively helpless, as they are on the inside looking out and also they either don’t realize their predicament or simply don’t have a chance in hell of prevailing, except under circumstances in which the result is a Pyhrric victory.

George Orwell’s “1984” was ever so prescient. Yeah, if you don’t know history, it is as if you were born yesterday! (Ask Rothchilds Cabal et al.)

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You have to wonder whether the disaster recovery will be worst than the disaster. This because the systems being rubber stamped there do not fit the ecology or self-determination of the people. They have their own culture that has existed for hundreds of years and should be respected.

Really, you know a hundred years ago most teachers were women, my grandmother taught school with an 8th grade education. My mother, with a University degree was paid less than the janitor. Are you educated in this country?