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Puerto Rico Goes Back Door to Solartopia and the Corporate Media Blacks It Out


Puerto Rico Goes Back Door to Solartopia and the Corporate Media Blacks It Out

Harvey Wasserman

Puerto Rico has made history by becoming — briefly — the largest US territory or state to be powered almost entirely by renewable energy.

The corporate media has done all it can to black the story out.

The rising grassroots movement to totally rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric supply system with renewable energy and locally owned micro-grids poses a serious threat to the centralized, fossil-based corporate elite.

But two hurricanes and two human-error blackouts have opened the door to systemic change.

Here’s how:


Conspicuous by its absence is any mention of improving the grid’s reliability by burying it underground, where it would no longer be at the mercy of the next storm, or the next numbnuts with a backhoe.

If entire neighborhoods can be seized by eminent domain because someone claimed they’re “eyesores,” why can’t those rickety, dangerous poles, and the endless miles of wires that hang from them like dirty laundry, be taken by the state and “rehabilitated?”


Living in hurricane country, I’ve asked the same question in the past. The answer I received from engineers is they can’t figure out how economically to control the heat generated by underground power lines. I’m assuming they meant distribution lines and not small feeder lines.


Thank you Elon Musk.

Direct Democracy


I surely hope that the whiz bang geniuses behind this conversion can figure out how to protect the fragile components of the solar powered systems operational–as well as the upkeep of continued maintenance required for same. 'Cane season starts on June 1 and goes to December 1.


puerto rico could lead the way,

trump is now contemplating declaring an “emergency” to fund fossil/nuke plants in the midwest, where there’s plenty of power, but won’t send any aid at all to pr.

the corps are petrified pr will go totally solar. but we can make it happen!!!


Get back to us when those 19th century Luddite dinosaurs get up and running again. In the meantime, the whiz bang geniuses continue to bring self-sufficient, clean, cheap, reliable solar power to Puerto Rico.


Hi Kevin–
Just because I sound a cautionary note when it comes to solar power doesn’t mean I am pro alternating current power generated by fossil fuels. Power plants regardless of how the power is generated require quite a lot of maintenance and its components are expensive to replace and/or maintain.

The manufacture of such components as are required for a solar dc generated power system also require considerable energy to make. All of that being said, given the state of the power grid in Puerto Rico, Harvey Wasserman is correct when he says it is the perfect opportunity to start over from the ground up. Especially when the powers that be have virtually left our fellow Americans in the Caribbean to rot. Que Lastima!


You’re trying to make a “considerable energy” false equivalence between alternatives and fossil fuels. There’s a reason why alternatives are cheaper than fossil fuels. It takes over 10 years to bring a new fossil fuel plant online. For the same amount of money, we can have alternative plants online within three years that produce three time the amount of electricity.