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Puerto Rico Hit By Second Catastrophe In Form Of Sociopathic Orange Clown


Puerto Rico Hit By Second Catastrophe In Form Of Sociopathic Orange Clown

Big Cheeto made landfall Tuesday in Puerto Rico. Though 95% of residents still lack electricity and over half have no water, he bragged everyone knows "what a great job we’ve done," said Puerto Ricans should be "very proud" they only have 16 deaths so far unlike "a real catastrophe like Katrina," complained they're costing too much, told a family with nothing to "have a good time," shot paper towels into the crowd, boasted about the F-35, and refused to allow people to buy hot meals with food stamps. Make it stop. Please.


Nobody wanted the jet, no one in the military wanted the damn thing and the cost over-runs are astounding…I could use one of paper towels for my cheeks right about now, they are wet from tears…make him stop, PLEASE


Too bad Puerto Ricans don’t throw at him some of the sewage and garbage floating around.



Drumph, go phk a roll of those paper towels!!


I couldn’t believe he told somebody to “have a good time”. What a shit-head.

Wonder what he will say to the people in Reno? He and the feds didn’t have anything to do with the response there, did they? Will he somehow try to take credit there, too?


That’s it! There’s no longer any doubt about it! He’s crazier than a shithouse rat!


Like all his presidential predecessors, Dump makes you want to crawl under the planetary table and stay there.


Herr Twitler threw the rolls of paper towels because he didn’t want the hands of dark skinned peasants who need paper towels (for you know what) within close reach. It was probably his sense of entertaining the starving masses, like Marie Antoinette saying, “Let them use paper towels.”


Maybe IT makes you want to go hide … makes me want to

PUERTO RICO: Tell Congress to pass real recovery and debt relief


As macabre and entertaining as this is (and Abby is a master at describing it), the truth is that at least he is open about who he is. His predecessors were better at theater, at times even dropping tears when there was a shooting, but then turning around and doing absolutely nothing.


Abby, I wish you would stop comparing Trump to Cheetos. That is an insult to Cheetos.


Yeah, they’re toxic in their own right but at least palatable when you’re hungry.


“Like all his presidential predecessors”
Really, dude? You think trump is pretty much like every other president we have had? I guess you’ve made a permanent living space under that “planetary table” and have been holed up there for decades, with no access to any form of news.