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Puerto Rico One Year Later: We’re Fighting for Justice and Prosperity

Puerto Rico One Year Later: We’re Fighting for Justice and Prosperity

Amira Odeh

One year ago, I lived the scariest day of my life.

As the wind blew I could hear things falling and breaking outside. The walls of my (concrete-built) home were vibrating and water was coming in through every single window and door. At the moment I could only think of how to prepare for the worst and to be ready to seek refuge inside a closet or a bathroom.

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Thank you for this interesting article based on actual and wide experience.

I am caretaker of ferrocement.com and there one can investigate provision of shelter, sanitation and water in direct ways that bypass governments representing international capital instead of Puertorriqueños.

Rainwater harvest without fear of imaginary pollution. Flycatcher compost toilets that capture 85% of food value naturally excreted and are a disease sink rather than source. Shelter that is affordable and also fire, storm and earthquake safe. Study these topics in english or español. Write to contact@ferrocement.com with specific questions about specific projects if the online manuals leave questions. ferrocement.com is there to help with knowledge suitable to prepare for and recover from disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.


This is critical advice for all people in addition to P.R.'s, thank you! These things should be the law! :slight_smile:

Hi Garrett_Connelly, and thank you for the information.

The West coast is on fire, in drought and has earthquakes---- and some volcanoes too and apparently a subduction event is coming at some point . -so I bookmarked your page-----. Maybe the future is now and people helping people are a much stronger force for good and repair. Puerto Rico is being treated like the 9th Ward in New Orleans, and Haiti is still in shambles in some areas---- the forgotten poor are everywhere in the world of climate change which is coming soon to every neighborhood too. : (