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Puerto Rico Suffers While Defending Against 'Disaster Capitalism'


Puerto Rico Suffers While Defending Against 'Disaster Capitalism'

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Corporations are using natural and man-made disasters to make obscene profits.

A flooded street in Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan, after Hurricane Maria.


This is when Puerto Rico needs the most support, they are doing the right thing. Cheers!!!


If you want to help, I recommend the American Federation of Teachers’ “Operation Agua.” A small donation can really help get water purifiers to people stil forced to drink from toxic and polluted water sources. (AFT.org)


thank you so very much, amy, dennis and, of course, juan for keeping us informed about what’s going on in puerto rico. next time you see her give mayor cruz a big hug from me! she’s one politician who puts principle before profit. she really digs in and does her homework! that quality seems all too rare these days. however, i feel that governor rosello and prepa’s executive officer put their own financial welfare first. shame, shame shame!


Puerto Rico’s ancient power grid is destroyed. This is a great opportunity for the island to go off the grid so all its people can be energy independent. Elon Musk is not a vulture capitalist. He has a proven track record of solarizing islands and countries for environmental reasons.

Instead of restoring the obsolete power grid, as the traditionalists and people profiting off centralized energy want to continue to do, put the money into energy independence and solarize the island.