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Pulitzer Prize Pushes Back Against Trump, Big Ag, and Offshore Wealth


Pulitzer Prize Pushes Back Against Trump, Big Ag, and Offshore Wealth

Nika Knight, staff writer

Prestigious Pulitzer Prizes on Monday were awarded to investigations that tackled President Donald Trump, Big Ag, and international offshore tax havens, rewarding reporters that took on today's powers-that-be.


Bravo for True Investigative Journalism! In the face of Elitist Corruption.

Many of the rich and well connected have lost their humanity to the insanity of Money Worship. Now, they have friends in Low places, like Washington DC.

They have been planning on overtaking our government, in earnest, since the early 20th century.

I'm sure many here at Common Dreams has heard of Jane Mayers book, 'Dark Money', but if you haven't and would like to learn more about the Entitleds warped sense of morality, and how they have orchestrated the purchase of politicians, institutions, and power, give it a try.

It will upset you to see how a relatively small number of very wealthy Entitleds are using their wealth to get their way.

But never forget, our numbers are much greater.


Congratulations to Art Cullen. He's been a great advocate for Progressives regionally with his various publications and the newspaper. A happy warrior for integrity and accuracy,as this prestigious award attests to. Bravo to the staff, too.Teamwork is essential in " newspapering ". Good job.


Not lost on me that the Nobel has sunk to new lows while the Pulitzer has become the preeminent prize the world over. Screw the Nobel.


"... In Russia, aides to Vladimir Putin fumed about a western "spy" conspiracy after it emerged that Putin’s oldest friend, the cellist Sergei Roldugin, had about $2bn flowing into a network of British Virgin Islands companies...."
No connection whatsoever was established between Putin and the Panama Papers money laundering.
On the other hand numerous real connections between such luminaries as the then British PM Cameron were not mentioned in the MSM coverage which turned into another chance to slime the warmongers' betes noire, including Putin. As I recall The Guardian led on the non existent Putin connection with the allegation that he had stashed $20 billion away.
In fact the major beneficiaries of the looting of Russia's public sector include all the western banks and financiers who own and dominate the media.