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Pulling Staff from Kunduz, MSF Labels US Airstrike a War Crime

Pulling Staff from Kunduz, MSF Labels US Airstrike a War Crime

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on Sunday called the U.S. military's Saturday airstrike on its charity hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan a war crime and announced it was withdrawing all staff from the beleaguered area.

MSF said 22 people, including medical workers and patients, were killed in the bombing, which occurred around 2:10 am local time and reportedly lasted for at least half an hour.

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The US is despicable. Clearly they are purposefully targeting MSF. Probably because they bravely refuse to kowtow to US demands they stop treating people the US considers the ‘enemy’ … The precise GPS coordinates are transmitted to all governments and groups in the region on a weekly basis. We know EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE… And to destroy the only trauma center in a coup,et thousand miles to kill a few supposed’taliban’ nearby is a war crime of indescribable proportions coming at the hands of a nation who calls itself ‘exceptional’…


The exceptional nation— except for (fill in the blanks)

________________ , etc…

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our elected terrorists


It quite obvious this not an error. It was a very deliberate act committed by the “greatest military the world has seen” . It equally obvious the Taliban were not using the Hospital to fight from.

The target was the Doctors and medical personnel.


And if there were any sort of reasonably rational global political system, the USA would be immediately in court, charged with this obvious war crime.

Of course, many many things leading up to this would be very different if there were any sort of reasonably rational global political system, and the USA would long since have been stopped.


If everyone who is horrified by these murders, and everyone who knows it’s morally wrong for the U.S.to attack other countries whenever the powers that be want to, if we all stopped paying federal income tax right now - maybe, maybe this sort of evil would stop. We are not being represented by our government, so why pay taxes to an evil oligarchy. We can redirect our taxes to local health, education, enviromental and infrastructure projects instead.


Yes, the US attack/bombing of a hospital is a war crime and it likely was not an “accident” or a response to supposed taliban fighters, but to punish and deny “the enemy” any medical care! This is very like Israeli forces intentionally targeting hospitals, UN compounds, EMS first responders and ambulances, reporters/press, civilians and civilian infrastructure, and especially children - then lying about it! We have become the enemy, committing war crimes we used to condemn and lying like Israelis about damn near everything we do; we have become corrupted by the influence of morally bankrupt and depraved people! Obama, who presides over this and other war crimes, pledged an “investigation” but did not apologise for the MSF hospital attack! Par for his course…

With all the technology our military spends uncounted billions on and touts, the notion/excuse that they “didn’t know what they targeted” is rubbish! The excuse of “fog of war” is rubbish. The claim that some “Taliban fighters were shooting at some US or ally troops” is also BS rubbish - excuses by a corrupt, lying, for-profit war machine!



Suppose there was Taliban firing in the area. Would that justify blowing up a HOSPITAL?


What exactly do you define as “a huge strategic error” ?

They knew it was a hospital. They had been sent the GPS coordinates of the hospital many times by the Doctors. They brag about how precise their weapons are.

Even after a half hour after being informed they hit a hospital they continued to do so. Claiming this an error is like claiming Israel attacking the Liberty was an error.

the act was deliberate.


We, you and I…us, all of us in america…our names are on every bullet, shell and bomb…we, all of us did this…the most mis-used word in our language is responsibility, it literally means having the ability to respond…so, how to respond? by blaming others?, the military?, the president? NO!..oh, I know, vote: NOT…shame on all of us for not being in the street, shame on me


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This was shameful. This was not honorable. This disrespects all those who have served our country in uniform and who have given their lives in its defense. Who ordered this strike? Obama is allowing a cover up to be erected. Recordings of communications will be lost or garbled. Responsibility will be imprecise and impossible to pinpoint who authorized the strike and perhaps authorized continuing the strike.

Who have we become since Abu Gharib that we torture and we attack hospitals? Compare this to WW2 veterans and you get the sense that for all our massive numbers and equipment in the military that we have grown weaker and are unable to accomplish what our bombast claims. We become ugly not victorious and lacking victory… we become vindictive.

John Wayne didn’t attack hospitals … I guess they never saw those war movies.


Yes. When you can not rebut an argument using logic and reason use the term “conspiracy theorist”. All it does is shows your argument has no merit. Right out of the CIA manual. This is not the defintion of rational thinking. Indeed it the tool of the irrational.

Do you even know what a conspiracy is or is your entire vocabulary little more then sound bites? MSF calls this a war crime. A spokesman for the UN suggested it a war crime . According to your “reasoning” all of these people are irrational even as they are murdered. talk about Orwellian.

Your apologetics for murder are distasteful to the extreme.


the problem is yours. your position was poor. first, a single airstrike is almost never a "strategic’ action; it is a tactical one. second, as a former tactical intelligence analyst, I can guarantee you there’s no mistake on a precision strike like this–ever. You could argue they thought the hospital was something else, but that would only fly if they were never given non combatant targeting information, which would be in every operations computer in theater.

on the other hand, is there a plausible rationale for attacking an MSF facility? I think there is, although I find the reasoning repulsive. first, the MSF doesn’t distinguish in terms of "friend or foe"m which aggravates military commanders to no end. Second, if your opinion of locals in this part of the world is that they are all “terrorists-in-training”, then you’re going to think everyone is a combatant. This is actually explicit military policy–males that appear over the age of 16 are to be considered hostile or potentially hostile. If this hospital is treating them, the US command won’t like it.

My guess is this is part of a larger campaign to pull out any third party with a permanent presence that could get in the way of a particularly nasty operation–say, a party that could provide a witness to crimes like Fallujah. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this to nonpartisan aid organizations in war zones.

Edit: Just to remind you of an important context here: Kunduz was a major blow to th prestige of the Afghan government. There’s already a major mobilization for a massive counterattack to retake it. I’m guessing someone wants no witnesses to what might prevail there.


Can anybody direct me to US law related to help me refute the following:

A relative of mine, who is in the military, stated that, under the “rules of engagement” military have the right to attack when they come under fire. My relative claims that there is no exception to this right, even if the source of the fire is a medical center or hospital.

This relative has also claimed that, since the MSF medical center were providing medical treatment to “the enemy”, all MSN individuals associated with the center are guilty of providing “comfort to the enemy” and “material aid to terrorists.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts based on your learned experience.

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your relative is largely correct. there are exceptions, but field hospitals are not one of them. However, there is also a burden of proof on the attacker to demonstrate that such fire existed. It’s not sufficient to assert it without visual, audio, or unaligned witness proof. That burden discourages people from just saying “hey, they shot at us, so its cool”.

So if you want to argue with them, let them know that the international standard means they have to prove in an investigation that they were, indeed, fired on. In short, provide the bodies of the so-called “fighters” for inspection. If they can’t, then it’s a crime.


you’re very welcome. vets have an obligation to share everything they know with our people right now.


Sadly nothing new here. Remember when we were first being Bushwhacked and the Iraq war began? Some of the first things targeted were the hospitals.

  • The US Fourth Reich’s apparent strategy toward any nation or group that objects to the Reich’s policies, or tries to defend themselves against the Reich’s policies of rape, pillage and burn, are declared terrorists or insurgents and the drones, et al, are unleashed. One of the first things to go is the infrastructure. Hospitals, water, food, sewage, transport, housing are all high on the list for destruction.
  • After all, when you have reduced a population to a mass of starving, ill clothed, homeless serfs, how can they resist?
  • I’ve got news for you fascists. Look at WW-II. Mass destruction stiffened the resistance of the people of every country. Honest-to-God Freedom Fighters crawl out of the rubble and fight back with whatever weapons they can find or improvise, from rocks to IEDs and captured weapons!
  • The Reich has made millions of people homeless, destroyed their homes, their livelihood, their families. The Reich’s allies are trying to turn the homeless back into the war zones. Believe me, when you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind, and this will eventually come back on you. Even your own people are finally beginning to fight back, to protest, even in the face of beatings, arrests, and killing by your SA, your Brownshirts dressed in Blue.
  • I hope the day of reckoning is getting closer.