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'Punctured Like a Pin Cushion' From Oil and Gas Drilling, Scientists Warn of Growing Sinkhole Threat in Texas

'Punctured Like a Pin Cushion' From Oil and Gas Drilling, Scientists Warn of Growing Sinkhole Threat in Texas

Julia Conley, staff writer

Researchers in Texas have pointed to widespread oil and gas drilling over several decades as the cause of new ground movement in the western part of the state—leading to concerns that the area is at risk for the formation of new sinkholes.

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Anything taken from the ground leaves a void behind. Voids don’t support weight.

I spent 20 years in West Texas.

It’ll be interesting to see if this improves the topography, and perhaps contributes to re-greening the chapparal. We should be so lucky, for nature to fix our mistakes!

What are the liability laws in such cases? My fear is that they would reflect the judge’s verdict in the aftermath of the Johnstown Flood----sorry, that was “an act of god,” and not the acts of a handful of greedy, privileged old white men.


If we could use all of Trumps lies to fill all of the sinkholes left behind from oil and gas drilling, we’d have more than we need.

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This geology could get interesting real fast

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Sending my thoughts and prayers to overcome your physics and chemistry Wink. I hear the ground is stable in Dallas where a lot of oil decisions are made. Not so much in Houston, where historic groundwater exploitation has caused land subsidence that exacerbates flooding. Oil’s well that ends well(s).


Don’t Mess with Texas. Looks like that was taken care of a while back. Now you are left with the greasy polluted toxic mess.

Texas, all Hat and the Cattle at the bottom of a lake.

Well, I guess it’s time to start spending those depletion allowances on landfill.

If there are enough holes in shot in America’s Dingleberry, soon it might actually fall off.
I have many friends in TakesAss, I don’t wish them badly.