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Punished for Suicide Attempt, Chelsea Manning Sentenced to Solitary Confinement


Punished for Suicide Attempt, Chelsea Manning Sentenced to Solitary Confinement

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following a disciplinary review hearing which took place Thursday, U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning confirmed early Friday morning she has been sentenced to solitary confinement for attempting to take her own life while serving a 30-year prison sentence at Ft. Leavenworth prison in Kansas.


What the F#@k is wrong with these people? This government of callous authoritarians? You have to keep the truth hidden at all cost? You are nothing without your power to coerce. In other words, you are illegitimate.


Our government and our military have become caricatures. Hollowed out corpses awaiting burial.

The Chicago Tribune recently penned an editorial condemning all those who thought that Edward Snowden should be pardoned.
Egged on by the House Intelligence Committee's (whose members are an abomination) letter to Obama the Tribune called Snowden and his supporters 'dangerous fools who should all be in U.S. prisons'.

We can be certain that the oligarchy (Trump and Hillary) feels the same way about those who support Manning's release from custody.


Isn't that the definition of Cruel and Unusual Punishment? Unless Amerika has become a Nazi/Fascist state!


I wonder what punishment they give you if your suicide attempt was successful.....
I just watched that new show Designated Survivor last evening. I'm thinking now instead of being horrified the Capitol and the entire government blew up I would have included all the military brass in the conflagration.....
Honestly, do any of these clowns have a working brain cell between them..... ?
I need a news vacation.....


" unless America has become A nazi fascist state"
I asked my german wife some years ago, where all the nazis went after the war. She replied with, " Most of them moved to America."


This isn't about Manning per se. It's about publicly mistreating her so badly as to make anyone considering similar actions to not do so. That is what this is about. Shame on our government, and shame on Barry Obomber and the rest of his administration. Expect more of the same under crooked, lying-ass, cheating, thieving Hillary.


That's very true. After WW2 the US government allowed many German Nazi's to relocate to Amerika. Many Nazi's went to work for the CIA. So the Nazi's never went away. Along with the Bush and Ford families having Nazi ties.


1) The fascists won WW2. Regardless which "side" won the war the real fascists (the military industrial banking complex and their politician bootlickers) were poised to have the upper hand when the war ended. For instance, the Harriman's investment firm, where Prescott Bush worked, included a bank in The Netherlands which they used to move funds between the US and Nazi Germany. It was that very same firm that provided Henry Ford's antisemitic propaganda to Hitler, handled Hitler's finances (the "Hitler Account") and invested in the "American-Silesian Coal Corporation" which owned part interest in the coal fields around Auschiwitz which were worked by concentration camp inmates and provided most of the metal ores used to build the Nazi war machine. This was precisely the Polish territory seized by the Nazis in their initial invasion of Poland in 1939, predicated on their own false flag operation. Prescott Bush received a $1.5 million settlement from the US govt in 1951 when his investment in that firm was returned to him after having been siezed by the US govt during the war for some aspect of "trading with the enemy." That's the money that financed his political career.

2) Solitary confinement is indeed a cruel punishment. But alas, it is not unusual.


I haven't referred to this country as the US Fourth Reich for no reason. This is just symptomatic of the problem.
* The Oligarchy (0.001%) is in the middle of driving the final nail in the coffin of the Constitution. It is offering us the choice of two sock puppets as usual, but this time, there are no redeeming qualities of either one.
* The Mussolini wannabe is playing his part to the hilt. Crazy, outrageous, loud and foul-mouthed, he is being used as a counterfoil for the Red Queen. Every time more of her and her husband's crimes are made public, that is buried beneath headlines of Trump's latest.
* We are told that once again, to save the nation, we must "choose the lesser of two evils," which is identified as the Red Queen, who loves war, money, greed, the Military-Industrial-Security-Congressional-Complex more than life itself, and could not be accused of telling the truth about anything, or of having or supporting any policy that did not enrich the Oligarchy.
* If We the People would wake up to the fact that the "lesser of two evils" is still evil and vote our conscience instead, perhaps we could get our country back.
* If all of those who were disenfranchised during the "primaries", whose votes were lost, their registration disappeared, their polling places changed without notice by the DNC and the Clinton Gang; if those who gave their all to Bernie Sanders in hope of change until, for whatever reason, he kissed the Red Queen's, er, ring and urged his supporters to vote for her; if all of those mentioned above would support a candidate who is concerned about the excesses of this nation, who wants to better the condition of people, not only here, but world wide, who does not worship war and the military, who believes and lives by her Hippocratic Oath, we have a candidate who is not a member of the duopoly or the Oligarchy.
* I refuse to play the Oligarchy's sick game anymore. I will not vote for an evil person at the behest of an evil, greedy, war (profits) worshiping, minority of 0.001%.
* I am voting for Dr. Jill Stein, Green, 2016!
* With her as our leader and guide, I believe that Guantanamo would quickly be closed and the whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, Snowden, Assange and many others would be pardoned and thanked for their service, the bloated war machine would finally be curbed and the savings would go toward rebuilding our infrastructure and helping our people.
* Dr. Stein/Baraka, Green, 2016! We can take our country back and free our people!


The Nazis were brought to America because they were rabid anti-communists.
Hitler started WWII to crush communist Russia and for no other reason.


Well stated, marlborough. Informative and powerful comment. Also agree with your next comment on Ms. Manning's photo; there are newer photos available to use here.


As a result of solitary confinement, a person might commit suicide.


I concur. Any hope that Obama will pardon Manning is a pipe dream. This is the man who has sicced the justice department on whistleblowers and has prosecuted more of them than all other administrations combined.

And, we cannot forget that there are hundreds of incarcerated political prisoners in the US, some convicted for crimes committed as part of a social movement, and others who became politicized while incarcerated for typical crimes. All of them face more punitive measures than their peers convicted of similar crimes but with no prior or current political motivation.

They suffer much like Manning: limited communication with the outside world, long stints in solitary, reduced privileges. And they are always denied parole. Some have been behind bars for many decades, are old and have severe health issues, yet they are denied parole.

Some of them are famous, most of them are not. But they are all victims of the same justice system that incarcerates a disproportionate amount of Black, Brown and poor people, detains undocumented workers, and commodifies people for the sake of private profit. And, they are part of the movement growing on the outside.

Political prisoners educate each other and organize within prison walls, too. As the democracy movement grows, Manning, along with our other political prisoners, must be front and center in our thoughts, their release a central demand, and a legal recognition that mercy is appropriate in cases where crimes were committed only as part of a social movement. It's up to the rest of us to build the movement, the only hope for Manning's deserved release.


And today we have the same thing going on in Syria and Ukraine.


Absolutely! this egregious treatment of Chelsea Manning is meant to send a message to any other military people that may be considering exposing the truth that the fascist state wants to keep hidden.


Where is the impetus for corrupted government -- guilty of war crimes -- to repair itself?

I'm very grateful that Chelsea has but 7 days of Isolation ahead of her -- but it is still brutal
and senseless.

We don't know exactly what creates this violent, sociopathic state of mind in the few.
But it has a long history going back to the original "invasion" of this land by Columbus.
We're in the same gene pool still today.

Chelsea certainly hasn't defeated the MIC by her physical strength -- she's defeated them in her
fight for justice and truth -- against war and killing -- to end the dark secrets and crimes of our military.


Recall that when the Pentagon Papers came out, the fascists in the White House at that
time stepped up their bugging and other dirty tricks which finally brought them down.
Chelsea has defeated the MIC not by physical strength, but by her wisdom, by her desire
for truth and justice -- and to end US war crimes.
If we want an end to these wars and the MIC, we need to support Jill Stein/Green Party.


I guess if you want to find out there is a presidential candidate who would pardon Chelsea Manning and other political prisoners, you have to read the comments. Maybe that's why Common Dreams readers who responded to the first poll indicated a correlation between supporting Hillary and not reading the comments.


And what happened to the results of the 2nd Common Dreams 2016 poll? Did I miss something?