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Punishing Dissent in the Age of Trump: What’s in a Riot?


Punishing Dissent in the Age of Trump: What’s in a Riot?

Yael Bromberg , Eirik Cheverud

Defendants are facing over 60 years in prison.

The most recent indictment collectively charged over 200 people with felony rioting, felony incitement to riot, conspiracy to riot, and five property-damage crimes — all from broken windows. Each defendant is facing over 60 years in prison.


…welcome to the new and improved amurika, there is the dissent issue, there is the loss of life due to the loss of heath-care and so many others…amurika doesn’t like or love it’s citizens…we are imploding, collapsing from within, top heavy and falling over…


The violence of this administration is staggering. Youth from central America refused sanctuary, 800,000 DACA threatened with deportation, millions of middle eastern people in Iraq, Afghanistan killed and more displaced, recommencing the ‘War of Drugs’ that incarcerates millions here…the idea that these guys don’t like government is belied by their use of state power to oppress.


The rightwingers only say they are for small gov’t when certain gov’t activities aren’t inline with their political agenda. The rest of the time they love a big gov’t that carries a big stick- in order to assert their political, social, and economic agenda on the rest of us. I do not call that freedom or liberty. I call it tyranny.


The Nazis have arrived in Washington and are preparing a full assault on human rights.

Now is the time for millions of Americans to amass outside of every statehouse, every courthouse, across America, and of course, the White House and The Capitol Building and demand the resignations of all of these Nazi Sympathizers.

This will not be a riot, this will be the First Amendment Right of America in action.


Not a new tactic, but more dangerous in the hands of the current players, especially in light of the privatized prison system. Their motives, the common good or individual greed, separate political prisoners from the standard criminal, and are used to dole out harsher and softer punishment, depending on how much their beliefs challenge the state and society. The US has a lot to explain when it comes to our system of justice and its failure to respond to the oppressed, never mind just plain locking them up for spurious and newly-criminalized behavior. But the most egregious is the never-ending prosecution/persecution of political prisoners.


It Can’t Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis (1935).

I am Doremus! (think Spartacus, then read It)


Bit off topic, but on the international level, I can’t but help to think of Venezuela, where the governments reasonable response to almost nightly right-wing riots in Caracas that not only destroyed a lot of property, but even involved murdering people (and the police sometimes having to shoot back) has resulted in widespread US-led international sanctions against the country.

Meanwhile, the USA engages in as bad or worse actions against peaceful protestors on the left, black protestors, and engages in extrajudicial murders of black people just trying to mind their own business, and nobody anywhere in the world (most noticeably our neighbor to the north) says or does a thing.

Do I have to the reason for this disparate treatment? (Hint: which “rioters” threaten the existing economic order and which don’t?)


And furthermore, to answer the rhetorical questions in Bromberg and Cheverud’s fine piece regarding state violence, I hope they realize that a declared monopoly on violence is the housands of years historic definition of The State .


What a brilliant and well-written article!


I had no idea that punishing dissent only started 11 months ago?!?!?! Weird!


Yup. The punishment of dissent - but only dissent on the left - goes back to as long as there was a USA anyway. Chicago in '68, DC in 1932, Chicago again (Haymarket) in 1886…


We shouldn’t forget that the so-called Patriot Act, a thick volume, was released mere weeks after Sept 11th 2001. That first year of the Bush Jr debacle, more attention was evidently paid to dissent than the imminent threat of a terrorist attack. Thus arose belief in the LIHOP theory, they (Let It Happen On Purpose), is still credible, especially after Condoleesa Rice’s famous statement, “Who could’ve known they’d use airplanes as missiles?” when in fact she knew it was possible, but supposedly expected some less extreme terrorist act to justify a police state.


Ever since the Patriot Act ( an Orwellian term if there ever was one!) America has become overtly: THE FOURTH REICH! Backed by the propaganda of the FOURTH ESTATE, because they refuse to expose the 9/11 lie.

Does this sound familiar about what we have been told about 9/11:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, and keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler.


I always go with the LIHOP theory. Evidence definitely shows the Bush Jr cabinet avoided dealing with the threat of terrorism. The fact that they didn’t suggests though they knew an attack was imminent, they wanted it to happen. Another neglected conspiracy theory I believe was central to the ‘W’ years was the collapse of the economy in 2008, the mortgage crisis attributable to Bush Jr’s “Ownership Society” program to reduce low income home buyer’s costs. With its balloon payment around 2007, my gut feeling early on told me it would create mass foreclosures at that point in time. Trump’s belligerence in the campaign and more so after he stole the presidency, led me to believe his intention is to orchestrate World War Three, the world’s oligarch’s ‘final solution’ to overpopulation.


Please excuse my language! I can’t help it this time: What the fuck!!!??? Welcome to the fascist state! The Fascist State of America!


I agree that the odds are good that we are on the eve of WWIII as long as Trump is in office, but that is certainly one bet I would love to lose!


This reminds me of an old sailing rhyme.

“Here lies the body of Michael O’Day,
Who died maintaining the right of way.
He was right, dead right, as he sailed along,
But he’s just as dead as if he’d been wrong.”

This in reference to a small sailboat on the starboard tack, crossing in front of an under weigh tanker. But, you get the picture.


It’s been said that the Nazis didn’t lose WW2, they just changed uniforms (search General Reinhard Gehlen, Operation Paperclip, etc.) There were certainly some prominent US citizens who were openly sympathetic to the Hitler regime, including Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, and that tendancy remains strong, if somewhat less visible, today.


So much for the much touted, “Rule of Law”.

If the legal consequences of your actions is determined not by law, but by whatever law the executive prosecutor in his absolute discretion chooses to enforce against you, if any at all, from the mildest to the draconian, then that makes the executive the ruler, not the law.

The ad nauseam touting of the “Rule of Law” is just one more sham in the sea of shams in which we live