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Purchasing Freedom Dearly: Ethel Rosenberg Gets Her Day of Justice


Purchasing Freedom Dearly: Ethel Rosenberg Gets Her Day of Justice

Over 60 years late, New York City officials and her surviving family gathered to "begin to right the wrong of what happened to Ethel Rosenberg,” declaring her "an innocent woman (who) was unjustly executed" in the most shameful political show trial of the cold war. In her last letter to her sons, who have long fought to clear her name, she wrote, "Your lives must teach you, too, that good cannot flourish in the midst of evil."


Brings to mind one excellent 2003 HBO miniseries based on the play by the same name Directed by Mike Nichols, "Angels in America"....


David Greenglass, her brother, was a real piece of work -- he lied about her, effectively condemning her to death, to save his spouse.

It was The Commie Way -- nothing, not even a sister's innocence, could be allowed to threaten Communists or Communism.

They'd done the same kind of thing in Spain.


I read The Implosion Conspiracy by Louis Nizer long ago and it was heart breaking. It has always amazed me that those two little boys who were orphaned by the government in the cruelest possible way - they had to say Goodbye to their parents just moments before the double murder - did not spend their lives blowing up government buildings. Their adoptive parents must have been super-human. It is extremely obvious that the Russians would have learned how to build those weapons even if they had not received that rough sketch from Julius Rosenberg. The judge who ordered their deaths said they were responsible for each American death in the Korean War. To orphan two children under such ludicrous reasoning was a monstrous, monstrous crime and I wish there were a hell where that judge and his supporters could receive appropriate punishment.


The judge's reasoning, of course, was that the U.S. could have used nuclear weapons against North Korea, but we couldn't since the Rosenbergs had given the bomb to Russia, thereby forcing us to use ground troops. Damn those Rosenbergs! We could have erased North Korea from the map without risking a single American life! And then we could have done the same thing to the Russians and the Chi-coms! Kill them! Kill them now!


Sadly, I fear there will be more Rosenbergs to come, as dissent becomes more dangerous, Islamophobia grows, and the "Nation of Fear" is increasingly propagandized.
* Chelsea Manning is only a short walk away from Ethel Rosenberg. Instead of dead, she is just facing 35 years of torment.
* Unless We the People wake up and throw the Neocon sewer rats that seem to run this country, and inflict it upon the world, under the bus or into maximum security, then we, too, are doomed to live under Fascism and cruelty.
* I remember as a kid listening to FDR addressing the nation. "...The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."
* For Roosevelt, the solution was to put fear aside and move on to heal the nation. For the Oligarchy, their solution is to institutionalize fear, increase it, build targets, and watch the destruction of freedom and civilization. For them, only profit and ever increasing power exists. Starving, frightened, fighting, struggling humans are of no importance.


Surprised there are so few comments thus far to this story.
There is so much our "free press"* is in denial of and refuses to discuss about that
period of time -- the McCarthy Era, Nixon's** role in destroying Hiss and purging liberals from government, it's attacks on Hollywood -- and the Rosenberg insanity.

The entire fakery of the "Iron Curtain" and Communism.
More and more we understand that it was the Russians who won WWII as even Winston Churchill has made clear.
Also many questions about the atomic bombs and whether the first two actually came from Hitler's Germany.
US is in constant motion to support a fictional account of itself while covering up its crimes, murders. "Looking good while doing evil" is the motto.

  • CIA/corporate press -
    See: Operation Mockingbird

** The background of American fascists supporting Nixon and the lifetime of dirty work he carried out for them. Jack Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) was on the Nixon investigation team. We also seem to have learned something about the Nixon defense having faked a typewriter as he suggests this in a conversation (to the best of my recollection) with Bob Haldeman.


In his video THRIVE, Whatever Will it Take, Foster Gamble outlines the scheme and tells who the oligarchs are that are indeed conspiring toward World Domination. I never believed before but I do now.


Perhaps it is time "to kill a Mockingbird."


Most Americans are not aware of how close the USA came to dropping Nuclear bombs on Russia immediately after WW2. This was not because Russia was preparing to attack , it was to ensure Russia could not rise as a rival to US military power.

Winston Churchill was behind this as well having his planners draw up "Project Unthinkable" which would be a joint US , British attack on the USSR using Nuclear weapons with plans to wipe Moscow and Leningrad off the map.

The USA refined this plan several times up until 1949. All that was holding them back was they estimated they needed 250 such weapons to totally destroy the USSR and they did not yet have that many in their arsenal. By 1949 they had around 250.

The USSR then exploded their own Nuclear weapon in 1949 which put a kibosh on US planning.

Had the USSR not had that weapon the USA would have slaughtered 10s of millions of people in a Nuclear war and it THESE people who labeled Stalin and Mao as murderous and it these people who claimed the Japanese as "fanatics".

In 1960 a new plan was drawn up called SOIP and according to general Thomas Powers it was to be a unilateral first strike on China and the USSR both in order to wipe them out. He indicated that under the plans they estimated some 425 million Russian and Chinese to be killed in the first strike by dropping 3500 warheads. JFK rejected the plan outright when he took office.

The mere fact these guys were PLANNING such attacks demonstrates that they were stark raving mad.

If an American DID in fact turn over plans for the Atomic bomb to the USSR they deserve a medal as s/he very likely saved hundreds of millions of lives.


Operation Unthinkable was the British plan for a conventional attack using nearly 50 divisions of troops. The American nuclear attack plan was Operation Dropshot. I think there is a wiki entry for it under that name.


Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. It is constantly edited by members of Western Governments and the Military to put a more positive "western friendly" spin on history.

Winston Churchill knew all about the Manhatten Project before the first atomic tests even done and in discussions with General Allen Brooke suggested that Kiev Moscow and Leningrad could all be destroyed by the US Air Force by using those nuclear weapons. General Brooke was appalled at the plan and wrote this in his diary.

Mr Churchill was aware the USA would have a limited number of such weapons thus the need for a conventional attack in conjunction with those Nuclear strikes.

The USA on the other hand did not want to engage in a ground based war with the USSR and felt they needed more Nuclear warheads (250) before they could proceed with an invasion.


They have quite a headstart on us ...

The draft for that was done 2 years before the end of WWII by Cord Meyers --
See: Mary Meyers

Then came the CIA which took over Operation Mockingbird; Allen Dulles heading it up, of course. Since his background (along with Prescott Bush's) was well known in supporting and raising money/gold for Hitler from elites all over the world, I wonder at how this happened: Dulles put in charge of CIA -- and later investigation of the JFK coup which he probably played a leading role in organizing?

I do recall reading something which suggested that when Bush and Dulles were caught and Bush's funds confiscated, Bush wrapped himself in the American flag and they pledged themselves to the intelligence service of the US. I think Prescott went into US Congress?

Fletcher Prouty relates an interesting story about the end of WWII and that the military having set itself up quite confident that it was going into Vietnam/Asian area.
The troops rebelled so successfully that it had to be called off. But it was planned and all of the ships/equipment ready to go.

There are also those who say that two years before the end of WWII, high officials of the Hitler government were visiting our Pentagon and making arrangements/deals.
(See: Project Paperclip)

"Those who control the past control the future."

Cheney when VP was also into repeating that the right wing controlled our reality -- that they created our reality and we lived it.
Not the exact wording, but good enough.

I do think that most of us have been thinking about HOW to overcome all of this for quite some time.

It's difficult to prepare to fight something that was put in place 70 years ago and which has essentially remained secret..

Something tells me you are probably familiar with all of this so I've added it for the benefit of anyone here who might not.

Btw, anyone who isn't familiar with Mae Brussel's and her work on all of this right after the JFK assassination (and she follows it thru to amazing discoveries and predictions about our future which we seem to be living) will find her brilliant.

Anyone interested can find the Mae Brussel playlist on YouTube --
recordings of her radio shows -- and on the internet her many articles on events we've lived thru since.



I guess the Hong Kong and then to Russia option wasn't available to the Rosenbergs.


It sounds like you have a useful source for "Unthinkable" and "SOIP". Could you offer a reference?

You're absolutely right about Wikipedia, by the way (later post). They can be dependable for anything uncontrovercial (software, physics or math). For anything else, it necessitates reading the discussion tab and looking over past edits. Given the time, that can be useful, but it means work....


Any one who doesn't think that the CIA is the front man for the weapons companies has to be walking around wearing blinders. I remember the Rosenberg deaths and at the time thought something wasn't right. I pray that we don't end up putting some Islamic citizens in the same situation as the Rosenbergs.