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Pure Bannonfreude

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/20/pure-bannonfreude

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"Bannon was arrested by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), which is the federal [law enforcement] and [criminal] investigating arm of…the [Post Office. ] New York’s USPIS Inspector-in-Charge called the case “a warning to other fraudsters that no one is above the law.” Twitter users, none of whom even knew the postal service had cops, happily [called ] the story’s wild mix of elements the long-awaited proof of “[boater fraud]” and began eagerly envisioning the movie version of "USPS: Crime Scene Investigation."

It’s like our Maker Itself omniscience be praised looked down on the last 4-5 decades of what coulda been Edenesque evolutionary and organic peaceful co-existence among diverse creation with time for asking the big questions about life and saw the last 4 years and not much of it was Good. So, our Maker, ever the quipster and wisenheimer looked down and said to no Moses or burning bush in particular, "So youse lowly people think Carl Hiassen can spin a yarn!?! Let’s see ol’ Carl top this…

Bannon better do his perp walk in haste or his Auto Presidential Pardon might not be there when he needs it. I have to admit, Hiassen couldn’t come up with any plot twists like this one…Who knew the Postal Service like Mossad or Washington’s Extraordinary Rendition had universal jurisdiction and could strike anywhere extra-judicially, the Long Island Sound off Connecticut coast or even the Barbary Coast the way President Thomas Jefferson sent the first U.S. Navy on retribution runs targeting the Ottoman Empire or Algeria’s own coastal privateers and Morocco’s Berber Bucaneers!

Don’t mess with the USPS…USPIS will come down on ya…It don’t trickle down…

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A scruffy 2-bit grifter can climb the ranks, run his hustle in the most venal terms to exploit the suffering of immigrants (except rich ones), hook up with a mega-grifter in a blond wig and pancake make-up to up his game bigly, stuff his pockets with the hard-earned money of a bunch of racist teabaggers, and end up getting a really classy perp walk off a 151-foot yacht owned by another even better grifter – and he didn’t spill his daiquiri!

Is this country great, or what?


At this point I would officially say this country is absolutely “Or What” !


Hahahahahahahaaaa, help, I can’t stop, hahahahaha…

I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel, starring der trump itself.


Oh golly. there must be some hefty cahones jokes kicked around by these flacid flab fffers. The archetypal ‘kitty’ grabbing referenced [ we can do whatever we want ] is precisely where their needle-bearer Ayn Rand wanted them. What these characters never seem to grasp is that all Ayn Rand was doing was making the interlocutor believe that she actually knew something. She couldn’t have given a fig as to the integrity of her “premises”.

What she DID DO for posterity is establish a rut the value of which - to her- only had value when she could make TV want her to flap her jaws about it. IT WAS A STORY. That is why the sub-text of actors and reality TV and world, nay, the universe of marketing is being rendered into its most toxic form: self referential projection and mirrors. Are we feeling hot and 'randy ’ yet?


Sure do feel sorry for all those Mexican donors so hell-bent on building Trump’s wall. Yes, yes, I do.


The handcuffs are a grand Kafkaesque touch, no? Visions of The Trial danced in my head as I read this. Next up-metamorphosis into a giant cockroach.
Just working up the food chain to the King Rat, with the Grand Finale on Samhain(October 31st), a true October surprise. Trump frog-marched out of where ever, in full wrist and ankle shackles and chains. The orange jumpsuit will match his hair nicely.


Reporter: Mr. President we have damaging information on your son, Don Jr., care to comment?

Trump: I’ve heard the name, but I’ve never met him.


My faith in poetic justice is restored, if only temporarily.


Hi Iay-Iow StudiosOre_Wa:
Oh I Iove this-----"Don’t mess with USPS----IoI

Does Mr. DeJoy know about this poIice part of he Post Office ? I hope not------and how cooI it wiII be for the USPIS to interrogate Mr. DeJOy, who said he never spoke to Trump —so if he knows nothing about the Post Office—WHY would need get rid of 600 sorting machines?
He needs to pay for new machines and right now too. He knows nothing he says----------HA! Only the USPIS knows for sure! ; )


Reporter: Bur sir wasn’t Mr. Bannon your campaign manager? Yeah but he only played a very small part in my campaign, I may have met him once.


Steve would have made more money and legitimately by releasing a book instead of creating false invoices to shave a few million off the wall supposedly paid by Mexico. 6-10 years is a long time. He now needs to campaign so much harder for his friend if he wants to count on a presidential pardon next year,

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